Appliance Repair Tips and Information

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DIY REPAIR - Possible Repairs of Your Appliance

Disclaimer: Some of our most recent work done and repair solutions to the issue of the appliance. Please use this information "As Is" . No repair guaranteed within this information without consulting a professional qualified persons official diagnosis. Please keep in mind it is dangerouse or hazard to perform repairs without the knowledge equivalent to a qualified person to service the appliance.

ModelComplaintPossible Solution To Issue
KFGU706VSS01Keeps beepingLoss connection, technician reattached connector to the ignition module.
970-686634The bigger left burner is malfunctioning.Checked the stove and found a faulty right front switch. Replaced the faulty infinite switch and the unit started working again.
970.c687831F10 error, flashing light and oven is not workingReplaced faulty control board.
BP100Not workingFaulty blower.
CFE3048LFCPanel fallen offRepair broken control board case.
CFEF366GBCAsk for help to install glass door.Technician re-installed glass door.
JCP350WA2WWWon't reduced heat unless turned off or restarted. Inconsistent heat control.Replaced faulty parts.
KICU500XSS01No power.Faulty main board and UI. Some parts are discontinued.
NE58H99770WSTwo of the top elements are not working.Checked stove not heating the front and rear left induction cooktop. Checked voltage of 240v in the outlet, need a new inverter module left electronic board. Replace faulty inverter left side, also notice the filter board need, installed part tested ok.
630.1222242Not draining again. E25 errorReplaced drain pump and installed new control board.
630.1232331Error 15. just not workingInstalled new part.
630.1292331Not workingCleared clogged drain hose, technician corrected installation.
630.1292331E24 Error Code. Not drainingCleared drained run a cleaning tab with normal cycle.
630.1390201Error codeRequires mainboard.
630.1395301Water not filling inLeaking inlet valve. Replaced valve.
630.1395301Not drainingPump motor clear but won't drain, motor is ok. Advised if issue persist, need to replace motor.
665.1326211Water leakageReplaced diverter seal.
665.1382water leaking even machine is not runningReplaced valve.
665.16879water leaking on the sideReplaced faulty water inlet.
15764000Not workingMotor is noisy but motor is discontinued. Applied lubricant to minimize noise.
1102970090Not drainingCleared clogged drain pump
665.15113K214not drainingChecked dishwasher found clogged drain pump motor, technician cleared it, tested ok.
G2430SCIwater leaking / not drainingDiverter was blocked with broken piece of ceramic, technician removed, vacuumed and cleared the drain pipes, reassembled unit, tested unit , working as intended.
GSC3500D55WWreassessmentReplaced worn out dishwasher cam part # WD16X10012.
KDFE204ESS3Leaking issueLeaking at the diverter, installed seal observed unit, no leaks completed test cycle and express cycle. No leaks observe, unit working as intended.
SHE33T02UC/60on button wont workChecked dishwasher found broken panel control, technician fixed button repaired panel bracket unit tested ok.
SHE43M05UC/50door wont close due to latchInstalled panel, unit tested ok. Re-assembled unit , unit working as intended no leaks observe during test duration.
SHE7ER55UC/50same issueChecked dishwasher found door not closing properly counter top board is saturated it ballooned cause to restrict door from closing. Also notice door seal expanded that could possibly cause gaps resulting steam leak on the top door. Verified door cable springs and door lock still good. Tech reset the door seal lower down the dishwasher level to leave enough space on top to free the door if steam issue occurred again door seal requires replacement.
SHS863WD5N/13board seems to be not working, not draining , did not completed the cycle after last use.Checked dishwasher found shorted control board requires replacement of control board and control panel, part is no longer available.
W10911100 Hardware damage, the unit is tilted forward. needs to be more secured. Installed brake and support tray right side, run with afresh unit tested ok. No leaks observe during test.
587.15272204AWon't turn onFaulty motor and worn out seal, unit requires multiple parts repairs.
630 12222417Water won't drainTechnician cleared clogged drain hose.
63012303 311No powerFaulty breaker, unit is in good condition. Adviced to call electrician instead.
665.13269K113 small plastic part broke off of the top rack, causing it to droop significantly on the one side.Checked dishwasher found broken upper left roller p# W10712395. Technician fixed upper left roller tested ok.
665.13369k110Water pump is leakingRequires sump assembly replacement.
665.13493N412Water leakageInstalled lower spray arm.
665.1352K700Not cleaning properlyTechnician remove/cleaned some debris from chopper also replaced missing cover.
665.13973K017Top basket clip is brokeTechnician replaced rack adjuster.
665.15113K210Won't start, switch loss connection.Repaired connection, seal is still ok.
665.76975K603Not startingRepaired door strike.
66576975K603Latch isn't holding the doorTechnician repaired control board and re-install.
776-0 / MD87751AWSCan't open door. Spring problemInstalled new assembly switch.
970D15493403aNot drainingTechnician cleared clogged drain pipe.
ADB1300AFW0Not cleaning properlyFaulty sump motor, installed new part.
ADB1400AGW1Not spraying waterFound faulty sump motor assembly.
BoschE15 error dishwasherChecked dishwasher leaking at the bottom. Removed all water at the bottom, install a new seal kit, test dishwasher, tested ok. No water leak observe anymore.
BoschThe dishwasher has water pooling at the bottom.Unit not draining. Faulty drain motor and control board. Parts are not available.
Bosch - SHEM78W55NError code 15Error code 15Checked dishwasher and found error code. Checked water underneath that trigger the error code and drain all the water and test the unit. Find any leak possibility, checked inlet valve, sump gasket, drain hose, pump and flow meter, no sign of leak. Checked door gasket found signs of leak that a lot of food waste stock in the gasket, clean gasket and test unit, no leak found, run a test 4 times and no more leaks. Job Completed.
Bosch - SHX33RF5UC/64The dishwasher is not filling in water and the water isn't hot enough. Last job was drain issue 08/27/21.Installed new part, tested ok.
CFLE1011MW2Not drainingClothing stucked, technician cleared the pump motor.
DMT300RFS/XACNot draining properlyRemove debris causing blockage and replaced fill hose.
DMT300RFSvbbLow water levelLeaking hose, technician installed new hose.
DMT350Error code 9Replaced faulty casebreak.
dmt800rhs/xacerror code OE, over water level issueCleaned the casebreak, reset sensor. Unit ok. If issue persist, needs new parts.
DU1055XTVS0Not workingTechnician did a reassessment on unit.
DU1055XTVS0It is stuck on "Clean" and not cleaning the top rack wellRun diagnostic test found 7 clean blinking light (water heating fault). As per tech sheet re-calibrate the unit and verify the heater (faulty)and unit is intermittent (will shut off).
Customer was advised to run the hot water (120 F) before every start of the cycle to prevent the control to disable this functions. Needs a new control W10084142 and heating element.
DW7933LRASRNot working properly, low rinse only (low level water pressure)Sensor float stuck repair.
DW7933LRASR/ACwon't complete cycleLeaking sump causes water to leak and disables the machine. Requires sump assembly replacement.
dw80f600utsNot draining properlyNeed to replace faulty drain motor and inner drain hose.
DW80F600UTSWater leakingFaulty sump seal.
DW80F600UTS/ACDoor lock is broken, button were bllinkingLeaking sump motor. Needs new sump seal.
DW80F600UTS/ACWon't complete the cycleFaulty sump motor assembly and casebreak assembly.
DW80F600UTS/ac 01Not cleaning properlyFaulty sump motor assembly.
DW80F600UTS/ac 01water leakingChecked dishwasher found clogged in the drain hose restricting drain flow. Technician cleared clogged and tested the machine, works fine.
DW80F600UTS/ac 01water leakTechnician found loose heater wire connectors cause error. Technician fixed it tested machine works fine job done.
DW80F600UTS/AC01Change to smart mode after starting.Flow meter getting stuck, tech unstuck flow meter, repair loss connection and cleaned unit. If issue persist, need to replace casebreak.
DW80F800UWS/AC 01Water leakageNeed to replace leaking sump assembly.
DW80J3020USWater leakingChecked dishwasher found leaking sump assembly p# DD82-01246A.
DW80J3020USit's not releasing any water.Checked dishwasher found faulty control board p# DD82-01247A.
Condition is in bad shape requires replacement sump motor assembly p# DD82-01246A.
DW80K7050UG/AC 02not cleaning properlyChecked dishwasher found faulty sump motor assembly p# DD82-01313A.
DW80K7050USWon't start, panel won't workFaulty control panel.
DW80K7050US/AC03Not draining and not workingFaulty control board and pump motor. Needs replacement but parts are not available.
DW80M2020US/ac 00Making noiseNoisy vent motor but part is NLA.
DW80M2020US/AC 00Won't complete cycleReplaced faulty control board.
EB6302SSwater stopped coming inChecked dishwasher verified inlet valve ok, found faulty water supply valve water is restricted requires water valve supply replacement. Customer will take care of the plumbing issue.
Machine is in good working condition.
EI24ID30Qnot working properlyFound water on the bottom but can’t replicate where the water leak coming from. Customer advised not to go for further repair coz they will just buy a new unit.
EI24ID30QS3BWon't drainTechnician cleared some broken glass jammed on the drain.
EIDW5905JS0ANot working, clogged with leakage.Upon checking, unit is working ok. No issues.
EP9242AWWPump problemCheck unit, everything is ok, advised to observe.
FDB1050REB5Not cleaning dishes properlyFound debris blocking water cycle. Cleaned filters and adjusted the rinse aid dispenser.
FDB1450CHB0Water leakageFaulty valve and worn flash guard, replaced parts.
FDB1450CHC4AWater leakageRepair would cost more, advise to buy new one.
FDB1502RGM2Won't runReplaced new sump motor.
FDB1502RGM2Water LeakageInstalled new seal.
FDB510lcb1Water LeakageFaulty motor, replaced part.
FDB510LCB1Not getting any water inFaulty timer.
FDB700BFB2Not cleaning dishes properlyFilter screen is off from positionand cleaned filter.
FDB700BFB2Not workingSoap despenser is faulty, need to replace timer.
FFB02408NSOAWater leakageLeaking inlet valve and worn out splash guard and bottom door seal. Tech installed new parts.
FFB2406NB0ALeakingInstalled new seal and splash kit.
FFBD2403LB0BWont go through a complete cycleLeaking, worn door seals, needs splash guard seals and motor is also worn out. Multiple issue, not worth fixing.
FFBD2403LB1CLoud noiseFaulty sump motor, no repair done. Need to replace part.
FFBD2403LB1CWater LeakageLeaking inlet valve, worn out bottom seal and splash kit assembly. Installed new parts and unit works fine.
FFBD2403LB1CLeakingInstalled new parts.
FFBD2403LB1CLeakageInstalled new seal and splash kit.
FFBD2404NB0ALeakageInlet valve issue. Tech installed new part.
FFBD2404NB0ANot drainingInstalled new parts.
FFBD2404NS0ANot drainingChecked dishwasher found broken glass stucked on the drain pump motor. Tech cleared it unit tested ok.
ffbd2405kb0anot workingChecked dishwasher found faulty control board asm p# 5304512731. Noisy pump motor p#A00126401 not work fixing due to age and repair cost.
FFBD2405KS0It's flooding inside 5mins into the cycle. It seems that something is clogged.Checked dishwasher found worn out bottom seal, faulty inlet valve cause water leaking requires replacement of the following parts. Customer will get a new one unit is not worth fixing.
ffbd2406nb0aleakingWorn out door seal gasket, tech able to reset gasket.
ffbd2406nb0aNot RespondingTech fixed loose control board wire.
FFBD2406NB0ALeakingLeaking inlet valve and bottom door seal worn out. Installed new part and unit works fine.
FFBD2406NB0ALeakageLeaking inlet valve, tech installed new part.
FFBD2406NB0ANot turning onLoose wire, fixed power supply and reset the board.
FFBD2406NB0ANot workingUnit is working okay upon checking, advised to observe unit for now.
FFBD2406NB0AWater leakageFaulty bottom seal, installed new bottom seal and splash kit.
FFBD2406NB0ANot workingFaulty drain pump motor, installed new part.
FFBD2406NB0ALeakageInstalled new part.
FFBD2406NB0ANot workingReset door latch properly and reinstalled dishwasher.
FFBD2406NB0AUnresponsiveRebooted control board.
FFBD2406NB2ANot turning onReinstalled the unit, secured all harness wires and power supply.
FFBD2406NB2ASeal issueInstalled new bottom seal.
ffbd2406nb2aleakingInstalled PART # 154701001. New parts tested ok.
ffbd2406nb2anot drainingCleared drain hose hose, installed new parts tested ok.
ffbd2406nb2anot cleaningChecked dishwasher and found clogged spray arms. Tech cleaned the sprayarms and tested the unit on cycle water level ok, glass full filled with water verified water pressure ok, unit tested ok.
FFBD2406NB3ANot DrainingTech cleared clogged hose.
FFBD2406NB6ASpray arm issueSpray arm came off, reinstalled part.
FFBD2408NS0AWater leaking at the bottomCleared clogged drain and leveled installation properly
FFBD2408NS1ALoud noiseReplaced faulty sump motor, bottom seal and splash kit.
ffbd2408ns6cnot drainingCleared drain blockage.
FFBD2408NS8CNot draining properlyLeaking inlet valve, installed new part.
FFBD2409LS0ANot workingFaulty sump motor, installed new part.
FFBD2411NS6BClogged and spray arm came offTech cleared drain line.
FFCD2413US1ADon't go through cyclesReplaced faulty sump motor.
FFCD2413US2Awater is turn on but not going into dishwasherInstalled new splash kit.
FFCD2418UW1Anot drainingMisused of appliance, burnt spray arm needs replacement.
FFCD2431UWWater leakageTech installed new part.
FFID2423RS3BNot draining properlyCleared clogged drain hose.
FGHD2433KF1Won;t drain, water leakingCleared clogged drain pump and installed new seal and splash kit.
FGID2474QFIt wouldn't drain and leaking as wellFound water on the bottom of the pan and have an i30 error. Later found hose line was off. Installed hose line back. Run test and unit tested ok.
FGID2474QF0ANeeds inspection since the dishwasher is leaking.Checked dishwasher leaking on the bottom. Observe dishwasher and found out that the water is overflowing. Vacuumed the water and tested again, found intermittent problem in the valve. Installed parts needed sensor, test dishwasher, tested ok, no leak found. Washer work as intended.
FGID2474QF4BNot drainingTechnician cleaned spray arms. If issue persist might need to replace sump motor and wash motor.
FGID2476SF0ANot workingLocked control panel. Unlock control panel.
FPHD2491KF0Water leakage and top is coming off.Worn out door seal and requires tube assembly, tech installed new parts.
FPHD2491KF0Leaking on left hand doorTechnician stretch door seal gasket. Advised customer to observe.
FPHD2491KF0LeakageGlued door seal and advised customer to let it set for 4 hrs.
FPID2497RF2ANot drainingCheck but everything is ok. Advised to observe unit.
G4225SCUNot washing properly sprayarmsTechnician cleaned clogged upper and lower hose.
G4225SCUIt's not drainingFound clogged drain and tube assembly. Cleaned and cleared all debris. Run test and unit tested ok.
G4227UF-13 error code. water inlet intake faultyReplaced water inlet intake.
g4275scvinot draining waterChecked dishwasher verified wash motor,drain motor ok inlet valve fill water but sometimes over fill due faulty pressure sensor. Requires casebreak assembly and water inlet valve.
G5225SCUNot able to filterEverything is ok after checking. Issue is intermittent.
G841SCU PLUSno water going in, lights that indicates for water activity flickersAll parts were tested ok, no issue.
GBF630SSL0SSE1 errorTech cleaned filter of food debris and cleared drain line.
GBT632SSMSSdishwasher waater leaking, left side bottom if youre facing the unit. Got an erro code E4 and broken drain pump impeller, needs drain motor and inlet valve leaking.
GDF410SGF1BBwater leakingFound bottom gasket loose. Removed and put back in place. Run test and unit tested ok.
GDF410SSF0SSDoesn't lock properlyReinstalled dishwasher properly.
GDF410SSF0SScheck wiring ok. check water line ok. no leaks under, looking gud. system check ok, unit working as intendedStopped working.
GDF520PGD0BBWater leakageWorn out door seal.
GDF520PSF1SSCust want to install the sealTech installed part provided by the customer.
GDF520PSF1SSStill leakingApplied seal silicon around vent.
GDF540HSF4SSdoor Spring needs to be fixedFound loose spring rollers assy. Removed and installed back. Unit tested ok.
GDF630SSF0SSNot drainingCleared clogged drain and cleared clogged spray arms.
GDF630SSK0SSLeakingAligned door and applied silicon around vent.
GDT635HSM0SSNot heatingTemperature fix, reset control, remove connection and reattached.
GDT650SGF0wwWon't start after filled w/ water.Found faulty sump motor.
Gdt650smj2esCan't open the doorFound door latch jammed. Removed panel and open door latch assembly. Installed backand run test and unit tested ok.
GDT650SMJ2ESNot working with Error code E1Checked dishwasher found leaking sump motor asm
Inlet valve assembly p# WG04F09885
Up pump body p# WG04L05698
Pump o ring p# WG04F09901
Oil Gasket p# WG04F09896
Under pump body p# WG04L05699
Induction pump p# WG04F09902
GDT650SSF1SSerror code E8 and beepingCleaned filter from the inside and cleared drain hose using powerful shop vacuum. If problem persist, need to replace sump motor assembly with diverter.
GDT696SSF1SSAir in the line when drainingTech cleaned food debris from drain pump motor.
GDT696SSF1SSNot draining properlyCleared clogged drain pump motor.
GDT696SSF1SSTop rack not cleaningCleaned clogged both upper and lower spray arms.
GDT720SSF2SSVery loud pumpFaulty sump motor but part is in backorder status.
GDWF160V40SSWater leakage, some part melted.Melted part is a minor issue. Replaced new inlet valve to resolve leaking.
GDWF160V40SSwont respond from the control paneChecked dishwasher found display board unresponsive verified door switch ok. Tech cleaned ribbon connector and secured it. Tested the machine and it works fine.
GDWT960V00SSWater leakageExpanded sump seal but part is NLA.
GE - PDT720SSH6SSThe dishwasher is not heating or drying the dishes.Checked dishwasher verified heating element, sump and pump motor ok found thermostat trips, tech reset the cavity thermostat test on cycle heater draw 7 amps unit tested ok. Job Completed.
GLD4466R00SSnot drainingRemove clogged and adjusted legs. Unit working and no leaks observe.
GLD4550R00CSMy dishwasher does not work. It will turn on and light up, but stops during the start up of the dishwashing cycle and will not continue. It is making noises like it is trying to pump in water but nothing happens.Checked dishwasher found faulty control panel unresponsive start button requires replacement of control panel asm p# AAWG04L01646.
GLDT696D00SSNo water coming into the dishwasher when turned onChecked dishwasher found faulty inlet valve p# AAWG02F02963. Installed new part tested ok.
GLDT696TSS-DDLeaking underneathFound loose hose. Installed and tightened hose. Run test and unit tested ok.
Installed the old dishwasher. Run test and unit tested ok.
GSC3500D55WWWon't go through cycle sometimes.Installed new timer.
GSD3300D35BBIt doesn't drain and leakingChecked dishwasher and found over sudging caused leaking through the door. Possibly, the previous tenants used dishwashing soap that could cause too much suds on the dishwasher. Tech tested the dishwasher works fine but advised the tenant to buy affresh for dishwasher to remove the sud and clean the dishwasher too, unit tested ok.
GSD5208G00BBNot draining properlyBroken glasses, clogged filter and faulty piston. Tech remove glasses, cleaned filter and piston needs replacement.
GSD6210K02BBNot cleaningCleaned spray arms.
GSD6210K02BBSame issueChecked dishwasher found upper and bottom sprayarms clogged reducing water pressure resulting poor dish cleaning. Tech cleaned both sprayarms and tested ok.
GSD6610G00SBWater leakageFaulty fill hose, replaced new part.
GU2200XTSB0Not enough water coming into the dishwasherReplaced faulty inlet valve.
HLC1700AXSFC errorFaulty motor.
IUD8555DX2: pump making some noise and dripping water.Sump assembly needed, leaking at diverter and noisy motor. Installed new sump motor assembly, no leaks during test, reassembled unit tested ok.
JDB8700AWS3Water leakageTech installed new seal and reassembled unit.
