Electric Appliance VS Gas Appliance

If you are wondering whether gas or electricity appliances work better, appliances can work fine both ways. What to choose depends more on your location and resources.

But whatever appliance it may be, should you need the appliance repair within the Edmonton location, we’re here to help out. We are trained to handle both types of appliance repair.


If you ask us on which kind of appliance to choose for your home, here is our take on it. 


Cost of Gas or Electricity

Perhaps the practical question would be: is it cheaper to use gas appliances than those supplied by electricity? 

If theoretically, both sources are available, gas is certainly more affordable and more efficient in heating. Gas will be a more “healthy” choice for the Earth, in fact. 

As far as costs go, even with the competitive global market rate, gas will still be cheaper than electricity on any given day.

Of course, this rate depends on which region you are living in, and on which kind of gas are available in your area. Natural gas is more expensive in some states. Having propane gas tanks could be an alternative if you’re willing to try. 

You can check these information on your main local utility provider. In some areas where gas is sourced by both private and public enterprises, you must be able to procure their rates and calculate the appliance use. 

That is, if you’re up to the task comparing standard units (British Thermal Units or cubic feet for gas and kilowatt-hour for electricity). 

However, doing this will certainly prepare you for the next concern: costs in converting to gas-powered appliances.

What to Expect on Conversion to Gas-Source

Most appliances run on electricity, so to be able to convert them into gas-fueled ones, you have to assume that there will be a massive operation cost. That could mean getting nearly thousand dollars to a few more. 

Installation of pipings is one of the considerations. That would mean restructuring your house with pipes, laying down pipes on your lawn, and then attaching them to the appliances themselves. 

However, if you opt to go for propane tanks, you should be able to fit in appropriate hose fittings along with the correct hose clamps in all of the appliances even lighting. So even propane tanks can still be costly. 

So, unless you’re willing to convert your home into something low tech (think gas-powered lanterns, no pipe in heaters, or air conditioners), the return of investment should take some time. Maybe a few years. 

Safety is the First Priority

Whatever your decision may be, be advised that both sources have their own risks if not fitted properly. 

Propane or natural gas can leak carbon monoxide, which in turn can poison anything alive in your house. This is especially true if your establishment has little to no ventilation in place. Not only will this be a problem but you could potentially deal with fires caused by a leaking gas coming in contact with anything flammable. 

Electrical wiring are also potential hazards, particularly those that are chewed by mice or exposed. Damaged appliances can also pose a problem with fire. 

In fact, worst case scenario, destruction of property and loss of lives are eminent whenever safety precautions are thrown into the wind. 

Thankfully, with our help in your endeavor, you could still avoid the dangers. Whether you choose gas or electricity, we’re willing to help.

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