Technician Performance Chart

BLUE - $500

RED - $1000

YELLOW - $1500

How To Increase Produtivity

Learn and Study the appliance or Research the unit to make plans to in preparing yourselt to perform effective repairs. Learn what are common failing parts or issues, base on the customer complaint.

You view technsheets or manuals

Appliance Video Trainig Access: Log in to your ADVANCE Appliance Email. Or Request Access to your Admin.


Pre-id Parts needed to fix the appliance. Ordering possible parts , bringing necessary materials to increase the chance of completing the job.

If not a truck stock or inventory in your truck Technician need to request parts to our Admin Parts Manager ( Bea or Gladys ).

Technician is responsible to return unused parts or credit will be deducted to your comissions or bonues who has missing parts.

Make sure to update your parts status when not used and must return unused parts to the office.


Prior to repair – always present the estimate to customers to avoid conflict.

Charge customer whatever is applicable

  • Diagnostic
  • Reassessment ( Issue Not Related Previous Work )
  • Labor
  • Parts
  • Materials
  • Customer Work
  • Sell Parts


Never missed collecting payments. 

Always secure the payments and collect whatever is applicable

  • Diagnostic
  • Extra Appliance
  • Helper 
  • Parts
  • Materials
  • 50% Deposit
  • Make sure your payment device are fully charge

Become precise or accurate in troubleshooting dont guess.

Reassessment or Callbacks affects your ability to increase you sales because going back and unable to collect payments will greatly impact your gross sales. Charge customer if the issue is non related to previous work. Make sure customer is also comfortable with your approach. Not all customers are ok with collecting non related issue because they feel intitle of some sort of warranty event its not related. Always explain in every repair we only warranty related issues or same parts failure

How To Recieved 5 Star Google Reviews

  • Arrive on time, dressed in a clean and professional uniform.
  • Introduce yourself with a friendly greeting and clearly state the purpose of your visit.
  • Respect the customer’s property and clean up any mess created during the repair process.
  • Explain the issue with the appliance in simple terms that the customer can understand.
  • Provide a clear and detailed estimate before starting the repair. Make sure to include the cost of parts and labor.
  • Keep the customer updated throughout the repair process. If additional issues are discovered, discuss them with the customer before proceeding further.
  • Perform a thorough diagnosis to accurately identify the problem.
  • Use the right tools and parts for the job to ensure a high-quality repair.
  • Test the appliance after the repair to make sure it’s working correctly.
  • Listen actively to the customer’s concerns and respond with empathy.
  • Handle any complaints professionally and work towards a satisfactory resolution.
  • After the repair is complete, provide the customer with tips on how to maintain their appliance to prevent future issues.
  • Provide a detailed invoice that includes a breakdown of the services provided.
  • Offer a warranty or guarantee on the repair work to give the customer peace of mind.
  • Follow up with the customer a few days after the repair to check if they’re satisfied with the service and to ask for a Google review.
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