KDFE104DSS2Not washing the dishesWash motor not functioning, tech cleaned motor and fix loss connection.
KDFE104DSS2 Leaking issue. Customer also notice that the display says "washing" even though the cycle has already completed.Repair installation, adjusted dishwasher properly so door closes properly, no leaks observe unit tested working as intended job done.
KDFE104DSS3Doesn't clean properly and does not heat dry as well.Checked dishwasher ran diagnostic test found heating issue error, verified heater ok. Tech rebooted the control board test on diagnostic works fine heater draw 7 amps. If issue occured again mainboard requires replacement mainboard p# AAW10875442.
KDFE104DWH2It starts up but it's not draining and the dishes are not properly washed, has very soapy water.Faulty control board. No power output to activate the drain motor and pump is shorted needs both parts.Installed new parts tested ok.
KDFE104HPS0dishwasher not drainingChecked dishwasher found clogged drain hose, tech cleared it unit tested ok.
kdpe234gps0dishwasher having issuesFound piece of plastic fell off onto the heater and melts. Tech cleaned the heater and cleared sump also removed broken glass stuck inside unit.
KDPE334GPS0Not running after a couple of cyclesPossible to occasionally trip the breaker since it's hooked up to garburator power supply, upon testing unit seems fine. Advised customer to observe for now.
KDTE104DSS0Water leakage, clogged.Leaking diverter motor, installed new diverter seal and cleaned spray arms.
KDTE104DSS1It's leaking (problem is intermittent)Installed new diverter part, tested ok.
KDTE104DSS1won't drainChecked dishwasher and found clogged drain pump motor, tech cleared clogged and unit tested ok.
KDTE104ESS1It doesn't clean the dishes properlyFound faulty sump and motor assembly WPW10605057. Installed sump and motor. Run test and unit tested ok.
KDTE204EPA1It's cleaning properlyNeeds new sump and motor assembly. Installed new sump and motor assembly. Run test and unit tested ok.
Kdte204ess3not washing properly / not drainingChecked dishwasher found clogged lower/upper sprayarms. Tech cleared it unit tested ok.
KDTE204EWH0water leak underneath, tripping the breaker.Main wire is partially broken causing loss connection, sparking and tripping the breaker, tech reinstalled the unit instead.
KDTE254ESS1Not drying properly and "Suni Rinse" option not workingDiverter problem (error 9-1), tech installed new sump assembly.
KDTE334DSS0Draining slowWorn diverter seal.
KDTM354ESS2inspected unit, found multiple errors.
turn off water to prevent flood,
unit not draining properly
Repair board installed and unit tested ok. No leaks observe during test.
KDTM404EBS3It's not draining properly and has a bad smell.Sold affresh to eliminate bad smell.
Note: if issue occurred again possible sump and motor asm requires replacement for reference only.
KDTM704ESS2water leak during cycleLeaking inlet valve, installed new part and tested ok.
Kitchenaid - KDPE334GPS0The dishwasher is leaking from underneath. It doesn't drain very well.Installed new parts tested ok. Used W10537869 (Diverter motor) and Diverter seal (Seal). Job Completed.
KUDC10FXSS6Top control Panel won't respond. No pwerRequires control panel assembly and installed new part.
KUDC20CVWH3grinding noise,
no water coming in
Checked dishwasher found faulty sump motor assembly p# WPW10780877.
KUDE40FXPA1Water leakageTech install hose using stainless clamp, need to replace conduit check valve but still need to order part.
KUDE48FXSS5Water leakageLeaking diverter motor and noisy pump motor. Still leaking after new installing new seal so Tech installed new diverter motor.
KUDE48FXSS5Water leaksReplaced faulty diverter motor and seal. Test unit and no leaking after replacing the faulty part.
KUDe60hxss5The door does not close properly because the upper shelf seems to be off balanceChecked dishwasher found broken upper right railing, requires replacement of railing but tech fixed the railing tested ok.
Note: if railing broke again labour will covered under warranty only part will be charge.
KUDS01DLSS0Need to install rubber sealInstalled part provided by customer.
KUDS35FXSSApowers on but wont operateChecked dishwasher found faulty sump motor assembly p# WPW10780877. Installed new part and tested ok.
Ldf5545wwnot drainingFound clogged drain and drain hose assembly. Removed all debris. Run test and unit tested ok.
LDF7920STIE error and water leakageTech cleaned clogged casebreak.
Ldf8874stWater leakageDoor vent fan blower, tech installed vent fan motor assembly.
Ldf8874stWater leakageTech installed new drain hose.
LDP67975Tcan't turn on after a power outage.Unit still working fine after a thorough check up.
LG - LDS5040STHE Error codeHeater resistance ok, thermistor reading ok but no power goes to the heater. Unit needs new control board. Job Completed
LRFNS2503Vnot draining properlyChecked dishwasher found leaking drain and knock off sink connector is defective won’t drain because off it and it also leaks on the drain extension. Tech advised customer to claim warranty for the drain hose unit is week old only and requires new knock off sink connector.
MBD4949SDM0Just won't workFaulty control board, installed new part.
MDB4949SDH0Water leakage underneathApplied sealant in between, advised customer to wait for seal to dry out.
MDB4949SDH0issure return leaking again fload sensor seal , unit passed warranty, initial issue was repair nov 24 and was having multiple return visit. for same problem. unit pass warranty, will charge regular service or laborNeeds to replace the flood seal.
MDB4949sdm1Leaking water underneathFound leak source under float switch, repaired issues and cleaned sump filter.
MDB4949SDZ0Buzzing soundDamage chopper blade on motor and tech installed new part.
MDB7759SAS4LeakingThe technician suspected that leaking happens once water temperature gets boosted by the heating element seal expanding either from the door seal or inner bottom door seal. Installed gasket and flood switch housing. Checked dishwasher pressure and switched dome. No leak upon assessment.
MDB8969SDM3Not drainingFaulty pump motor and tech installed new part.
MDB8979SFZ2Start button not workingRepair touch control board and tie wrap to secure board.
mdbh940awbno power at allSwitch corrosion and broken handle. Replaced parts and unit tested okay.
MDF400SGF0WWNot working properlyClogged drain and basket needs replacement. Tech cleaned drain and advised customer where to buy basket.
N/ADrying cycle not functioningNeed to replace seal and case break but customer did not go through with the repair.
N/AWon't drainMachine is working upon checking.
n/awater leakingBottom door seal came off, left splash shield missing and right splash shield worn. Reinstall bottom
door seal and installed new splash kit also reassembled unit tested ok. Job complete.
n/aNot drainingPerformed cleaning the pump motor chamber, cleaned drain line ok and pump intermittent malfunctioning. Performed test after cleaning the motor. Unit is working as intended. Advised to use dishwasher if problem persisting, unit needs new drain pump motor.
n/aerror code E4Drain issue confirmed. Garburator gas no hole in it and tech has to punch the hole. Unit tested ok wit no leaks observe.
NS-DWH1SS9Water leakageFaulty inlet valve, internal leaking ,cannot repair.
PCXR363EH0WWThe machine seems to be working fine but the knob to turn it on came off and fell inside the unit.Checked dryer found start switch fell off back panel bracket of switch broke off, tech transfer the stitch position to spare switch bracket test machine works fine job done
PDT66055FIFFError E1Clogged and jammed drain motor, damaged. Installed new motor.
PDT660SGF1WWError code E1Replaced pump motor but drain is still there, requires drain pump motor, cust decided to get a new one
PDT825SSJ0SSMotor is making a loud noiseTech repaired door hinges and remove a toothpick from drain motor causing the issue.
PDT845SMJ2ESinsistent leakRequires sump motor assembly.
Samsung - DW80J3020US/ACWater pooling beneath, not draining properly, not cleaning dishes properly.Checked dishwasher found no power. Another problem is that the drain hose is not properly loop in the sink and dishwasher was not properly installed. clean the sump, drain the water and clean the pump, properly secure the unit and properly attached the drain hose in the sink for drain issue, test the unit and water is now spraying properly and evenly. unit tested ok; Job Completed,
Samsung - DW80M2020USLeaking issue and water pooling.Checked dishwasher found upper right railing screw came loose cause leaking water when in use. Tech resealed it secured the screw test machine works fine. Job Completed.
SGE53U52UC/D5Won't turn onReplaced new power cord asm
SHE23R52UC/64Water doesn't get hotRequires inlet valve and mainboard replacement. Part malfunction.
SHE33M02UC/48Needs inspectionCleared broken glass on drain pump.
SHE33P02UC/60On/Off switch not secure, control panel tabs brokenTech secured switch and reinstalls unit.
SHE33P0SUC/59Won't operateReset control board, repair loss connection.
SHE33T55UC/07Not drainingTech vacuumed clogged drain hose, cleared filter and reinstalled unit.
SHE3AR55UC/08Won't turn onClogged drain pump motor and tech cleared clogged.
she43p06uc/64handle on the top part from the door got offInstalled part unit tested ok, leveled unit and unit working as intended with no leaks.
SHE43RL5UC/64Doesn't wash the top rackFound faulty sump motor and installed new part.
SHE47C05UC/33Not bolted in properly.Installed unit properly and installed new bracket.
SHE53L02UC/53wont fill water / delay on on shutting off at then near end of its cycleChecked dishwasher found faulty mainboard p# 00661922 and inlet valve p# AA00607335.
SHE65T55UC/07E24 Error code.Cleared clogged drain.
SHE7ER55UC/50Experiencing a low rumbling intermittently during wash cycle. Hinges need to be straightened.Checked dishwasher found door hinge misaligned cause stiffed hinges making noise, tech fixed the door hinges reinstalled unit to avoid saturating the counter top board cause by steam from dishwasher unit tested ok.
SHP65T55UC/07E9 error codeFaulty heat pump. Installed and replaced pump.
SHP65T75UC/09Error E15Leaking valve. Installed new part and unit works fine.
SHP65T75UC/09Error E15Tech installed new board.
SHP65TL5UC/09E24, Won't drainFaulty drain pump motor and installed new part.
SHS5AVL5UC/22Error E24Installed new drain pump motor but unit still not ok and need to replace mainboard.
SHS863WD5N-11making noise when onTech removed object inside causing the noise.
shu33a02uc/17Not workingClogged drain and hose wasn't looped properly causing water to go back. Tech cleared drain and fixed drain loop.
SHX3AR56UC/07There's a button that doesn't work to start the machineChecked worn tabs, causing the ui board to drop and not secure the switches. Tech secured and repair ui panel board and make the switches stable, tested unit working as intended. No leaks observe.
shx3ar75uc/10not completing cycleCleaned filter, remove debris in the drain and installed new screw.
SHX43RL5UC/64The dishwasher isn't draining properly and doesn't seem to be washing the dishes properly.Tested dispenser and it opened ok. Unit needs water inlet valve (p#00622058). Installed part unit tested ok, no leaks observe during test, reassembled and unit working as intended.
SHX4ATF5UC/21Error24 / drain problemTech cleared debris from clogged drain.
SHX53T55UC/02 E25 error, not draining properly, a rubber band stuck insideNeeds a new drain pump assembly. Installed part and run test and unit tested ok.
SHX53T55UC/02Just not working at allChecked dishwasher found left and right broken door spring p# 00754866, heat pump p# 00753351 and faulty inlet valve p# 00628334.
SHX53T55UC/07lights flashing / not heating enoughChecked dishwasher verified heatpump, drain pump motor ok, tech reset the board test machine on cycle works fine water level is good, if issue occured again mainboard requires replacement
mainboard p# 12009520.
SHX55M05UC/53Doesn't work and door latch doesn't workInstalled new parts.
SHX5ER55UC/C9Door latch is brokenTech reinstalled the unit.
SHXM63W55N/10 Error E09, customer have already cleaned the bottom filter, customer also noticed that the water is not draining properly. Checked dishwasher found drain hose don’t have loop cause water from sink backing up into the dishwasher cause stinky smell too. Tech corrected the drain hose installation test machine works fine job done.
SHXM63W55N/10Drain issueInstalled faulty heat pump.
W104383345BWater leakageRemove and cleaned seal, applied sealant to thread, calcium build-up cleaned with affresh.
WDF310PAAS0Door latch issue, door won't closeFound strike was not in the proper position. Removed and installed correctly. Run test and unit tested ok.
WDF310PAAS5not drainingChecked dishwasher found clogged drain hose, tech cleared it and tested ok.
wdf320padb2Won't clean dishes on top rackFaulty sump motor assembly and installed new part. Unit is working as it should.
WDF320PADB2Not cleaning the dishesChecked everything, tech rebooted control board and cleaned the spray arms.
WDF320PADB2Not workingClogged spray arms. Tech cleaned spray arms.
WDF320PADB2Won't drainClogged drain pump motor. Tech cleaned the motor and unit is working ok.
wdf320padb2Not workingChecked dishwasher found faulty sump and motor assembly p# W10837026.
WDF320PADS1Not drainingInstalled new drain hose and unit is working okay.
wdf330pahb2water leakingChecked dishwasher found leaking inlet valve fill hose connector. Tech secured the connector test on cycle and no leak on fill hose connector, unit tested ok.
WDF330PAHS0just stopped workingChecked dishwasher ran diagnostic test found faulty heater assembly p# W10518394. Installed new heater. Re-calibrated unit. Run test and unit tested ok.
WDF520PADM7not washing /cleaning properlyChecked dishwasher found clogged spray arms, tech cleared it ran diagnostic test unit tested ok.
WDF530PAYM6Not cleaning properlyReplaced sump motor and unit tested okay.
WDF540PADM1Not drainingInstalled new hose and replaced pump.
WDF540PADW0Water leakageRequires drain pump motor and installed new part.
WDF560SAFM0Not cleaning and tablet soap not dissolvingFaulty sump motor.
WDF560SAFW1Not hearing the normal swishing noise when turned on.Repair connection.
wdf560safw2Washer / not draining /Checked dishwasher found faulty sump motor asm p# W11085683.
WDF760SADM0Not filling enough waterCleared clogged food debris stuck from sump motor and spray arms.
WDF760SADM2makes louds sound and rumblesTech adjusted drain hose to prevent vibration and checked water valve.
WDF760SADM3: Leaking, customer already changed the door seal.Faulty spray arm. Lower spray arm leaking on the sides which causes the leak. Need new spray arm.
WDP320PADB2Not drainingCleared clogged drain hose.
wdp320padb2Not Draining properlyChecked dishwasher found clogged drain hose, tech cleared drain pump motor and unit tested ok.
WDT0910SSYM1Water leakageFaulty diverter seal, tech replaced part.
WDT710PAYM6Needs maintenance, doesn't clean properlyTech cleaned food debris.
WDT720PADM0Won't drainTech cleaned and remove debris clogged drain.
WDT780SAEM1not drying , not enough water coming inF7E1 code heating problem, overheating or no circulation of motor cause overheating.
WDT910SSYM3water leaking underneathinstalled new sump.
WDT970SAHZ0Top slider part is brokenInstalled new part.
WDT970SAHZ0The door is not closing.Checked the unit and found out that the unit door is misaligned because the hinge was dislodged from its slot. We aligned the door hinge to its original position.
WDTA50SAHZ0On but not operating. F4-E3 errorTech repaired connection issue and repaired dispenser.
WDTa50sahz0just stopped workingChecked dishwasher found faulty diverter motor p# W10537869.Tech installed new part tested ok.
Whirlpool - WDF330PAHS4Dishes are not cleaned properly.Checked dishwasher found water inlet valve wire came off causing no water coming into the unit. Tech fixed it test machine on cycle works fine job done.
WM3570HVA/01Banging noise during spin cycleFaulty tub suspensions.
ZDT800SSF0SSNoise issueTech fixed drip pan, leveled the unit. If issue worsen, it might need to replace sump motor.
110.7600201High pitch noiseInstalled new idler pulley.
592.89427Kenmore dryer, does not dryer clothing, and continous to run even if the customer turn of the Installed new main board. Run test and unit tested ok.
592.89427There is a squeaking and tumbling soundDamaged front right roller Aade7523. Installed new roller. Run test and unit tested ok.
592.89496No heatInstalled new hose, replaced fuse and cleaned
796.802729It makes a loud banging noiseInstalled rollers and cleaned inside of dryer.
8949No heatFaulty idler pulley and installed new part.
59289412Making banging noise.Worn out idler pulley, replaced new part and new clamp.
5928907501Loud banging noiseInstalled new idler pulley and right front roller wheel.
110.C67492600Not HeatingTech repair vent, repair electrical outlet problem and reassembled unit tested ok.
592-89057Does not heatChecked dryer found faulty heater. Tech installed new heater and tested ok.
DV50F9A8EVp/ACIt makes a loud soundInstalled new idler and cleaned unit tested ok,
GFMN110ED2WWDryer needs to be mounted/installed on top of the samsung washer. Also customer noticed that the clothes doesn't dry properly with full load unlike before when it was new.Installed dryer with mounting bracket. Tested both dryer and washer works fine.
Ywed9151yw1not heating enough, takes longer than usual to dry clothesVentilation service done only.
110.C76532500No heatNo power input to igniter and coils measured zero resistance. Tech installed new parts and unit works fine.
110.C85081400Won't start, there's still power but won't startFaulty control board, repair board because it is no longer available. Installed board and unit tested ok.
110.C85081401It doesn't turn on and had a burning smell.Found faulty motor and blower wheel. Installed new parts tested ok.
110.C85872401No HeatBad element, worn idler pulley, cracked blower wheels. Installed new parts.
331R1216Rumbling -*NoiseRepair loss screw and reinstalled unit.
592 895 070No heatFaulty heater, tech installed new part.
592-69227Making loud noiseLubricate 4 roller and Idler pulley and tested ok.
592-89003 01Not heatingVacuumed lent and replace heating element.
592-89032not heatingReplaced element and cleaned dryer vacuumed.
592-89157Not heatingFaulty heating element. Installed new part and unit works fine.
592-893080Not heatingCleaned and remove blockage inside blower housing. Replaced heating assembly.
592-89474Needs to check the lint.Performed general cleaning.
592-89496Not heatingInstalled new TCO
592-895070No heatFaulty element and thermal limit fuse. Installed new parts and reassembled unit.
592-89509No heatCleaned and installed new parts
970-C82061-10Squeaking noise.Installed new part
970-C87072-00Shakes a lotTech installed new board and clean internal .
970-c88172-00not heatingReplaced faulty heater and tested unit okay.
970L97527F0 not heating enough, turns off quickly than usualChecked power ok, checked venting ok, turned off save energy and reset control. Advised to use time dry for small load and sensor dry of large load. If issue persist, need to replace mainboard.
C433ELE2306024FM54 / IP80000Not heatingFaulty element assembly, replaced and installed new element. Tested unit and works as it should.
CDE4205AZWwont spinChecked dryer and found faulty drive motor p# wp33002795, worn out belt p# wp33002535 and idler pulley p# wp6-3705180.
CFLE1011MW2Broken door latchInstalled dryer door latch.
CFLE1011MW2Beeping NoiseEverything is ok.
cfle1011mw2not heatingChecked dryer verified heater ok, ventilation clear requires blower thermistor p# 134587700 and high limit P# 3204267. Installed new parts and tested ok.
cfle1011mw2not workingChecked dryer found faulty drum bearing, tech installed new part tested ok.
CFLE2022MW2Stopped workingChecked dryer found belt came off, tech reinstalled the belt tested ok.
CFQE4000QW0Heating element issueReplaced new part.
DD42H5000EW/ACHumming sound, no heat, not rotatingReplaced new dryer motor.
DLE1310WDrum roller is broken.Installed new part.
dle2150ucreates noise during cycleFaulty bottom rear roller. Replaced and installed the parts, tested the unit and works fine.
DLE2301RLoud noiseFound debris inside the blower fan assy. Removed and cleared all debris. Unit tested ok.
DLE2516NoisyInstalled rear, front roller and idler pulley.
DLE3095WError D90Cut extra length of flex vent, checked airflow on internal wall.
DLE3095WMaking a loud noiseReplaced 2 rear roller wheels, reinstalled and tested ok.
DLE3733S Not heating, instead it's emitting cold airFaulty element and tech replaced new part.
