What is HE ( High Effeciency Appliance)

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A High-Efficiency Star in an appliance means energy-saving and as a result, you can save at least a hundred dollars in your utility bills in a year. 

A note: even if these appliances work more efficiently than their regular counterparts, you could still expect to have appliance repair to occur as frequently if not properly used. Contact us in the Edmonton area for appliance repair should it happen. We also give tips on maintenance. 

It is labeled as an energy star in most appliances in Canada but also throughout the world. Its energy-saving features will remain in effect during the whole course of its product lifetime.


HE or the Energy Star is the only way to know if your appliances use the least amount of energy and it is the only certified rating that the government recognizes. 

Because most HE appliances are generally expensive, the government provides some perks for their purchase and use. 

Tax credits are given when you purchase them. As a rule, those living in British Columbia enjoy rebates in washers, dryers, and refrigerators. Saskatchewanians enjoy tax exemptions, Manitoba residents can get rebates and benefits such as pick up and payment of $50 for old refrigerators, Ontario residents will be given rebates and incentives, and so on. 

Check your local area if you can receive rebates and other benefits for purchasing HE appliances.

Here is how you can find the HE label in most appliances and how you can maximize its energy-saving capacity. In many appliances, overlapping HE or energy star with other labels is best. These data are taken from the official Energy Star website.

Not many people know about this, HE appliances also contribute to less greenhouse gas emission into the atmosphere. In the long run, it’s saving your wallet and Earth!

Air Conditioners, split type or window type

Look for: EER (Energy Efficiency Rating), the higher the better

Consider models/brands: Midea brands

Central Air Conditioners 

Look for: SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating), start from 12 going up

Consider models/brands: Danby, Frigidaire

Central Heat Pumps

Look for: HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor) and Energy Star

Consider models/brands: Maytag, Nortek

Refrigerators, Chillers

Look for: FTC (Federal Trade Commission) which will guide you on how much energy the appliance will use all year. Generally, purchase those with top freezers and with frost-free labels. 

Consider models/brands: Beko, Bloomberg


Look for: EF (energy factor), 0.52 and above will be best, and water-saving features

Consider models/brands: Miele, Beko

Thermostats that can be programmed

Look for: energy label and a program that regulates the temperature at designated times throughout the day 

Consider models/brands: EcoFactor, Carrier

Washing Machines 

Look for: EF (energy factor) at least 2.5 and greater. For more energy-saving features, purchase those with suds-saver or water saver features. 

Consider models/brands: LG, Samsung

Heaters for Clothes

Look for: EF (energy factor). Purchase one with insulation walls that are thick. 

Consider models/brands: Miele, Bosch

There is no data on residential gas- or convection-type ovens, microwave ovens, or stove ranges.  

Remember: sizing counts, too! Make sure to consider the load (refrigerators, chillers, heaters for clothes) or the space the appliance has to cover (as in the case of air conditioners).

Additional note: you must also consider if you are ready for HE appliances. They also generally need more regular cleaning or maintenance. Washing machines, the automatic or HE kind also cannot be used in areas with low water pressure. 

Be careful in choosing brands or models. Some specific brands that manufacture great washing machines may not have the best refrigerators, even if they all have energy stars. 


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