Model and Serial - Correct Part Request

Why is it that the model number and serial number of the appliance or appliances important?

The explanations are as follows.


  1. The manufacturer will need this information when you are claiming a  warranty of your appliance. Some appliances may be covered with limited warranty up to 10 years. Check your entitlement when claiming warranty of your appliance.

  2. You could also check the Model number and Serial number for any reworks or recall issued by the manufacturer. Most of the time the manufacturer will communicate with the owner of the appliance or appliances if it has been affected by any type of  rework or recalls. Make sure to register your appliance after purchasing.

  3. The Model number and Serial number TAG sometimes comes with extra added information. Ex. Year it was manufactured, current consumption, type of gas used with the refrigerator, the manufacturers contact support information and many more.

  4. If your appliance does not have or has missing with Model # & Serial # TAG Sticker, when something goes wrong with your appliance which now requires service. The manufacturer may refuse to service your appliance, the warranty will be void, The technician also cant verify the version and it may be  difficult to get parts lookup although sometimes the part number can be obtain with the part # itself or by comparing the actual parts. Make sure not to remove the Identification Sticker of your appliance or appliances.

Understanding - Model Number & Serial Number

Sample 1

Sample 1


This model has few versions and it looks like the differences are just cosmetics. Colors: White, Black, Stainless

Cosmetic appearances are very important especially with the customers point of view. If a technician is trying to replace a control panel, or any parts that have to do with cosmetic appearance. The technician or customer has to make sure to obtain the complete model number and serial number. Failure to do this  will result in receiving or ordering incorrect parts. There are also reasons that the part may not be compatible with the appliance being serviced or repaired.

Sample 2
Complete Model : DW80R2031US/AC00

Sample 2:

Samsung appliances are tricky. To get the correct Model and Serial. You need to combine all the information shown in this photo. If a technician or customer orders a replacement part to fix the appliance. You need to make sure that this information must be provided to the parts supplier. This will make sure you will get the correct version of parts and 100% compatible with the existing appliance being repaired or serviced.

Sample 3
Complete Model Number: LRSC26980TT

Max Currect Consumtion : 3.5A

Refrigerant : R134A

Dimentions: 908(W) x 897 (D) x 1771 (H ) in mm

High Side Pressure 400 PSI Ga

Low Side Pressure 140 PSI Ga

Looking at this photo clearly it has many helpful  information.


Model Serial Tags

All samples above are just helpful tips in making sure you are aware of such variation and information that can be used when identifying the appliance. So when time comes that the unit needs repair or serviced, it will be easy to do part lookup and making sure to order correct versions of control electronic boards and many more.

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