dle3777wvery loud during cycleFound damaged front rollers assembly and installed 2 front roller assembly. Run test and unit tested ok.
DLE5955FClanking noise on spin cycleReplace 2 front wheels and cleaned unit.
DLE7177WMMaking NoiseInspected unit, found needs 3 rollers and 1 idler pulley wheel also unit needs cleaning.
DLE8377CMmaking loud noisesChecked dryer found faulty idler pulley p# 4560EL3001A, 4pcs rollers p# 4581EL2002H. Installed new parts and tested ok .
DLEX2501SBanging NoiseFaulty right bottom roller, installed new part.
DLEX2801LFilter issueCleared ventilation, rebooted control board (temp fix), faulty control board and thermistor but parts are NLA.
DLEX3070VNot heating.Faulty heater, installed new part and unit tested ok.
DLEX4270vD80 ErrorUpon checking, everything is OK, tech shortened the vent.
DLEX8000VNot heating properlyTech cleaned clogged outdoor vent grill.
DLGX8388NMNoisyFaulty 2pcs rear rollers and idler pulley, installed new parts.
DV17542Not heatingTech reset fuse, if problem persist, might need to replace heating element assembly.
DV203AES/XACNot drying properlyRemove flap restricting airflow.
dv203aes/xavDryer not heatingChecked dryer verified heating element ok, drum temperature in use recorded 100 degrees F determined dryer ok possible ventilation blockage cause long time drying, if issue occurred again it may require duct cleaning.
DV218AES/XACnot heatingChecked dryer found faulty heater, tech installed new part, cleaned dryer and tested ok.
DV229AEG/XACNot heatingInstalled new heater assembly.
DV330AEW/XACNot heatingFaulty heating element, need to replace the part.
DV337AEW/XACNor heatingFaulty heater, installed new part.
DV339AENot HeatingChecked dryer found faulty heater. Replaced and installed new part.
DV350AEP/XAC 01No heatChecked dryer found faulty heater, tech installed new heater tested ok.
DV350AER/XAC02Lights up when start button is pressed but it doesn't start drying. Error code 6EPossible moisture due to airflow restriction prior the repair. Tech cleaned, removed lint, cut venting too long and replace faulty fuse. Checked relay no short, checked element no short and checked airflow good. Tested the unit and worked as it should.
DV365ETBGSF/ACnot heating at allInstalled new heater assembly.
DV365ETBGSF/ACNot heatingFaulty heater, tech installed new part.
DV365ETBGSF/ACmotor sounds its moving but nothing is happening / not heatingMotor damper spacer worn out, possible overloading occasionally and eventually it got worse, tech replaced spacer damper of the motor, unit tested ok, heating ok , tested airflow, airflow pass test, no leaks observe during testing, unit working as intended
DV365etbgwr/acNot heatingRequires mainboard and display board but display board is discontinued.
DV395ETCASU/ACNot heatingTech replaced new heating element.
DV42H5000EW/ACWon't heatFaulty heater, tech installed new part.
DV42H5000EW/ACMaking noiseInstalled new parts, replaced front roller and rear right side roller.
DV42H5000EW/ACHeating doesn't work.Installed new element.
DV42H5200EP/ACNot heatingFaulty heater, installed new part.
DV42H5200EP/ACnot drying clothes / not heatingFaulty heater, tech installed new heater.
DV42H5200EP/ACNo heatFaulty heater, installed new part.
DV42H5200EP/ac 01Not workingFaulty control panel board and mainboard. Installed new parts
DV42H5200EP/ac 01Not heatingFaulty heater, installed new part
dv42h5200ep/ac 01not workingChecked dryer found faulty drive motor p# DC93-00101. Installed new part tested ok.
dv42h5200ew/acnot heatingReplaced and installed heater assembly, test the unit and works fine.
DV42H5600EGNot working.Replaced idler pulley and cleaned the unit.
DV431AEP/XACNot heatingReplace faulty heater with new one.
DV431AEP/XACNot heating at allReplaced new heating element.
DV431AEP/XACNo heatNo description work done.
DV435ETGJRA/ACNoisyFaulty idler pulley and bottom rear roller. Tech installed new parts.
DV435ETGJRA/ACNot spinningTech installed new drive motor.
DV43E-DV365EBG DV361ABEMetal scrapingFound faulty idler pulley and 1 pc bottom rear roller, installed and replaced parts.
DV448AEP/XACNot heatingFaulty heating element, tech installed new part.
dv455evgsgr/acnot heating at allInstalled new heater and performed cleaning.
DV456ETHDSU/ACnot heatingFound faulty heating element DC47-00019A. Installed part and unit tested ok.
DV45H7400EP/ACNot heatingFaulty motor assembly.
DV45K6200EW/AC 02It turns on but it won't spinChecked dryer and found faulty idler pulley p# DC93-00634A and broken door switch p# DC64-00828B. Installed new part but control board also have issue machine won’t kick start requires mainboard control too.
DV45K6500Event sensor is turning on, cust. tried cleaningChecked dryer found lint filter full of lints cause to restricts airflow which possibly cause the vent sensor error. Tech cleaned it and tested dryer. No error occured and dryer works fine.
DV45K6500EV/ACDoesn't dry clothes properly and noisyInstalled new pulley.
DV48J7770EW/ACNoiseFaulty idler pulley, installed new part.
DV50F9A8EVP/ACno heat, shuts off during cycleReplace wire connector that was burnt at the heating element. Unit tested ok, vent and temp tested ok.
DV665JW/XACDryer will turn on but drum will not runChecked dryer found worn out drum belt p# DC66-00121A. Installed belt and unit tested ok.
DVE45T76005V/ACVent issueSecured the vent hose.
DVE60M9900V/ACNot heatingInstalled new heater.
EFMC617STT0suddenly stopped working / noisy during cycleFound debris inside the blower fan. Removed and cleared debris. Run test and unit tested ok.
FEQ332CES0Not HeatingTimer losing contact, issue is intermittent.
FER211CAS2Not heatingFaulty heating element, replaced with new one.
FER211CAS2Loud noiseInstalled new bearing assembly and cleaned dryer.
FER211CAS2NoisyInstalled new motor and heater assembly.
FEZ831CAS3NoiseEverything is ok upon diagnostics.
FFLE39C1QW0Not heatingInstalled new heater assembly.
ffle40c3qtmaking buzzing noise and wont operate.Checked dryer found belt came off, tech reinstalled the belt test dryer and it worked as it should.
GB9SHDXPQ01: not heatingFaulty heating element, installed new element to verify operation and heating. Unit tested ok, tech reassembled unit and venting ok.
GCET1031FS1lint trap fills quicklyUnit working as intended, lint trap is narrow and small, normal and nothing to do about it.
GCET1031FS2Not drying clothesFaulty high limit thermostat, installed new part.
GE - GFMN110ED1WWThe dryer isn't drying the clothes.Shorted heating element. Need to replace part # WW03F00181.
GFMN100ELOWWLoud noiseRemove all debris.
GFMS140ED1WWClanking noiseMisaligned drum, re-aligned drum and belt.
GLEQ642CAS2dryer making high pitch noise and not drying the cloths and electrical smellChecked dryer found squeaking drum due to faulty bearing, installed new bearing kit p# 5303281153. Test machine and noticed not heating. Tech verified tco,hi limit, heater ok requires replacement of timer p# 131930600.
GTD40EBMK0WWTimer not workingGlued broken knob. Timer and heater are ok.
GTD40EBMK0WWStopped workingBroken timer knob, replaced and installed parts and tested the unit which worked as it should.
GTD40EBMK0WWGe dryer control knob not workingChecked dryer found broken knob p# WW02L00614, verified timer still intact test dryer heater ok. Tech fixed the knob tested machine ok.
GTD65EBMKWSnot heating properly / tried cleaning the ventRun airflow tester results showed a failed exhaust. Advised customer to clean and cleared all debris.
GTMX180ED4WWscraping sound during the cycleLeft side dented causing scrapping sound. Tech manage to repair dented part.
GTMX180ED5WWNot dryingUnit is in good condition, problem with ventilation and vent grill, advice to clean duct with a cleaning company.
GUD37ESMMDGDoesn't work after pressing the start buttonUnit is working upon checking.
GUSR465EB3WWSqueaking noiseReplaced the worn out parts
IG80000 Halfway thru the cycle it stopped, it sounded like gears were running.Checked dryer found faulty blower thermistor, tech installed new part and unit tested ok.
JO91200coin might got stuckRemoved coin slot. Clean and cleared all debris. Put back together. Run test and unit tested ok.
LDE8624ADENot WorkingFound lighter, tech cleared it and cleaned cavity ventilation.
LDG5004ABWNot heatingInstalled new gas igniter.
LDG7500ABWNot heatingMight be loss connection, replaced valve coil and vacuumed lint buildup.
MDE22PDBZW0Not workingRepair board and reassembled unit tested ok.
MDE2400AZWWon't spinTech cleaned lint and installed new belt. Tested the unit and works fine.
MDE25PRAZW0Over Heating issue.Dryer vent clogged verified with airflow tester. Tech performed cleaning, lint filter housing cover is broken and needs replacement. Installed part and unit tested ok.
MDE5500AZWNothing happens when we press startChecked dryer verified heater ok, found out breaker tripped. Tech reset breaker, test the machine and works ok.
MDE9316AZWNo heatInsufficient power outlet supply. Tech reset breaker and fixed ventilation with duct tape. Advised customer to replace dryer breaker.
MDE9316AZWery loud squeaky noiseChecked dryer found faulty idler pulley wheel p# WP6-3700340 and 2pcs rollers p# 12001541. Installed new parts and tested ok.
MDG20CSAWW0Verify dryer operationCheck blocked venting airflow.
MGDE300VF0Not heatingReplaced pulley and coil valve. Tested the unit and works fine.
N/Anot workingResetted tripped breaker and cleaned ventilation outdoor.
N/ANot heatingTech cleaned and replaced new heating element.
N/AGrinding sound and unit turns off suddenly.Motor issue, tech installed new motor w/ new blower housing.
N/AF01 errorFaulty control board. Tech rebuild board.
N/ANoisyTech repaired misaligned blower wheel.
N/ASqueeling noiseInstalled new idler pulley.
N/ANot heating enoughEverything is ok upon checking.
n/anoisyWorn out pulley wheel, it needs replacement. Lubricating is not permanent fix only temporary. Part has been replaced for permanent fix.
n/aHelp with vent hookup only, no issue with the dryer itself.Fix venting, re-attached vents and replace elbow, secured vent and tested airflow ok.
PCKS443EB5WWNoise issueTech applied hi-temp grease and repaired the drum. Installed new selector switch, tested the unit and it works fine.
PCVH480EK0WWTakes long time to startSwitch not triggered properly when closing the door properly, leveled the machine and it works fine.
PCVH680EJ1WWVent IssueInstalled new flexible duct hose and unit works as it should
PDSR473ET5WWLoud noise, drum not balanceRe-installed screw, installed extra counter bolts for security and reassembles unit.
PDSR473ET5WWduct felt seal was accidental pulled off of inside dryerRe-installed seal, unit tested ok and secured with tie.
PDSR473GT2WWLoud squeaking noise during cycleInstalled new top bearing glides.
pdvh515ef0wwRipping clothesFaulty top bearing, need replacement but parts not available yet.
PDVH515EF0WWPower lights are on. Unit will not turn onneeds cleaning, broken belt, worn glides, element shorted to ground, installed part
PWXR483GB0WWMaintenance onlyCleaned dryer replaced glides
Samsung - DV45H6300CHECKThe dryer turns on but won't spin.Checked dryer, found drum not spinning ( stacked- 2 man job) replaced idler pulley and test; used 1 DC93-00634A (idler pulley) and 1 6602-001655 (belt) from stock, Job Completed.
Samsung - DV45H6300EG/ACThe dryer won't start.Faulty Idler Pulley, Replaced Pulley, unit tested ok, used 1 DC93-00634A (IDLER ARM DRYER SAMSUNG) Job Completed.
Samsung - DV45K6500EV/AC 01Tripping the breaker, not heating.Checked dryer verified heater ok, tco, hi limit thermostats ok, ventilation clear. Customer complains breaker often trips verified heater not grounded dryer heating ok. Tech advised customer to replace the breaker if it trips the breaker again possible weak breaker. Job Completed.
Unit isn't working.Unit not working because of faulty idler arm pulley.Replaced new idler arm using a new idler arm dryer.
VDL7050RW429After pushing start, it doesn't spinMultiple parts issue.
WED7500VWnot heating enoughNeed new heating element, part # is WP8182528.
WF365BTBGSF/A2Making electrical noise, smells badInstalled new idler pulley no shaft included.
WTA3510UC 83/11Unit unstableUnit need mainboard replacement but part is discontinued.
YGEW9250PW0Not heatingTech rebuild faulty board.
YGEW9250PW0No heatFaulty high limit thermostat, installed new part.
YGEW9250PW1won't complete cycleIssue is due to loss of connection when dryer has less load, advised customer and unit tested ok.
YGEW9250PW1Not heatInstalled new part.
YGEW9250PW1No HeatInstalled new heater.
YGEW9250PW1the dial does not turn the unit on….Light on in drum an dial is lit up.Checked dryer found faulty blower thermistor. Tech installed new par, verified outdoor vent clear and heater not grounded and unit tested ok.
YIED4671EW0Not heating enoughCleared lint.
ylen2000kq0humming soundCleared blower vane full of lint.
YLTE6234DQ5Odd noiseClogged vent, lint buildup, faulty idler shaft. Tech performs cleaning, repair and replaced parts.
YMED5500FC0No heatInstalled new element, cleaned and repaired the unit.
YMED5500FC0Not heating clothesChecked dryer found faulty heater P# WP8544771. Installed new part and tested ok.
YMED560XL0Noise issueTech cleaned unit and installed new idler wheel. Tested the unit and it works fine.
YMED7500YW2Not blowing hot airFaulty heater assembly. Installed new part and unit tested fine.
YMEDB850YG0Not workingInstalled dryer kit and seal. Run test and unit tested ok.
YMEDC465HW0Dryer has very minimal heat.Checked dryer. Loss connection on wiring timer heater circuit also unit has a clogged venting. Advised customer to have venting cleared before using, dryer unit working as intended.
YMEDE300VW1turns on but wont start.Replaced relays and fuse.
YMEDE301YGScreeching noiseInstalled new part and unit tested ok.
YMEdx500cw0No heatInsufficient power on the outlet, reconnected all heater and harness wires securely. Unit works for now, advised customer to observe the unit.
YMET3800XW0NoisyInstalled new repair kit.
YNED4655EW1Not heatingCleared clogged venting and tech replace faulty fuse.
YWBD9300VU0Turns on but won't heat up.Faulty board. Tech rebuild board.
YWED4850HW0Not drying properlyClogged venting, other issue vent was too long, tech cut short vent. Tech repair the vent and check airflow, clogged internal vent or at the end of vent, manager needs to hire another service to clear the internal vent on the wall and exhaust outside the building, birds nest and dead bird was remove inside the dryer. Tech repair dryer issue, now only needs dryer vent cleaning.
YWED5600XW0customer suspects idler pully replacementInstalled new idler pulley and unit works fine.
YWED5620HW0Won't turn onNeed new control main board and installed new board. Tech also repaired display control panel. Unit is working as it should.
YWED6620HC2Not drying at all.Checked dryer moisture sensor loss connection. Resolved connection issue using WPW10106710 (airflow tester). Tested unit ok.
ywed7300xw0squeking noise
Make and type: dryer whirlpool
Reinstalled unit, checked airflow and tested dryer ok.
YWED7500VWNot heating upNeed to replace faulty heater.
YWED7500VW 2Not heatingClogged external vent, adviced customer to contact vent cleaner for this. Heating element is worn out, tech installed new part then cleaned the vent. Tested the unit and it works fine.
YWED80HEBC0Not heatingFaulty heater, installed new part and unit tested ok.
YWED8300SE2Error 01FFaulty control board. Repair/rebuild board and replaced new duct hose.
Ywed87hedc0Customer notices some rust lines in the clothes after washing themChecked dryer found faulty 2pcs drum felt seal p# 280114. Installed new parts and tested ok.
YWED87HEDC1Cust trying to use WD40 since her dryer was making loud squeaking noise. Customer have already taken apart some part of the dryer. Needed assistance and advice on applying this substance as it's a fire hazard.Installed new part and tested ok.
YWED9050XW1Burning smell and grinding noiseFaulty idler pulley and installed new part.
YWED9050XW1making weird noise during cycleInstalled dryer kit. Run test and unit tested ok.
Ywed9050xw1Dryer not heatingChecked dryer found faulty heater p# WP8544771. Tech installed new part and tested ok.
YWED9151YW0Not workingInstalled new thermal cut out. Tested the unit and works fine.
YWED9151YW0Not workingInstalled new heater and tested the unit ok.
YWED9151YWONot working, hears a ticking sound.Faulty thermal fuse and heater, replaced parts. Tested the unit and it works fine.
YWED9200SQ0Not workin dryerReplaced heating element.
YWED9300VU0Error code F10Repaired and re-installed faulty control board. Tested the unit and it works fine.
YWED9300VU0It doesn't spinChecked dryer found faulty idler pulley, pulley shaft in bad shape requires idler pulley with shaft assembly p# W10837240 and repair kit. Installed idler pulley assembly and repair kit. Unit tested ok.
YWET3300SQ1Burning smell from the dyerFound clogged exhaust vent. Advised customer to clean the duct vent by a professional.
YWET3300XQ0Banging NoiseRemoved debris causing the noise and balance unit's leg.
YWET3300XQ2NOT HEATINGChecked dryer and found thermal fuse defective. Replaced thermal fuse and test dryer, tested ok. Advice customer to clean the venting.
YWET3300XQ2The dryer isn't heating.Checked dryer and found that the thermal fuse was defective. Replaced thermal fuse and tested the dryer. Advised the customer to clean the venting.
YWET4024HW0Burnt smellInstalled new idler pulley and rollers. Tested the unit and works as intended.
Kitchenaid - KSCS25INBL00The fridge and freezer are not cooling.Checked fridge, found faulty mainboard p# WP2307037 and control box p# 2306989 but part is no longer available.
Not availableNot Freezing - Door is Sealing - Chest and Upright Freezer.Checked freezer and found moisture on top right of the back and clogged drain. Tech cleared it tested the drain and works fine. Customer also complained that freezer is not cold enough, machine if charged with 4.6 oz or fully recharged. If unit still doesn't cool down enough, it requires replacement of compressor.
Whirlpool - WSZ57L18DMThe inner liner of the freezer has deformed corners in 2 spots. The rest of the freezer looks damaged.Checked freezer noticed top left and right corners slightly bubbled but no issue on temperature minor defect from manufacturing but it doesn't looks like concerning. Tech explained to builder contact person Mr. Site that bubbled liner on the left and right corners are still ok and doesn't seems to be obvious, icemaker also works fine unit tested ok. Job Completed.
0Burnt smellDisassembled to check and tech removed grease build up.
LMV2053STjust stopped working.
Make and type: LG Microwave over the
Checked microwave found mainboard no power, technician verified power outlet ok, door switches are good and wirings are ok. Tech rebooted control board, secured harness wire, test microwave and it works fine. Note: if issue occurred again power board and mainboard requires replacement.
SMH1611B/XACNot heating the foodChecked microwave found faulty switch, tech installed new switch and tested ok.
592.85609-0No PowerBusted fuse due to faulty magnetron.
858710154002 / KEMS308SSS00Microwave part won't heat up.Installed new magnetron. Tested the unit and it worked as it should.
CFMV152KSAKeeps operating even after door is shut.Faulty control board.
CFMV1645TSPower issues, won't turn onTech repaired unit, replaced fuse and switch.
CGMV174KFCStart button not working and interior light doesn't go off.Faulty door assembly switch.
CGMV176NTFJust not workingReplaced switch and thermal cutoff limit.
CPBM3077RFANot heatingNeed to replace magnetron.
DVM2185SMSSInstallationInstalled new part and unit tested ok.
EI24MO45IBBDoor switch issue and food doesn't cook properlyInstalled new door switch and unit tested ok.
FFMV1846VWinstallInstall new microwave. Tested the unit and works fine.
GMH6185XVQ-2Not workingRepaired door latch and reassembled unit.
GMH6185XVQ-2not workingRe-installed track roller support.
HMB50152UC/05Not working, customer saw it sparkles a bitWaveguide needs replacement.
HMC80151UC/01Door issueRequires door hinge.
JE1550GWNot heatingFaulty door switch, installed new part and unit tested ok.
JE2160SFC02Won't spin but heats upTech repaired control board.
JE2160SFC02It won't start after entering the timeChecked microwave and verified magnetron heating found faulty control panel assembly p# WB60M963.
JVM1630WFC01Microwave over the rangeFaulty bracket, switches and blown fuse. Installed new part and tested ok.
JVM1635SFC01when opening the door the breaker tripsRequires door striker.
JVM1635SFC01Trips the breaker, lights up w/ 5secs delayWorn parts on switch housing and 2 faulty door switch. Install new door switch only. Switch housing not available but unit is ok for now.
JVM1790SKC01Stopped heatingNeeds magnetron but part is discontinued.
JW521 002Not heatingReplaced secondary microswitch. Tested the unit and it works fine.
KW3A/HK-14, : NNSG626BBlown fuse and no powerFaulty door switch, tech installed new parts.Tested the unit and it works fine.
LMV1600ST /0Not workingNeed to replace magnetron.
LMV1680DBBroken HandleNeed to replace door handle/latch.
lmv1680dbStart button doesn't workChecked microwave found faulty control panel, verified door switches ok. Tech installed control panel from used microwave in the electrical room and unit tested ok.
LMV1680DBWon't workFaulty control board, part is no longer available.
lmv1680dbdoor brokenChecked microwave found broken door. Requires door assembly but part is not worth fixing.
LMV1680DSnot heating and turntable not turningReplace all microswitch and cleaned switch housing.
LMV1852STInstallationInstalled new microwave. Tested the unit and is working well.
LMV1852ST/00InstallationInstalled unit. Tested the unit and is working well.
LMVH1711ST/00Won't operateFaulty door switch, installed new part. Tested the unit and is working well.
me16h702seb/acNot RespondingNeed to replace magnetron.
me16h702seb/acBurning smellBurnt magnetron and needs replacement.
me16h702seb/ac 01not heatingChecked microwave found faulty magnetron.
ME17H703SHS/ACCustomer was able to use the microwave once but now it stopped working again.Checked microwave found power supply wire melted. Tech fixed the wire and tested the microwave, it works fine.
ME17H703SHS/AC 01Fan is not working.Vent motor was installed improperly, tech reinstalled vent motor.
ME18H704SSS/ACThe door latch is brokenTech fixed door striker, test microwave and it works fine.
ME19R7041FS/ACSetting from the cooktop won't respond.Checked the microwave and found that it's working. Set the clock to the correct time and explained to the customer on how to properly use the microwave and make it last longer.
me1h702seb/acnot working properlyUnit seems fine but issue is intermittent. Requires mainboard replacement.
Model: 85012 S# 204tafz00875The fan keep running. Microwave seems to be working ok but fan keeps running whenever it wants unless it's unplugChecked microwave verified door switches ok but found faulty mainboard control but part is no longer available.
N/ANot workingReplaced power relay board.
N/AInstallation onlyInstall new microwave. Tested the unit and works fine.
NN-CD989SNot heating/No PowerReplaced faulty door switch but still requires magnetron and inverter board.
NN-S254BFMaking noise when turned onUnit is contaminated with grease, intermittent noise cause by magnetron. Magnetron control board is no longer available. Advised to get a new unit.
NN-S762BFNot heating foodNeed to replace p# AA2M261-M32KLP.
NN-S762BFNot heating foodInstalled new magnetron and unit tested ok.
NN-SD291SElectrical noise and light not workingInstalled new part and unit tested ok.
NN-SE792SIt is not heatingInstalled new part and unit tested ok.
PBM1970STC01doesn't have heat, customer just change the magnetron recently but still not workingChecked microwaveand verified diode, magnetron and door switches ok. Fuse blown due to burnt out transformer. Advised customer there’s still chances mainboard might gets affected too.
PVM1970STC01Won't heatFaulty magnetron and needs to be replaced.
PVM2188SJC01InstallationInstalled new microwave. Tested the unit and is working well.
rahsh31It is not working and the exhaust would just start on its own or turn off on its ownTech tried cleaning ribbon but no luck error still there. Requires control board assembly but part is no longer available.
Samsung - ME16K3000AB/ACThe microwave is operating on its own.Checked microwave dangerously hanging and not installed properly. Microwave is turning on by itself, fix the problem of the microwave but recommend to reinstall the unit that it may fall in the cooktop, need two man job to re-install the unit. Used 2 micro switch from stock. Installed microwave properly, test unit tested ok.
smh1611b/xacNot workingFaulty control board and need replacement but part is no longer available unit is 8 y/o.
SMH1611B/XACNot workingBusted fuse due to faulty door switch and greasy control board. Requires new mainboard but unit is 9 y/o. Advised to get new unit instead.
SMH1611B/XACNot workingInstalled 3 door switches and fuse. Tested the unit and works fine.
SMH1611B/XACNot workingInstalled door switches and fuse. Tested the unit and it works well.
SMH2117S/XACnot functioning properly due to door issueFound door latch and spring was loose. Removed and installed it back. Unit tested ok.
Whirlpool - YWMH31017HW3The unit is making a weird noise when in use.Turntable motor making noise. Replaced faulty turn table motor. Tested unit and working properly.
YKCMS1655BS0keypad is not workingChecked microwave found unresponsive touchpad, requires replacement of control panel assembly.
YKHMS2050Ss-3Not working properlyFaulty door assembly, but part is special order.
YKMHP519ES0wont startTried replacing switch and need to take it down. Unit needs new control board.
YWMH1162XVS - 5No heatInstalled new magnetron and unit tested ok.
YWMH31017AS-1Button doesn't work, no light and plate doesn't rotateReplaced primary switch and unit tested ok.
YWMH31017AS1after closing the door it says door but wont start, has power but wont work.Replaced door switch and unit tested ok.
YWMH31017AS2timer works, fan works, lights not coming out, not functioning. Replaced door micro switch and unit tested fine.
YWMH31017AS2lights not coming out, not functioning. Replaced monitor switch light and unit tested fine.
YWMH53521HZ4InstallationInstalled new microwave. Tested the unit and is working well.
YWML55011HSCustomer is seeing weird lines on the clock panel but aside from that, there is nothing wrong with the microwave (see pic attached)Checked microwave and found faulty transformer p# W11024976 and magnetron p# W11115131.
3020The oven doesn't seem to stop heating up. Temperature keeps increasing unless it's turned off.Faulty, expensive repair, customer will buy replacement
5303281153cust can snell electrical burnt.Some parts are burnt and need replacement. Install new parts.
C970-600432Oven not heatingFaulty relay board.
FE710DRS/XAC01Top element not heatingTech replaced faulty parts, tested unit and works well.
GLP85800oven part not workingFound faulty electric range control assembly.
JCB800SK5SSTemperature does not seem to maintain when it reaches a certain degree.Checked stove verified bake/broil elements ok found burnt terminal connector on bake element causing the temperature unregulated. Tech installed new terminal unit tested ok.
LRE6321ST/00Not heating properlyBurners are ok but turns on/off intermittently, might need a new control board and relay board for the oven.
NX58H9500WS/ACBroil part not working properlyChecked gas stove test on bake/broil unit works fine verified igniter draw 3.1 amps still unit is in good working condition tested ok.
16420-1Need to replace cable connection from oven to stoveTech extended the wire.
16420-1same issueCustomer cannot control the oven element. It doesn't go down when set to low. Checked stove found oven control not regulating heat , oven control is no longer available.
164D3871P006-1Top elements and oven are not heatingEverything ok upon diagnostic, might be electrical issue.
970-606432oven part not workingControl board faulty and repair control board.
970-6784Shits off while baking and doesn't reached desired temp until it turns off.Checked stove found faulty control board p# 316462807. Tech rebuild control board and tested ok.
970-698582Suspects need master controlTech replace mainboard and unit tested ok.
970c653320short circuit behind the oven and burnt markedTech replace mainboard and unit tested ok.
C970 - 441134right front element not workingRight front switch faulty. Right front element needs to replace.
C970-441331The stove is making buzzing sound when its off.Checked stove test bake/broil preheat up to 500 oF, induction burners were tested too . Cooling fan seems to be fine. Convection motor also verified okay. Explained to customer possible cooling fan motor is acting up unit still under observation.
C970-502221 Stove, burners not working properly Checked stove found faulty 2 pcs (large element), receptacle p# 318223401, left rear & right front large switch p# 318293811, 2pcs 6” coil p# 316442303. Tech fixed parts and tested. It works fine, if issue occurred again these following parts requires replacement.
C970-624081running really hot, temp exceeded temp thresholdReplaced faulty clock assembly.
C970-688422Oven won't heat upFound faulty control board and subject for rebuild but parts is no longer available.
C970-688422Oven won't heat upFaulty control board but part is no longer available, rebuild board.
CBC980SN1SSBake element chippedFaulty bake element. Replaced and re-install part, tested unit ok.
CBC980ST7SSSame burner is burnt out.Tech installed new part, unit tested ok.
CBES365FS1Bottom element not workingTech replace bottom element.
CCGS990SET3SSwhen turned on or pre heated oven breaker trips , wont pre heatInstalled new bake igniter.
cer3735aczelement burnt out, oven element not working when lifted accidentally.Offered to rebuild.
cfef3007lbeover heatingRequires electric range control replacement. Installed new part and unit tested ok.
cfef3007lbeover heatingRequires electric range control assembly replacement. Installed new part and unit tested ok.
CFEF3007LBENot heatingFaulty mainboard, tech installed new part and unit tested ok.
CFEF3007LBEBack burner not workingFaulty right rear switch and installed new part.
CFEF3007LBENot workingFaulty electric range control, tech installed new part, checked and fixed burners.
CFEF3007LBENot heatingInstalled new part.
CFEF3007LBEDoor issueInstalled new door seal.
cfef3007lbenot heatingChecked stove verified bake/broil elements ok display broken requires mainboard p# 5304518660. Installed new part tested ok.
cfef3007lbenot heatingInstalled new part and tested ok.
CFEF30112PBABurner is overheatingCheck everything is ok and re-secured all elements.
cfef3012pbaNot WorkingRight front burner loose, tech fixed right front burner.
cfef3012pbaNot heatingFaulty clock board, tech repaired board.
CFEF3012PBABurners not workingBurners are all ok and unit in good conddition.
CFEF3012PBANot heatingReplaced new electric range control assembly.
CFEF3012PBANot workingFaulty clock assembly, installed new part and unit tested ok.
CFEF3018LBBwont work on broilChecked stove found faulty bake element p# 316075103. Installed new part and tested ok.
CFEF3019MWBShattered doorBroken outer glass and door handle stripped. Installed new parts.
CFEF3043RSoven part not heatingRepair control board and replaced relay. Tested unit and it works well.
CFEF3053TBCDoor came offBroken door trim kit and handle. Replaced and installed new parts. Tested the unit and works well.
CFEF312BBNot workingInstalled new part and unit tested ok.
CFEF312CB2Baking element not heating.Burnt element terminal. Tech repaired connector and installed new part.
CFef312gbbOven deadRebuilt control board.
CFEF312GBBNo heatFaulty control board. Tech repair board.
CFEF312GBBNot workingFaulty electric range control assembly, installed new part and unit tested ok.
CFEF312GBBOven not workingRepair main control board.
CFEF312GBBNot workingFaulty clock assembly, installed new part.
CFEF372CB2Oven is not working both the grilling and bakingRepair main control board.
CFEF372EC1F10 codeFaulty main control.
CFEF372ES4All elements not heating enoughFaulty bake elements, tech installed new part.
cflef3007lbeelement not workingChecked stove found broken right front switch knob, tech fixed it, tested ok.
CGEF3034MFANot workingReset control and checked connections. Advised client to observe for now.
CGEF304DKF1cooktop stop operating at high settings.Need parts replacement.
CGEF3055KFAF12 Error codeOven part control is faulty and wiring was burnt. Repaired wiring and replaced control board, installed filter circuit from electrolux with the new board.
CGEF3059TFEFan not working, Stove and Oven heating does not turn on.Tech reset the breaker.
CGEF305KWAWon't heat enoughtFaulty contol board, tech repaired board and reinstall
CGES387AB4error code F3Found faulty main electric range control p# 318183603.
CGF308TW2Beeping noiseFaulty control board and igniter switch assembly but part is no longer available.
CPCS389EC5Frigidaire gas ovenChecked stove verified bake/broil elements ok, found faulty control board p# 316418731 part is no longer available. Tech cleaned all burner caps, test gas burners and it works ok.
CPEB30T8CC2Top broiler element not workingFaulty upper oven mainboard control but part is back order so tech offer mainboard rebuild.
CPEH3077RFHnot working, suddenly stopped workingBurnt switch and connectors. Needs parts connectors and switch.
CPES3085KF6No power controlInstalled new part.
CVM1599SVC01Just stopped workingElement circuit problem but part is no longer available.
DGES388DS2Display not working due to electrical issue.found that issue is with electrical. Unplugged unit and advise customer to contact electrician first.
EI30EW35PSCIssue with oven door sensorFound faulty mainboard, tech installed new board and unit works fine.
ew30ew5cgs7Convection motor and fan makes grinding noise when activatedDeformed fan blade, installed new fan blade and convection motor.
FE-N300WX/XACIt takes too long to heat up and doesn't remain on that temp.Checked everything and unit is ok, no issue found.
FE710DRS/xac01Convection not workingReplace faulty convection fan motor.
FFEW3025PSCFan is making noiseReplaced with new fan.
FX510BGS/XACBake and induction won't work and broil ok but produces gasFaulty bake igniter, installed new igniter.
GE OvenInterior glass door is broken after the self cleanInner door glass broken, door glass dimensions length 48.5 cm length 29.5 cm. Tech switched the middle glass to inner door while tech is confirming if glass is still available in the market, oven can be use now but tech advised them not to self clean.
GFG451LVS2bake part not working properly / broil works fineChecked gas oven found faulty bake igniter p# WP9758079. Installed new part igniter won’t continue verified gas valve resistance check ok requires replacement of mainboard p# WPW10157246.
GLP84900Temp issue and beeping noiseFaulty clock but part is no longer available so tech performed rebuild.
GRSR3920ZBB-4oven part w/ intermittent issueFaulty clock asm but part is no longer available.
HGS236UC/01Broiler function not workingInstalled new igniter.
HVL8752UCC/02not workingReplaced door switches.
JCB630DK1WWRF burner is always set to high and can't be turn down lowChecked stove found faulty right front switch p# WS01F01651.Installed new part and unit tested ok.
JCBP660ST1SSStove not workingLF switch not regulating heat. tech installed new part
JCGB860SEJ6SSTop oven doesn't workgrounded broil igniter. Tech rebuild board and replace upper broil igniter
JCGBS10DEK1WWOven part won't heat upDeffective Igniter. Installed new part.
JCKP18BA2BBDoor won't open after self clean.faulty door switch. cust will get a new unit.
JCSP41SV3SSOne of the heating element is not workingFaulty lf, installed new part
JCSS630Sm2sserror code F350Checked stove found faulty Cooling fan motor p# ws01f09894
Installed new part, tested ok.
JDC1536ADS15Won't light upReplaced weak spark module with new one.
JDS9860ACPDoor Lock issueF9 code lock mechanism, need to replace convection fan motor but part is discontinued.
JGBP30WEA5WWOven is not workingReplaced faulty bake igniter
JGS968TEK1WWNot workingFaulty bake igniter. Installed new part
JKS3000SN1SSOven installationTech installed walloven
KDRS505XSS03creating vibration when turned onChecked stove found faulty convection motor p# AAW11235883 $200 fan blade p# AAW10758272 $15
Installed new parts tested ok
KEBS107SSS02Noisy convection fan motorFaulty fan motor, tech installed new part.
KEBS107SSS02Not heating enoughFaulty safety thermostat, installed new part.
KEBS109BSS01Sensor probe errorInstalled new part
KEBS177SSS02Oven won't heat upFaulty safety tco, installed new part.
KEBS208SSS04Not heating properlyFaulty broil and bake element. Tech installed new parts.
KGRS807SBL01cook top, all elements not working, stove still worksNeed to replace parts but customer not decided yet
KGRS807SBL01not working, stove still worksneed to replace parts, but cust undecided.
KGSS907SBL00wont ignite front right burger and gas is present, oven part wont workCleaned ignition part fr burner. Oven issue not resolve yet and waiting for cust's decision.
Kitchenaid - KEBS209BSP00Error codes F1 E1Checked wall oven ran diagnostic test found faulty control panel asm p# AAW10570022, control already loose upon assessment possibly steam toast the board. Also requires Relay board asm p# AAWPW10317345, Job Completed.
KSGB900ESS2Fan Speed issueError on cooling fan, convection fan motor not working, need to replace Cooling fan motor and mainboard asm. Parts are BO.
LRE6323STNot heating LF burnerFaulty control relays, install new relays and Rebuild the faulty cooktop control board.
LRE6385SW/00RF burner element is not workingchecked all burners are fine, needs surface burner control board but part is BO, tech performed a board rebuild to resolve the issue
LRG3081ST/00F9 errorChecked gas stove found faulty bake igniter p# AAMEE61841401 $210
Tech installed new part tested ok
Payment via etransfer
LSB5682SSFL element not burning/heatingTech rebuild control board.
LSB5682SSCustomer cannot turn the heat low, it would be too high and have to remove the plug just to turn it off.replaced relay left front circuit,
LSB5682SS rev 01Turns off before reaching desired tempFaulty bake element, tech installed new part
LSC5622WSstove top burners
not heating - bottom right
wont stop heating - bottom left
check burner, repair burner connection, reassemble unit tested ok. job done. if problem persisted suggest to replace the coil. largest burner front right
LSC5683WS /01oven not heating consistentChecked stove verified bake/broil elements ok, found faulty mainboard relay p# AA6871W1N012A $150
Tech offered rebuild $120 warranty for 4 mos
Tech rebuild board unit tested ok.
LSE3092ST/00Won't heat up, errorInstalled new part
LSE3092ST/001 of 2 oven fans stops workingRepair loss connection
MCA$72724M3WWWon't turn on timePower supply issue, advc cust to call electrician to fix breaker.
MER6875AABbake element faultyInstalled new bake element
MEW7527AS00Noisy when turned onLower rack is loose, tech secured and tightened unit.
MGS5870ADCTemperature issueFaulty igniter, tech installed new part
N/AOven won't heat upFaulty control board. Tech repaired board
N/AOne of the starters which ignites a burner seems to start when any other burner is pressedCleaned grease blocking gas flow.
N/AOven part not workingTurn timer on, unit working as intended
n/aStopped workingChecked gas stove found faulty electric range control assembly p# 316577038.
Installed new part tested ok
n/aThe bottom drawer ruler is brokenFound damaged bottom drawer assy Aa5303325610 (NLA).
n/aduring self cleaning oven got too hot melted the sides of the door.Checked wall oven found completely dead verified thermal fuse busted, tech installed thermal fuse p# AAwpw10545255 wall oven turns on but control panel disabled due to door lock error. Tech advised tenant to reset breaker but in the meantime basement was locked nobody’s home.
N/A (stove)Clock issueCtrl board housing damage, replaced new housing and used old ctrl board.
ne58f9710ws/acright burner bigger element, even turned off it keeps heating at full settingsNeed to replace faulty right front switch
ne58f9710ws/acnot heating/ broken glass topChecked stove found faulty mainboard p# AADG94-00889A $170.32 broken glass top p# AADG94-00889A $315.51 labor $150 service call will be waive
Note: Customer only approved the glass top repair
Part is back order 8-12 weeks eta
NE58F9710WS/AC02keeps losing heat during baking / stove topperformed diagnosis, oven temperature is normal and relay board working ok no missed clicks , power flowing properly. took a video and show to customer that when you reset the control to set another temperature, it reinitialize and sometimes its 100F off the actual temperature. took pictures also. top element front right needs new switch. switch part is back order, 4-6 weeks eta only. factory have minimal stocks when covid started affect the inventory ,
informed customer special ordered parts or back order cannot be cancelled.

both sensor reads identical no issue with oven sensor

Right front switch p# dg44-01007b

installed part unit tested ok,
NE58H9970ws/acinduction part, 2 of the elements , right side top and bottom shows error code np pan detected even there's a cooking pan in placed.Induction stove rf front burner not working properly only half is working verified remaining induction burner plates still works requires Induction board right side
NE58H9970ws/acNo pan Detected. RF burner not working properly, only half is working.Need part replacement but part is not available yet. repaired and reinstall board.
NE595ROABWW/ACOven part won't heat upTemp resistance was out of range, requires sensor replacement. Installed sensor but still have temp issue, unit requires control board but cust decided to buy new unit.
NE597N0PBSR/ACMaking loud soundInstalled new part
NE599N1PBSRError 84Requires replacement of power supply board. cx undecided
NE599N1PBSR/ACOven not workingboth fans are faulty. expensive repair. cust decided to buy a new unit
ne59j3421ss/acNot workingNeed to replace faulty left front switch.
ne59j3421ss/acNot workingReplaced faulty left front switch
NE59J7630SS/ACNot heatingFaulty LF and RF burner, cust will get back to us.
ne59j7651ws 03one burner element not working properlyDescription for the work done:
Checked stove verified all burners ok found faulty Right switch p# AADG44-01007B
Installed new part tested ok
ne59j7750ws/acoven not workingReinstall control board
NE59K3321SS/AC2 F element only goes to high heat and can't be change to low heatFaulty RF switch but parts are BO, cust will get back to us.
ne59m4320ss/ac 01the middle element doesn't work, not heatingChecked stove found faulty left front element p# AAdg47-00063a $134.57
Right front element p# AAdg47-00064a $156.10 rf element is back order no eta yet.
Customer will get back to us
NX58F5700WSalways on high heat settingsChecked gas stove found faulty bake igniter p# AAdg94-00520a $170
Installed new part tested ok
nx58h5600ss/acBaking part not workingReplaced faulty bake igniter
NX58H5650WS/ACpuffing sound while heating up before it stopped working completelyfaulty bake igniter, replaced igniter, unit tested ok. job done
NX58H9500WSIssue with igniterReplaced part
NX58H9950WG/XACAfter self clean, Bake stop workingIgnition and broil are ok. Faulty bake, tech installed new bake igniter
P2S975SER3SS2 burners not workingStucked LF and RF gas valve, installed new parts.
PCB969SP2SSPossible fan motor problem.Installed new parts
pcb969sr1ssRF Burner is not workingChecked stove verified switch ok requires right rear burner p# AAWG02F04327 $190
Installed new part tested ok
PCB975SP3SSClock issue, and doesn't heat up.Requires Touch UI and board but parts are NLA
PCGS910SEF1SSF2 errorChecked gas stove found f2 error, verified igniter ok, cooling fan ok. Control board shut off in mid cycle requires replacement of mainboard asm p# AAWS01F00959 $237 shipping $19.50
Installed new part notice f2 error still flashing notice cooking fan blower still weak, requires replacement of cooling fan blower p# AAWS01F04130 $75

installed cooling fan and sensor part, performed test 500F for 30 mins error code didn't show up, unit is working as intended
PCS940SF4SS front F7 error code, some beeps while all buttons wont respond.Checked stove found unresponsive control panel, tech cleaned harness wire reconnected it test control panel seems to be working fine all buttons were all responsive now unit tested ok.
Note: if same issue occurred display control panel asm requires replacement.
PCS968SR2SSRF burner won't heat upReplaced faulty RF switch and RF Burner
PT7550SF1SSError code F34Need to replace mainboard control. cust will call back
Steamer part not workingRequires steam boiler and Oven appliance manager.Installed parts.
W10643472B / KOCE500EBS05No powerFound faulty appliance manager, installed new part.
WCG55US0HS00Leaking GasBubble tests ok, no gas leak detected on regulator and on gas valve.
wdp58802oven part not heatingChecked stove verified 240v ok bake/broil elements ok requires mainboard, part is nla unit is 25 y/o.
werp3100psburner issueChecked stove found loose left front burner, tech fixed and secured element test all burners works fine job done
WERP4101SS3The oven doesn't turn off unless it's unplug.check sensor - ok, check elements - ok, no short circuit, top can still be used, but need to disable the oven. tenant can use the top part safely, oven is disabled.
WFG715H0ES0Not workingFound faulty dsi board W10511278 and main control W10340317. Customer is not decided for any further repair.
WG02F01436F2 errorRelay Board


Oven Sensor - ( Replace )

Whirlpool - WOS51EC0AW03It stopped working.Checked unit no power. Thermal fuse faulty. Replaced new thermal fuse and test unit working properly.
Whirlpool - YWFE505W0JZWhen oven is turned on, it makes clicking sound.Verified DOP thru entitlement. Checked stove found loose bake relay wire causing the noise. Tech secured the wire test machine works fine job done.; Job Completed.
WPW10348269Not ignitingFaulty rf gas valve, tech installed new part.
YACR4303MFW3Broken doorInstalled new part
YGY396LXGB6One of the burners not working - FR burnerrepair front right burner, unit tested ok.
YGY399LXUS03Control panel doesn't work properlyFaulty membrane and overlay. cust will get back to us.
YKDRS807SS01One of the burner sparked and is not working nowAAwpw10110378. need to order, no stock locally. part showing 1 but will only confirmed stock once shipped. admin will update

Installed new igniter. Run test and unit tested ok.
YKEMC308KM0Keeps buzzing when heats upNeeds new relay, installed new parts.
Yker507xss01button malfunction oven partfound control panel touchpad unresponsive, tech reconnects harness wires ribbons
Yker507xss01button malfunction oven partreconnects harness wires ribbons
YKERA205PB4oven element not heatingChecked stoved verified bake and broil elements ok found faulty mainboard p# AAWP9762811 $515 back order no eta
Tech trued rebuilding the mainboard but no luck internal error showing on display requires mainboard replacement.
Customer will get a new one.
YKESC307HS8Not workingFaulty breaker, reset the breaker.
ykesc307hw4oven door cant get back on, hinge came off Tech reinstalled door fixed hinges
YKESS907SS05t take a long time to set the temperature and there is high pitch noise when it's onChecked stove verified all components works fine noise coming from cooling fan blower is normal operating sound tech explained to tenant nothing is wrong it’s the design flow of the unit. Preheating time would takes about minimum 20mins to 30mins for hidden bake element, unit is in good working condition
YKSEB900ESS0Shuts off after preheating and displayed error code F8EOChecked stove ran diagnostic test found cooling fan error f8e0 code, requires cooling fan motor p# AAW11107275 $170
Tech installed part provided by customer.
Part ordered tru supplier already canceled
YWEE760H0DH0It won't pre-heat past 325 degreesChecked stove found faulty bake element p# AAW10779716 $86 shipping $19.50
Installed new part tested ok
YWEE760H0DS0oven not heating enoughFaulty bake element, replace part.
YWFC310S0EW4FL burner not workingFaulty LF receptacle and burnt out LF switch, installed new parts.
ywfe361LVS0Not workingRepaired ctrl board. if issue persist, part can be replaced
YWFE510S0AS0All top element not working, making electrical noiseFaulty right front switch, repaired part atm, waiting for new part to arrive.
YWFE510S0AS0All top element are not workingUnit requires replacement, changed switch but still not working.
YWFE510S0AW0Door spring is brokenInstalled new hinge
YWFE515S0EB0Can't regulate heatTech installed new RF switch
YWFE540H0BS0Oven baking and broil element not heating upChecked stove found faulty bake element p# AAW10779716 $79.
Installed new part, tested ok
YWFE710H0BS0Over Heating ovenFaulty control board, installed new parts
YWFE710H0BS0pre-heats too long and can't maintain temp.Faulty bake element, install parts
YWFE710H0BS0error code , over heats found faulty control board, not installed yet, cx undeciding.
YWFE710H0BS1Front right burner only work on high, but today it overheated / Oven part overheating.faulty right front switch and control

customer agree to refurbished control board with 1 year warranty on same issue. switch need to be order and customer is ok to wait for the part. tech disabled the right front switch to prevent user it from using.

Installed new part tested ok
YXFE540H0AX0Won't heat enough.Checked unit and found that the bake element is faulty replace new element. Test unit and working fine.
ZET1PM4SSF9 error code, door lock issueTech cleaned tco. Possible ctrl board issue and needs display board asm. cust will cb.
106.582798Water leakageLeaking water filter housing, installed new part.
253.2843281Not cooling enough, red light, keeps beepingDiscolored heat exchanger due to leaking, replaced heat exchanger and evaporator, tech performed sealed system repair.
253.2843281constant cooling, wont settle for the right temp.Checked freezer found faulty system, requires evap coil asm and sealed system unit is 7 y/o. Not worth fixing
596.669924Not workingFaulty compressor, installed new part.
596.680438Fridge part is not cooling enoughFound faulty drain kit w10619951 $49.

Installed new drain kit. Unit tested ok.
596.6995201water leaking underneathcleared clogged drain, installed new bulb, tested ok,
596.6995901Not CoolingChecked fridge found faulty jazz board p# WPW10503278 $190
Defrost thermostat p# 5303918568 $48 customer will get back to us
Note: customer will buy the parts we will install but no warranty coverage
596.6996301fridge part not coolingInstalled new jazzboard and defrost thermostat.
596.6996901Temp issue fridge partNeed to replace jazz board and defrost thermostat but cust is undecided.
596.7924302Not making iceburnt ice maker, to be installed
596.7932301ice build up in the bottom freezerInstalled new part
596.7953302Damper is causing banging noiseFaulty damper. Tech installed new part.
970671794Temperature issueFaulty defrost thermostat, replaced w/ new part, remove ice buildup.
10664872400water leaking fridge partclogged drain, need to repair and repIace drain kit
, defrost ice buildup, cleared drain, reassembled unit test drain ok ,
59679213010water leakingChecked fridge found faulty drain tube p# aAW10619951 $65
Installed new part tested ok
596 79242013fridge stopped workingfaulty mainboard, tech rebuild repair board, 24hr test period to confirm operation and cooling. unit looks like its working as intended.
BR18V1Sice build up/ takes too long to make iceInstalled new defrost thermostat unit tested ok.
EL88TRRWQ02Defrost drain is cloggedcleared drain tested ok
FGRU19F6QFBthermostat issue, not cooling properly, small leak underneath
Found no frost pattern. As per robert need compressor, evap, heat exchanger... / Customer is still undecided for the repair.
LDN20718SB-01: Freezer not cooling enough , fridge part 0.6 AMP , missing almost 1 amp. ,
customer decide not to repair. sealed system issue. customer decide not to proceed.
NS-RTM10WH7-CIt's not cooling enough, customer notices loud sound from the fan or motorChecked fridge found faulty evap motor, tech disconnected the evap fan motor the control board and compressor works again. Requires replacement of evap motor p# AA11002015001677 $70 shipping $19.50
Fridge is made by danby office will get the part info on danby
Installed new part tested ok
WRB329DFBW 00 water moisture coming from the back, ice puddle on the bottom part, water leaking on the side.clogged drain ? cleared drain , clean and vacuumed lint,
WRT8G3EWRCondenser not working properly, water leakingtech resealed the gaps in between the drain and Styrofoam
00220HNot CoolingTech adjusted thermostat setting to max to reach desired temperature
501-78312freezer part cooling
fridge part not cooling at all
Checked fridge found faulty mainboard, tech rebuild the control board test the machine works fine all components works good. Advised owner allow fridge to cool down for 24 hrs
Rebuild warranty for 90 days if issue occured again it may requires new mainboard rebuild cost will be deducted on the cost of new board
501-78312 , 501-78319fridge not cooling at alldefrost issue, defrost sensor and fuse
AA6615JB2005C 55$

installed new sensor tested ok allow 24 hrs to get stable temperature
501-78319Freezer is over freezing on all optionsSealed system job done
650/S3Frost buildup in the bottom freezerCleared ice.
795.71039.010Hose replacementReplaced hose and install connector
795.74053.410Both freezer and fridge part are not working anymoreChecked fridge measured temperature both section 21 degrees celcius, compressor amperage .07 verified leak system customer will get a new one.
970-420427Freezer doesn't seem to be cold enough to freeze food
Make and type: Kenmore Refrigerator
Checked fridge found system restriction, tech performed sealed system job unit tested ok
arb2109asrnot cooling enoughChecked fridge noticed ice build up on evaporator found faulty defrost timer p# AAR0131577 $45, defrost thermostat p# AAWP10442411 $50

Installed defrost thermo and timer. Unit tested ok.
ARB2205CBNot coolingReplaced new start relay
AT43Rubber came offFaulty door hinge, worn out door seal, unit is 20y/o. parts NLA
B26FT70SNS/02Not cooling enoughUnit is working atm. no issues upon checking
B26FT70SNS/04Noisy when dispensing waterFaulty filter base, installed new parts
BR18V1Sice build up/ takes too long to make iceInstalled new defrost thermostat unit tested ok.
CFCP1RKBDSSice maker not working properlyfaulty parts, installed new parts
cfht1843ls7Freezer is not working properly, fridge not getting the right temperature too.Checked fridge found faulty system, tech performed sealed system unit tested ok.
CFLE1011MW2freezer door won’t shutFridge and freezer seals both verified ok, air pocket in the fridge cabinet is compressed when closing the door cause to open the fz dr. Tech advised tenant to add weight on the fz door to avoid door easily push by air pocket. Unit is in good working condition.
CWS21SSEBFSSWater dispenser not workingInstalled new parts
CYE22TSHBSSWater leakage fridge partClogged fz evap drain, cleared clog
CYE22USHCSSFreezer is not working properly.Checked fridge found faulty condenser fan motor p# AAWG03F04942 $249.15 shipping $19.50
Installed new part tested ok
DFF280WDBFridge not cooling enoughFaulty defrost timer, noisy evap but parts are NLA.
DWC508BLSwine fridge will not coolSealed system done
E23BC78IPSCbeeping sound indicating high temptech installed new defrost thermostat
EB9FVBLWS04Too cold on ff sectionFaulty control board, installed new part
EB9FVBLWS04Food is freezingReplaced FZ sensor fridge.
EB9FVBLWS04Freezer keeps leakingInstalled new drain kit aaw10619951.
EB9FVHRWS01Not cooling enoughReplaced Evap fan motor
ED2KVEXVB01Not coolingCleaned clogged vent and remove ice buildup
ET1LFKXKQ00Fridge and freezer not coolingFaulty part relay, installed new part
ET21GKXGW01Water leakage in fridge part.Repaired deformed heater installed additional heater drain extension, remove ice buildup, cleaned and vacuum.
ET8CHkXK05Fridge not cooling enoughRemove ice buildup, replace part
ET8CHKXKB06Water leakage, odd noiseFound ice buildup and clogged drain, tech installed new heater clip and drain extension
EW23BC87SS0Dispensing water slowlyFaulty inlet valve and filter housing, tech installed new parts.
FFBN1721TVTemp is too high. compressor is extremely hotRequires new compressor. cust decide to get a new one
FFHT1514QW0water leakage. Fridge part not cooling enough.Remove ice blockage, replace faulty evap motor and fan blade, adjusted to normal settings.
FFHT1826PS0Hearing a squealing noise sometimesChecked fridge verified all components ok, temperature both cabinets are good. Tech explained to tenant that vibration, gargling,hizzing sounds are normal operating sound of the system fridge is in good working condition.
FFPT12F0KWRubber seal came offpart is NLA, advc cust to just replace the unit.
FFRU17B2QWDNot Cooling enoughFound no frost pattern. Needs new evaporator 297414900 $150, heat exchanger 5304494381 $94, compressor 297406910 $326, drier 297396820 $22. Labour $400.

Customer decided not to go for any further repair.
FFRU17B2QWDIt's not working (the floor was flooded)faulty compressor, flood happened feb 2021, unit started to rust, copper tubing rusted, and compressor had failed. there is a leak in the system, upon checking with pressure, no pressure detected, internal leak. not advisable for repair

see photos attached.
FFTR1817LB8LNot runningCompressor and Defrost devices are ok, faulty cocld control, installed new part.
fftr1817lb9loud noiseunit is fine but very old (8y/o), noise is normal operating noise due since it's old.
fftr1817lb9not cold enoughChecked fridge verified system ok, fridge is over loaded poor air circulation cause poor cooling on both section. Tech advised customer to leave some space for air circulation to avoid poor cooling, unit is in good working condition tenant will arrange the food to resolve the issue.
FFTR1821QB0Fridge and Freezer door not staying closeInstalled new handle and in food section
fftr1821qb5aMaking noise and not reaching sufficient blade heating ice build up. tech cleared ice build up.
FFTR1821TS5Fridge is not cooling enough, freezer part is okChecked fridge found faulty evaporator fan motor p# AA242077705 $109.31
Installed new part tested ok
FGHB2844LFENot coolingFaulty ice maker advc parts to be replaced but cust decided not go with the repair.
FGHB2866PFNAIce Maker issueFaulty filter housing and filter, tech installed new parts.
FGHG2366PF1AClicking soundTech re-secured compressor and re-alligned condenser coil to avoid vibration.
FGRU19F6QFDnot cooling as intendedChecked fridge found faulty system requires compressor p# AA297411155 $290 evaporator p# AA297414901 $140, heat exchanger p# AA4095 $30
Shipping $19.50, sealed system labour $400 customer will let us know parts eta 3-5 days incase if they proceed
Visa # 4520 8800 2757 9778 10/21 cvc 271
Installed new parts sealed system job done tested ok
FGTR1845QF1Part that connects the freezer and fridge came off, need to install it back.Checked fridge found ff drip pan came off, tech cleared clogged drip pan reinstalled and secured it unit tested ok.
FGUN2642LF1Error code SYEF / evaporator fan circuit failureReplaced new fan motor
FPBF2777RFEice maker issue, fridge temp issue and keeps beeping, freezer temp issue.Compressor reading is ok but still won't start, can't perform diagnostics since unable to enter into the system
FPFU19F8RFBNot workingChecked freezer found faulty defrost thermostat p# AAwpw10392132 $50
Tech installed new part cleared evaporator tested ok.
FPHB2899LFBNot dispensing waterReplaced filter base
FPHF2399MF5Fridge is not cooling enoughFaulty display board. cust will get a new one
FPRU19F8RFwater leaking beneath the fridgeChecked fridge found clogged drain trough cause leaking water during defrost mode. Tech cleared drain hose reset door seal tested ok.
FPUS2686LF0Issue with the IcemakerFaulty icemaker, installed new part
Fridge part not cooling enough.596.679936Installed new parts
FrigidaireFridge and freezer stopped working.Checked fridge found system restriction evaporator coil half icing. Replaced fridge. Job Completed.
FRS24WSCB4Water leakageTech cleaned drip pan, reinstalled back cover and covered holes in the wall
FRS26ZSHB4starts to freeze up on the freezer part, fridge part not cooling enoughfaulty defrost timer, tech installed new part, Installed filter and cold tank
Inlet valve restricted requires replacement, Installed new part replaced defrost thermostat
FRT14A2AW2Too cold for fridge partTech adjusted temperature
FRT15B3AW9Stuck on high temp.Repair damper switch and apply heat.
FRT18B5AB7Fridge and freezer not cooling enoughFreon not circulating properly and a possible weak compressor, tech did a reprocess and sealed system repair and recharge.
FRT18B5AB7Defrost heater is on all the timeDescription for the work done:
Checked fridge found faulty condenser fan motor p# AA5303918774 $115 shipping $19.50
Tech spoke to property management they need approval from the owner first then will get back to us
FRT18B5AB7Defrost heater is on all the timeChecked fridge found faulty condenser fan motor p# AA5303918774 $115
Tech spoke to property management they need approval from the owner first then will get back to us
FRT18B5JB2Water leakageTech release leaking ff drain catch.
frt18b5jb2freezer door wont stay closedChecked fridge assesed both doors ok, air pocket compression on fridge cabinet cause to leaves the freezer door open. Tech explained to tenant door seals are ok tech advised To add more weight on freezer door to helps avoid air to easily push the door open. Fridge is in good working condition.
FRT18QRHW3Not workingLoose internal power wire, tech fixed wire.
FRT18S6JB4Noise and leakageresealed unit
FRT21P6BSB3Door seal issueDoor was misaligned, tech readjusted the door and reset door sael.
GB2FHDXWS04Not cooling enoughInstalled new part
GB9SHDXPQ01fridge not workingneeds new jazzboard and bimetal thermostat.

installed part unit tested ok,
Gbsc0hbxarwwFreezer & Fridge not coolingtech cleaned clogged condenser coil
GBSC0HBXARWWFreezer not cooling enoughTech removed back cover to help out condenser coil to cool down
GD22DKXFW00Fridge and freezer doesn't cool enough, temp about 15CInstalled new relay start
GDR20DSEARBSbroken pin hinge on the doorInstall new door and hinges
GDSC0KBXARWWFan making noiseInstalled new fan motor
GEE21ASKAKSSFridge temperature issueDoor not closing properly, tech readjusted door hinge and sealed
GEE21ASKAKSSReassessmentFaulty control board, installed new part
GFE26GSHFSSridge part is not cooling enoughFound faulty control board WG03F05839, fan motor freezer WG03L00842, fan motor fresh food WG03F06676...

Installed control and fans. Run test and unit tested ok.
GFE26GSHGSSWater leakageTechnician replaced new filter manifold and cold inlet valve assembly.
GI6FDRXXQ06water dispenser and Ice maker not working, and fridge part is not working properly.cleaned clogged condenser coil, might need to replace new control board if issue persists. Ice maker looks ok but if issue persist, might need to also replace water reservoir.
Glrs237zcw0Fridge part is not cooling enoughFaulty system. Sealed and reprocess the system
GNE22GMEAFES fridge was moved then water leaked, no water coming to ice makercleared clogged drain, remove ice buildup, cleaned drain hose
GNE25DSKFKSSFreezer and fridge part is not cooling enough50psi low-side , suction ok
unit is clogged needs reprocess,
Sealed system labour done.
GNR22DSEBFBSFridge not coolingReplaced new evap motor
GPE12FSKBSB freezer getting too cold, wont halt to its proper temp.Found noise evap motor wg03f06264 $218, shipping $29.50.

Customer is undecided...
GR9FHKXPB00leaking waterChecked fridge found clogged drain pan, tech cleared it tested ok.
GR9FHKXPS01water leakage inside fridgeinstalled new drain ext., raised front level. If issue persist, might need to replace defrost thermostat & timer.
GS6SHAwater leaking underneathfaulty compressor, expensive repair
gs6shaxlq03leakingOld icemaker is gone tenant dumped it, tech only ordered module icemaker parts are ordered separately.
Also Requires icemaker mold p# WPW10190929 $125.82 , ice ejector p# WP627843 $51.37
Ice mounting bracket p# WP2212322 $63.56
Icemaker thermostat p# WP627985 $61.36
Customer will not repair the fridge.
GSRS3KLZAFSSWater from ice maker doesn't workRepaired misaligned lever.
GTE21GTHCWWintermittent cooling for both fridge and freezerFaulty Cold control. part is back order.
GTH16BBSXLWWNot workingNeeds temperature control.
gth18kbrvrbbFridge turning off and onno major job done, cleaned condenser coil, if temp fluctuating, need to replace parts.
GTRS0HBZRBSLot of noise coming from the fridge. often a ringing noise but sometimes there is a squeaky noiseChecked fridge found no ice build up and no noises were observed.
GTRS0KBZARSSNot workingafter diagnostic unit is working, if issue persist possible issue with control board or compressor relay or defrost.
GTRSOHBZARBS foul smell from the fridge coming out,back system is fine no issue no smell at the back,
advised use some deodorizer to neutralize the minor smell in the fridge. Sent link to customer some maintenance guide for to minimize odor in fridge.
due to age unit will produce some smell some moisture will penetrate to seals and insulations and would cause smell. charge only service for inspection checking the system operating as intended.
GTS18GSHJRSSNot Cooling enough.Installed new evap motor. Run test and unit tested ok.
GX2SHBXVY05Fridge part is not cooling enough. The doors seal part is warm to the touch.Checked fridge found faulty jazz board, defrost thermostat
Installed new parts tested ok
GX5FHDXVY02Freezer and Fridge temp issueWeak relay, tech installed new start rela&protection.
I8TXCWFXQ01Freezer not working and fridge not cooling enoughSealed system issue, tech performs sealed system reprocess.
IK8FXNGFDM00Temperature IssueSealed system issue, tech performed sealed system repair.
IPT144301Door rack is missingAlso missing trivet shelve but part is NLA, tech bottom left drawer.
JUB248LWRS00Not CoolingFaulty system, tech did sealed system repair.
KBFC42FTS04Fridge has stopped cooling but motor is still working.Installed a new harness bimetal unit tested ok.
KBFS20ECMS00Not making iceTech installed new ice maker
KBFS22EWMS9Everything is frozen, control panel button not workingUnresponsive display board, tech cleaned an reconnected system. If issue persists, control board may require replacement.
KBFS25EWMS5Leaking is freezer partInstalled new part
KBLS20ETSS01Ice maker not workingReplaced new filter base and filter cover
KBRS19KTWH7Water leakageTech repair clogged drain.
KBRS19KTWH7Loud noiseDetermined noise is normal operating system sound. Unit is ok
Kenmore - 596.79322015Bottom freezer getting moist, building up ice, and water drips under.Checked fridge, found faulty drain tube MasterCard payment; ordering 1 W10619951 (Drain tube), used 1 SHIPSTANDARD (SHIP/HANDLING STANDARD) from stock. Replaced and installed a new drain tube. Unit still in working condition; Job Completed.
KFCS22EVMS7Freezer and Fridge temperature issueIssue found in bimetal defrost. Tech replace faulty part.
KFFS20EYMSdoes a loud fan noise and ice build up in the back of the freezerinstalled new defrost thermistor
KFFS20EYMS01ice maker not working / replacedconfirmed water issue, and ice maker not making ice due to no water flow, tech resolve issue water flow resolve after removing water tank, if problem is persisting it needs new water filer head assembly, tech also lower temperature, its too cold may cause to freeze the water lines, unit is working as intended at the moment. job done
KFIS20XVMS6not cooling , control panel not functioningChecked fridge found faulty Mainboard p# AAWPW10312695 $225

repair board unit tested ok, wait 24hrs for stable temperature
KFIV29PCMS03Stopped working but motor is running.Checked fridge found faulty control board p# AA WPW10589837. Replaced the main board. Test unit and its fine cooling.
KRFC302ESS00wont fill water quickly enough/hose leaking, no ice due to water problem / regardless of the situation unit is cooling fineInstalled new part tested ok
KRFC302ESS00Water dispenser not working, customer recently replaced his water filter.Checked fridge found faulty filter base p# AAW11346623 $77 shipping $19.50
Installed new part tested ok
KRFC604FSS01Ice tray holder won't moveRemoved ice bin and red plastic piece stuck
KRFF305ESS00Water Leakage and ice maker not workingIssue caused by clogged icemaker funnel. Tech cleared clogged.
KRFF507ESS01Ice maker not working, unit shutting down.Tech installed new control board
KRFF507ESS01Ice maker won't workInstalled new ice maker and repaired broken led light
KRMF606ESS01Fridge not cooling enoughtech only provided second option/opinion.
KRMF706ESSintermittent with cooling issue / beeping more frequently each time the door is openedbroken control wire, known to be causing inteemittent issue. tech repair wire, reassembled unit tested ok. job done.
KSRV22FVBL02It doesn't cool very well. No Cool air flowingFound faulty relay Aarco410. Taken from truck stock. Installed and unit tested ok.
KTRC22KKSS00Freezer leaking into bottom part of fridge.Checked fridge found clogged drain pan cause leaking water in the ff section. Tech cleared it tested ok.
LDC22738SBNoisyFan motor is ok, unit is old and causing the issue
LFC25765ST /00Door spring/latch is broken or missingFaulty mullion asm, installed new part
LFD22860STFridge and Freezer is not cold enough.faulty control board, tech can attempt rebuild board
unit has to be observe 24hrs to get stable temperature is stable, if not customer must report back to us, new board is not stock
and is back order, customer approve repair
board and proceed to repair unit, tech reinstalled board and unit tested , amp draw is normal, now pnly have to wait 24hrs to get stable
LFD22860SWfreezer part not getting cold at allChecked fridge measured compressor pressure verified inefficient compression requires compressor fridge not worth fixing.
LFX23965ST/03Door doesn't lockTech applied epoxy glue on had door clip for now.
LFX23965ST/04The water line connecting to the fridge has come off.Checked fridge found water filter line leaks again requires replacement of filter housing
LFX28968FT/02Checked fridge found clogged drain pan cause water leaking. Cleared drain pan tested ok.
Payment via etransfer
Checked fridge found clogged drain pan cause water leaking. Cleared drain pan tested ok.
Payment via etransfer
LFXS24623S/00ice maker quit working, freezes but wont drop the ice outfaulty icemaker, installed new part
LFXS24623S/00chunks of ice build up from the ice makerChecked fridge found dispenser flapper left open found ice stucked inside. Tech cleared it reset the icemaker bin dr seal tested ok. Unit under observation
LRFC25750SBGetting ice build up underneath the freezer door, causing the door to not fully closed.Cleared fz drain pan tested ok.
LRFD22850STFreezer has a lot of ice build up and melts and causes a lot of water inside, and the fridge bulb doesn't work also and need replacement.Checked fridge found defrost issue, ff light bulb housing melted. Requires mainboard, defrost thermostat, ff ligh bulb housing parts are no longer available.
Lrtn19320wwfridge part not workingrebuild control board attempted. tested ok
MBB1952HEW5Not coolingTemp control intermittent. need more observation.
MBC12GAZAWWStopped workingFaulty system compressor. Done sealed system process.
MFI2269DRM00Ice maker not workingTech installed new ice make
MFI2269DRM01Ice maker not making any iceInstalled new ice maker
MFI2269VEM7Grinding noise coming from ice makerFound faulty W10273376 reservoir and head assy $148. Shipping $29.50.
MFT2673BEM11Water and Ice dispenser not working, water leakingReplaced faulty inlet valve.
MSB2154GRwater leaking underneath once a weekChecked fridge found clogged drain hose, tech cleared it, unit tested ok.
MSD2657HESLeakageReplaced new inlet valve.
MZD2666KESfreezer part not working /water drippingDescription for the work done:
Checked fridge pressure found empty leaked system verified, non repairable issue recommendation for new one.
N/ALeaking water due to ice build-upClogged was due to food bits dropped into drain tube. Advised cust.
N/ASystem is clogged, tech reprocessed the system.Not Cooling and instead blowing warm air
N/ASealed system issueTech performed seal system repair.
NS-RTM10WH7-CTemp control, lights on and off, freezer and fridge part not cooling enough.Faulty evap fan motor. but cust decided to buy the part themselves.
PCR06DATASSNot cooling enoughBar fridge found system restriction, sealed system done.
PDS22MBWABBnot cooling enoughfaulty not turning, overheating the cooling system, needs new motor, installed new condenser motor, tested unit , fan working, need 24hrs to get a stable temperature inside the fridge,
PDS22SBRBLSSNot cooling at allTried to repair but needs new compressor, no stock locally.
PFCS1RKZHSSLight inside, ice maker, and water dispenser are not working.installed replace to faulty control board and water filter
PFCS1RKZHSSTemperature issueRequires control board asm and damper motor, tech installed new parts
PFRS2MIXBSSWater not dispensingInstalled new parts.
PFSF0MFZBWWNot coolingFaulty mainboard and touchpad. cust will get back to us
PFSS2MJYISSNot dispensing any waterReplaced filter housing and water filter.
PFSS5NFWASSGrinding noiseVerified all components are ok. Tech secured condenser coil. Unit is under observation.
PFSS5PJYASSIce maker issue. Fridge stopped working for a while and came back on.Needs new filter base, new relay board and main board. Installed new parts
PFSS5RKZHFFTemperature issueCompressor not working, no signal and loss wiring inside freezer, will observe for 24hrs for now.
PFSS5RKZHSSCust was cleaning the Fridge but after plugging the unit on again, it's not working now.Installed new control board. Run test and unit tested ok.
PGSS5PJXBSSfridge and freezer not workingfaulty inverter relay board needs replacement. part is BO. cx willing to wait
PGSS5PJXBSSLight won't workInstalled new mainboard but light is still not working, not worth repairing.
PLHS239ZCB0doesn't dispense any water and no ice.Checked fridge verified machine is in good working condition found out no water line hook up to the fridge reason why no water and ice. Customer will provide the water line installation.
PNR22MSEAFESDispenser not working properlyFaulty filter base, installed new part
PNR22MSEAFESWater dispenser won't workFaulty filter base, installed new part
PNR22MSEBFESWater leakage, buzzing noise from water filterInstalled new filter housing, no leaks.
PNR22MSEBFESWater dispenser is not workingFound faulty WR01L04515 trim disp $135. Shipping 29.50.
PNR22MSEBFESWater dispenser not workingInstalled new trim dispenser
PSS2MJYASSWater leakingUnclogged drain
RF28R7201SARefrigerator installation and moving it inside customer houseDismantled and reinstalled fridge
RF30HBEDBSRsealseal chamber,
if problem persist , need to get parts if issue persisting? explained that may need parts ice maker , auger, clip, mother board,
RF4287HARS/XACBuzzing noise, ice maker issueNeeds Evap cover asm, drain kit asm, ff derost kit asm. cust undecided for now.
RT12VKXKQ00Not workingFaulty evap fan motor and cold control but cold control is NLA
RT18M6213SRNo cold air for freezer and FridgeR3 Error, abnormal compressor. advised to call Samsung for warranty instead.
tbx19pabrrwwNot cooling at allDescription for the work done:
Checked fridge found faulty cold control & defrost timer part are NLA fridge is 15 y/o.
TBX19PAYMRWWCompressor is vibrating and shuts down when reach a certain temp.Compressor is working ok upon checking.
TCC18JAAARWWFreezer in the bottom is spitting out ice.Cleared clogged line.
W1TXEMSWS04Freezer is not cold enoughEvap fan motor is faulty, installed new part
W8RXDGFXS01Freezer is not working properly. Fridge seems to be ok.Checked fridge found faulty system. Sealed system job done tested ok.
Whirlpool - GB2FHDXWS03Fridge part is not cooling enough.Checked fridge found faulty evaporator fan motor p# AAW11024089. Installed new part tested tested ok. Used 1 W10619951 (DRAIN TUBE KIT WP), Job Completed.
Whirlpool - KBFS22EWMS3REPLACE COMPRESSOR AND EVAP COILChecked fridge measured gas pressure no gas left verified no leak on brazing/joints UV drier installed no evidence of UV on joints, measured compressor amperage draw .04 amps suspected internal leak issue. Tech called Tech line support to relay the issue, machine non repairable issue. Ref# 7731782418; Job Completed,
Whirlpool - KRFF707ESS01Ice Build Up on Bottom of Freezer.Installed new part tested ok; Job Completed,
Whirlpool - MFT2772HEZIce maker not working. Water works, filter has been changed recently, ice maker stopped working.Installed new parts tested ok. Parts are covered under warranty program. Used 1 W11205083 (Fz light led), and 1 W11294907 (Icemaker) from stock, Job Completed.
Whirlpool - WRT134TFDB00Sealed system repair.Sealed system done, filter drier p# WPW10143759 Unit tested ok.; used 1 WPW10143759 (Filter drier), Job Completed.
WRB329DFBW00Temperature issue - Fridge partVerified everything is ok but advc cust to observe possible issue would be non condensible in the system.
wrf532snhz00too cold on ff sectionFound ice build-up on the evap coil assy. Removed ice and put temp to its factory setting as per Roberts advised. No parts has been ordered.
wrf560sfym04not cooling at allNeeds drain tube...

Installed drain tube. Advised customer to observe the unit.
WRF736SDAM12Vibration noiseInstalled new mainboard
WRF736SDAM13not cooling at all both fridge and freezer partfound faulty mainboard, installed new parts
WRF736SDAM13Fridge and Freezer not cooling enoughInstalled new mainboard.
WRF736SDAM14Ice buildup, water hose needs fix.Installed new part.
wrf757sdem00Both fridge and freezer not coolingfound faulty system, possible leakage on ff evaporator l. cust will get a new one.
WRS322FNAM00Lights are flickeringInstalled new part
WRS325FDAM04Flowing water from ice compartment.Valve stuck open. removed valve and reset
wrt318fzdb01not coolingChecked fridge found faulty evaporator fan motor p# AAWP2315539 $95
Installed new part tested ok
WRT318FZDB02Not cooling enoughFound restricted system. As per Robert customer was quoted $350 but they refused any repair.
WRT541SZDM00All door bins are brokenInstalled new parts
WRT541SZDM00Fridge not workingFautly evap fan motor, installed new part
WRT549SZDM00 fridge part freezing, freezer not cooling enoughChecked fridge found system restriction, tech tried recharging found out compressor is inefficient not worth fixing.
WRX735SDBM00Ice maker is not making iceChecked fridge found faulty icemaker p# W10882923 $156.70 part is back order 8-12 weeks atleast
Customer will either order it tru reliable part or ebay then they will get back to us for installation.
Service call fee will be deducted on labour
WSR57R18DM03The fridge is making a loud noise when compressor kicks in.Checked fridge and observed the complained noise. Opened the evaporator section and found that the noise was generated when during defrost period, melting ice and dripping to the heating element. It was the defrosted ice that was making a loud sound. Explain to the customer that it is normal during defrost period. The other sound came from the compressor when running. The other is from the blower fan during normal operation. The fridge works normally and as expected.
yed22kxdw0Freezer part not working properlyneeds reprocess and fill freon charge,
Sealed system job done.
YET21DKXDW03Not coolingmoved stuck fan blade.
YLF1636W-T1Freezer not workingMotor is frozen. cleared ice and blockage, reassembled unit.
ZDWC240NBBSNot coolingFaulty relay, tech installed new relay compressor
ykgrc608ls0One burner doesn't ignite.Checked burners found righ front left won’t ignite but would work only if other igniter switch is turned on, found out faulty Spark ignition switch p# AAWP9755451 $135 shipping $19.50 part is back order 8-12 weeks atleast tecb will get to back to customer to confirm if part can still be ordered.
AMSAMS Range hood jobInstalled new motor for range hood
cfef216as1Stove not working properlyinfinite switches, large switches and receptacles needs replacement but unit is 10y/o. no installation done.
CGIF3061NFCHE errorSecured all connections, elements are working
JCAS745M2SS Broken Glass top, needs replacementInstalled new glass top. Unit tested ok.
JCB840SK1SSInstall new partInstalled new part
N/AInstallation of new partsInstalled new parts
N/AInstallationInstalled Terminal Block
N/AAMS jobReplaced faulty motor with new part.
N/A AMSControl Panel ReplacementInstalled new part.
naBroken glasstopOrdered the part needed and delivered
ykdrs807ss04F2E1 errorTech installed new control panel and membrane
110.229321Water leakageInstalled new hose
110.280917Issue with top load washerFound a quarter stuck in the motor. Tech remove coin.
110.459764Error code F11Main Control board is broken but part is NLA.
110.470816intermittent problem, water leakingNeed to replace inlet valve assembly p# WP8182862
110.470816intermittent problem, water leakingInstalled new inlet valve assembly.
110.470816intermittent problem, water leakingInstalled new inlet valve assembly.
110.470816error code f21Checked washer found faulty drain pump motor p# 280187. Technician installed new part tested ok.
110.470876Water draining and noiseF21 code drain, bearing and basket are damage and seal has a hole, expensive repair.
110.475126door issue, machine stuck on a lid light indicating for spin cycleFound faulty lid lock WPW10253483 and main printed circuit board WPW10525353.
110.4751261Can't open the doorF21 code, still w/ issue after cleaning drain an motor, tech installed new motor.
110.475716Tech cleared clogged drain pump motor tested okTech cleared clogged drain pump motor tested ok
110.478527Banging noise during spin cyclecontrol malfunctioning and having board issue, expensive repair so advc cust to better get new unit.
110.478927Water leakingUnsecured hose. Secured hose and added clamps and silicon sealant.
592.29212wont drain or spinChecked washer test on cycle fills, agitate drain and spins ok noticed loads was overloaded these could cause machine to unbalance the drum and could disable the machine. Advised tenant to avoid overloading the machine to prevent same issue again. Unit tested ok.
592.29212not draining properlyChecked washer found faulty drain pump motor p# AADC31-00054D $150
Tech installed new part tested ok
796.403119Cust suspects overheating. Clanking noise.Everything is checked and ok.
11025862400Not filling water properlyUpon checking, unit is ok, advc cust to observe and if issue persist, need to replace ATC and Sensor.
11045862404error code F11check harness ok, ccu giving 5v
faulty mcu, burnt components on mcu. see photos attached
Installed new part tested ok
cfle1011mw2not drainingChecked washer found clogged drain pump motor, tech cleared pump motor tested ok
GUD37ESMM1DGduring last cycle wont draincheck unit found out belt came off, overloaded, tech reinstalled unit tested ok,
LAT9416AAEHas been leaking for months and now the drum stopped spinning and is noisy.Checked washer found worn out drive belt asm p# AA12112425 $57
Machine has issue with the transmission too, unit not worth fixing belt removed for truck stock
LSQ7030LQNoise and won't drainNeed to replace transmission but part is BO.
WF45T6000AW/A5SUD errorChecked washer verified inlet valve,drain pump, wash motor,pressure switch ok. Suds error could be only glitch on control board, tech resets all wires test machine on cycle no error occure. Advised customer to use affresh to clean the tub, if error occured again it will require replacement of Mainboard p# DC92-02388K
WFW9200SQ00F20 err code, not dispensing bleach/fabric softenerWater is frozen and issue with bearing. Expensive repair, advc to get new unit instead.
592-4907901Door won't openFaulty drain pump motor, installed new part.
592-49082The drum won't spin.Checked the washer and found out that the drum bearing is defective. The switch of the tub already needs a spin basket. The outer tub, front and rear tub with bearing assembly. The customer refused to fix the washer.
592-493040Not spinningStuck up spin drum, broken spider, part NLA. cust will get a new one.
592-49327making weird noise and water not filling enoughtech just cleaned unit but if issue persist, unit needs new dual inlet valve
592-49474Rubber ram is deformed, water leakingInstalled new part
592-49496Cycle won't stop running, won't drain as wellTech secured wire harness.
970-C42162-00Won't drainPump resistance is weak and is not in specification, installed coin trap and drain motor.
970-C480420Not getting any water insideReset control
970L48022A2Stops in the mid cycle. Door needs fixing tooFaulty below and drain pump. Installed new parts
970L97522F0Water overflowsInstalled new parts.
ATF8000FE1It suddenly stopped workingChecked washer found broken door latch, door trying to lock the door. Requires replacement of door latch p# AA131763256 $120

installed parts unit tested ok,
Au40001Not workingTech installed new parts
C14310651Leaking issue.Unit is fixed now canceled service
CAM2762TQ2Need check upFauty drive motor, installed new motor and gear case, also needs transmission asm, part is BO.
cap2761wEsticking coin slider on our washer and possibly a broken wire thingChecked washer found faulty coin box slider, tech installed coin box slider from spare room unit tested ok.
cfle1011mw0Loop cycle won't drain waterDrain clogged drain pump motor
cfle1011mw2not drainingCleared drain pump motor
cfle1011mw2not drainingfound clothe stuck inside the pump motor, tech cleared it
cfle1011mw2Not drainingtenant overloaded the washer and cause clogging the drain. Tech Cleared drain pump motor
cfle1011mw2not draining spark underneathfaulty mcu, requires a new one.
cfle1011mw2Not drainingTech cleared clogged drain pump.
CFLE1011MW2Not drainingTech cleared clogged drain.
cfle1011mw2Not drainingClogged drain motor. Tech cleared drain motor
CFLE1011MW2Not DrainingTech cleaned clogged drain.
CFLE1011MW2Not drainingClogged drain pump motor. cleared pump motor
CFLE1011MW2Not drainingCleared clogged drain pump motor.
CFLE1011MW2Not workingCleared drain pump motor
CFLE1011MW2Not drainingRemove stuck clothing from the drain line
CFLE1011MW2Not drainingCleared drain pump motor.
CFLE1011MW2Not workingUnresponsive machine, Reset control board
CFLE1011MW2Won't startCleared clogged pump motor
cfle1011mw2Not workingChecked washer found unresponsive, tech rebooted control board tested ok
cfle1011mw2water temperature issueChecked washer verified inlet valve cold & hot ok, requires pressure switch p# 137055800
Temperature switch p# 137052500
Installed new parts tested ok
cfle1011mw2not workingChecked washer found 1 pair of socks on the drain pump motor, tech cleared it tested ok.
CFLE1011MW2Not drainingCleared drain pump motor
cfle1011mw2stop working mod cycleChecked washer found clogged drain pump motor, tech cleared it tested ok
cfle1011mw2not workingTech cleared drain pump motor tested ok
cfle1011mw2tub cover issueRequires Tub cover p# AA5304504977 $120 Over size delivery charge $65.00
Installed new part tested ok
CFLE1011MW32Not washing properly and the drum is not filling enough water and not spinning.reset control, tested unit ok.
washer is working ok, water level is normal this machines are HE doesn't use much water

this unit only use more water during rinse mode
DC68/03049A/02Causing stain on clothesCleaned gunk buildup, performs rinse continuously.
FAFSS4272LR0Not workingFaulty drain pump motor, installed new part
FFFW4000QW0On but not functioningE5E error, requires motor control unit asm. tech installed new part.
FFFW4000QW0NoisyReplaced new motor
FFLE40C3QW0Water leakageInstalled tub cover.
fle1011mw2: not drainingTech Cleareddrain pump motor tested ok.
Frigidaire - CFLE1011MW2The washer is not washing on warm only not on cold water water option.Checked washer test the unit for the complain (water fill only hot even set in cold) test inlet valve for the cold it activate the inlet and had a reading for 0.1 amp of current for the cold and fill cold water, test the hot inlet valve and it give a reading of 0.1 amp and it fills water for the hot with a temperature reading of 120.3F. Run in several test for the washer, cold , warm and hot setting are working and washing no problem found in the unit. explain to the tenant that he will observe that if it happen again we probably replace with the inlet valve; Job Completed
Frigidaire - CFLE1011MW2Leaking issue.Checked washer for leak complain, check inlet valve, check fill hose for possible gasket failure, check drain hose check, check dispenser found a lot of laundry detergent was used, clean the dispenser for clog of detergent. no leak found in the unit. possible leak was from heavy load and high water level with excess of laundry soap used, no problem of the washer found, test washer and work as it is. tested ok; Job Completed
FTF1240FS1Not draining on spin cycleCleaned clogged drain pump but something solid stuck in between the drum and will need to completely disassemble unit. cust decided not to go through repair.
FTF530FS1Won't spinFaulty speed control, part is NLA.
ftf630as0Leaking a bitFound damaged bearing. Need rear, front and spin basket. Customer decided not to go any further repair...
GCET1031FS1Not washing properlyeverything tested ok but cust using detergent not suitable for the washer, adv cust.
GCET1031FS2Water leakage issueFound too much lint buildup, tech cleaned unit. For now, advc cust to observe unit. might be inlet valve problem.
GCXR2080TAWWMaking grinding metal noiseFound leaking transmission, but part was discontinued
GCXRP090DAWWNot spinning on rinse cycle.Removed faulty timer and installes a new timer. Test unit and working fine.
GFWN1100D0WWNot Workingsensor loss connection, reset unit tested ok,
GFWN1100H1WWWater leakage and loud noiseNeeds seal and rear tub bearing asm. cx will cb
GFWN1100H1WWNot draining properlyReattached loss wiring, reassembled unit
GFWS1705H1DGLoud clankingnoiseBroken drum spider part. Cust decided to buy a new one.
GHDVH626HWWWater leakingChecked washer found leaking door seal p# AAwg04l00489 $220 shipping $19.50
GHW9150PW4Stops after rinse spin cycleInstalled new part
gltf1240as0not draining properly, likely to hear banging noisefaulty drain pump motor and worn out bearing asm, need new part.
GLTF1670AS0producing oil stainChecked washer found faulty bearing, not worth fixing customer will get a new one.
Note: customer will call us back for installation of new washer $20 discount incase.
Requires new washer fill hose incase
GLTF2940ES3Won't drainTech clear debris from drain filter, cleaned lint from filter
GLTF2940ES3Won't spinRequires front and rear tub replacement, cust will get a new one.
GTAN2800D1WWClunking noise, during spinning also creates more loud noiseVerfied Issue, replaced parts
GTAN2800D1WWMulfunctioningInstalled new part
GTAN4250D0WWNot getting any water to the tabReplaced inlet valve
GTW330BMM0WWLeaking underneathChecked washer test machine verified fill hose,drain hose no leak, pressure tub hose connected no leak occured. Possible drain line is clogged somewhere cause water backing up advised owner to observe the machine unit under observation.
GTW460BMK0WWStops working at wash cycleFaulty transmission w/ error code locked rotor. Need to replace transmission but no repair done yet, cust undecided.
GTW460BMK1WWgrinding noise, Checked washer found faulty transmission p# AAWW01A00637 $158
Outer tub p# AAWW01F01728 $96 shipping $19.50
Installed new part tested ok
GTW460BMM0WWNot draining and not workingChecked washer ran cycle test fill,agitate,spin and drains ok, visually assessed motor harness wires all are still intact. Tech rebooted the control board advised customer to keep an eye if issue still occuring mainboard requires replacement.
Mainboard p# AAWW01F01906 $195 shipping $19.50 for reference only.

installed part, performed cycle test, unit completed the test no issue unit working as intended job done
GTW460K1WWNot drainingSensor pressure error, cleared restricted air dome
GTW485ASJ0WSDoesn't workCorrupted control main board. expensive repair.
gtw680bmk0dgDigital display acting weird, machine starts on it's own.installed new control board, old one faulty
GTW680BMK0WSNot spinning nor drainingBroken motor speed sensor and a lot more issue. not worth fixing
GTW680BMKWSWon't drainFaulty drain pump motor. Installed new part
GTW680BMM0WSLoud noiseIssue w/ gear case transmission asm, cust will cb.
GTW680BMM0WSMaking grinding noiseInstalled new transmission
GTW680BMMDGLoud noiseFaulty transmission. cust will get back to us.
GUAP270EM3WWNot workingBroken tub cover, installed new part
GUAP270EM4WWBelt issueChecked washer found broken outer tub, broken damper, requires replacement of outer tub asm p# ww02l00004
Damper asm p# ww01a00713
Gearcase p# ww03f00111
GUD24GSSM1WWStuck in drain modeClear error codes. all is ok
GUD27ESMM1WWLoud banging noise on spin cycleNo issue found upon inspection. Advice not to overload washer.
GUD27ESMM1WWBottom part is chippedInstalled new parts
GUD27ESMM1WWNot working, no power. Dryer is ok.Checked washer found faulty control board p# AAw01f01893 $191.74
Installed new part tested tested ok
GUD27ESMM1WWNot drainingChecked washer test on cycle works fine drain pump
Motor ok, tech explained to tenant if they wash blanket make sure it’s not overloaded or just wash 1 blanket at a time to prevent same issue again. Washer is in good working condition.
Service call charge only
GUD37ESMJ1DGThe unit isn't working. Water sets and fills in.Some feature got disabled due to an overloading error. The unit is unable to proceed spinning with error code. Cleared error code for of the machine to work again. If the same issue persists, the unit needs new gear case, tub not, spin basket and outer tub. This will be a tub job if the same case and problem persists. No leaks during test, water was reversed, tech repaired the water issue. Hot and cold backward was corrected.
ITW4600YQ0Won't drainRecalibrated unit, unit is ok
ITW4771EW0Agitating during cycleFaulty mainboard. Cust will get back to us
Kenmore - 110.47081600Error F20 code. Not filling enough water.F20 code verified. Inlet valve corroded , replaced inlet valve, performed test, unit pass test unit working ok, no leaks has been observed during test duration; used 1 WP8182862 (Water Valve) from stock, Job Completed.
Kenmore - 110.47852702Leaking underneathChecked the unit and found a broken bellow door gasket.
LA882 series 4Wobblingback nd front leg came off, reinstalled and leveled washer.
LAT9606AAELeaking underneathCut hose for dispenser and use new stainless clamp
mah21psawwwasher cuts out after like 16 or 20 mins.Checked coinamatic washer found faulty water inlet valve p#AAWP22002944
MAH5500BWWNot workingremove drum full of water with vacuum, part of ctrl board malfunctioning
MAH6700AWWDoor is locked, full of water, timer issueFaulty control panel but part is NLA.
mat20csaww0not drainingTech installed new pump motor cleared pressure hose, installed new control board.
MAT20CSAWW0Not drainingOverload code, pressure sensor error, tech cleared code.
MAV6200AWWVibrating on spin cycle. Not stacked.Replaced new agitator. Test unit and working fine.
MDB8959SAS0water leaking underneathNeeds new door seal W10300924
MEX731CAS1Not drainingFaulty drain pump motor, installed new part.
MEX731CFS2Water leakage inside washerReinstall rubber feet front part.
MEX731CFS4Smoke coming outnoticed lint buildup causing to combust on heater. cleaned lint build-up.
MFW9600SQ1Washer pump sounds like its running but water is not drainingChecked washer verified drain pump motor working good, ran diagnostic test found faulty motor control unit, faulty control panel but parts are no longer available.
MFW9700SQ1Intermittent issueTech installed new inlet valve
MFW9700SQ1Not drainingInstalled new part
MFW9700SQ1 Filled with water, not draining.Checked washer found leaking inlet valve p# WP8182862.
MHN33PRCWW1H code error after cycle, needed to open the door to finish the load.Requires cold and hot inlet valve, installed new parts.
MHW3000BNot draining properlyFound F9E1 error, tech installed new part.
MHW6000AG0It smells moldy after washingChecked washer ran diagnostic test no error found test on cycle works fine. Stinky smells from machine only requires cleaning tech sold affresh to customer.
MHW7000XG2Error code F0909, door is lockedInstalled new part
MHWC7500YWError code A10, not drainingTech remove some debris and cleaned.
MHWC7500YW0F25 ErrorRequires control panel board, cust will get a new one.
MHWE201YW00door lock issueChecked washer found f5e3 ,f6e1 ,f5e2 signal cannot send correctly visually check and assessed wire harness no broken wires requires mainboard p# WPW10459454 door lock asm p# WPW10253483
Tech installed new door lock cleared error ran diagnostic test f1e1 error flashing machine has multiple error tried reseting the control board after new door lock installed ran diagnostic won’t do anything now, tech verified harness wires ok requires control board
Customer will keep door latch as spare part.
MHWE400WJ01Rubber seal ripped, water leakageTech installed new part
MNSR1070D5WWwasher stopped workingWasher was unplugged, plug in for test,
pressure hose was clogged, cleared pressured, unit has some fiber lint, tech remove lint.

transmission is faulty very noisy, 1 suspension rod is broken, tub cover is damage see photos attached,

transmission discontinued, NLA
unit is not repairable

unit needs replacement
MVW72304C0water leakingclogged drain, tech advised customer to get plumber, tech performed temporary fixed.
MVWB765FW2flashing error code f6, e2no power output to display board. Requires Mainboard and control panel replacement
MVWB765FW2Spin cycle won't workF0E3 error, rum service mode and cleared error code.
MVWB850YGONoisy during cycleDrum is unbalance on spin. Requires outer tub asm and front suspension kit. Cust will cb.
MVWC425BW0General MaintenanceCleaned unit. Re-calibrated unit and run test (all test passed). Unit tested ok.
MVWC425BW1Won't start up, lid will not open.Tech rebooted control board and secure all harness.
MVWC425BW1Won't start and lid won't openTech check and machine work ok, might need to replace mainboard control if happens again.
MVWC565FW1Oil leaking underneathRequired gearcase replacement, tech installed new part
Mvwp575gw0Lid lock causes the door to not close properlyfaulty control board asm and broken lid switch, cs will get back to us
N/AShaking and noisyTech leveled legs and secured unit properly
N/ALeakageInstalled new door seal
N/ADoor won't closeApplied glue and replaced door strike and lock
N/ABellow and Spring is missingInstalled new part.
n/an/aInstalled new drain hose. Run test and unit tested ok...
n/ajust need hoseWasher Fill Hose, Braided Stainless Steel, 72"
n/an/aSuD confirmed, tech performed test, performed cycle test complete, reconnect wirings , reset control
board, cleared error, unit pass test unit is working as intended. no leaks observe during duration of test and after completed the cycle.
n/an/aremove sock caught in the drain
NFW5800DW0clothes stuck between inner and outer drumno clothes stuck upon checking machine, drum spins freely. Adv cust to use affresh for washer.
NTW4605EW0Really loud and shakes a lotFaulty transmission, but cust decided to get a new one.
NTW4665GW0Turns off on its ownFaulty lidlock asm. Tech installed new part
Pav2300aww Clothes doesn't ring out properly.
Make and type: Maytag Washer (not stacked)
Checked washer verified machine still working but belt is worn out unable to wring the clothes belt slipping. Requires replacement of belt p# AAWP21352320 $30 shipping $19.50

installed belt, unit tested ok, job done,
W10550273AWater leakageTech cleaned buildup and reassembled.
WA456DRHDSU/AA 02Error code 3E, not drainingTech installed actuator
WA456DRHDSU/AA 02Still not finishing the cycleSensor unable to read the motor, tech instaled new part
WA45H7000AW /A2 04after a complete cycle, water still remains on the load after a load, stuck midway cycle.No broken wire, inlet valve, pump motor, pressure switch ok, spin ok, no replacement made.
WA45H7200AP/A2Banging Noise, water leakage and not filling water.Tub pressure hose came off. tech secured hose.
WA50F9A8DFP/A2Error code 8E2 sensorRepair broken sensor.
WA50N7350AW/A4 it stop mid cycle, it spins but the front panel has no light and it's just not doing anythingFound faulty main control DC92-02003C , display board DC97-19576T
WCVH4800K2WWIssue with timerCode DE1 door lock, installed new door lock but still not working, reset control board and secured wiring. advc cust to observe.
WCVH4800K2WWStopped working after a cycleSE error drain issue. tech remove debris stacked into impeller.
WCVH4800K2WWDoor lock malfunctionDamaged mechanism inside, installed new door lock.
WCVH4800K2WWDoor won't close properlyBurnt our door switch wire. fixed wire.
WCVH4800K3WWError code DE1 and DE2.Faulty door latch asm, installed new part
WF203ANW/XACIt won't draincleared clogged drain, metal piece part of drump is coming off
WF210Shuts off after water is filled.Tech reset control board.
WF210ANW/XAC 04water leakingChecked washer found leaking bellow p# DC64-00802B
WF317AAG/XACWon't complete cycleFaulty control board. part is NLA so tech performs board rebuild.
WF331ANW/XAAMaking noise, not filling enough water.Tech replaced foam, everything seems to be ok after check ups.
WF337AAG/XACWater leakagetech only releveled the machine.
WF337AAR/XACDoesn’t drain or spindrain pump empeller damage, tech replaced drain motor.
wf350ang/xavNo issue with the unit. only a metal part from the seal came off and need help in putting it backFixed door spring test machine on cycle works fine unit is in good working condition job done.
WF350ANP/XAAWon't drain or spinDrain pump ok but flange shaft asm is broken
WF364BVBGWR/A2Banging noiseRequires rear tub, drum flange and 2 pcs front shock and rear shock.
WF405ATPASU/AAMusty smellOnly educate cust about preventing mildew and mold.
WF428AAL/XAC 01Not drainingrepaired faulty drain motor and re-installed tub hose properly as it was not properly hooked.
WF42H5000AW / A2 11Not workingReplaced with new parts
WF42H5000AW/A2 01LeakingReplaced new hose.
wf42H5200ap/a201Won't start loadTech remove debris clogging the drain motor in the filter.
WF42H5500AF/A2not draining, takes more time to complete a load than usualcheck unit and performed diagnostics but unit is ok
WF42H5700AG/A2It doesn't start at allMain control board suspected, panel is non responsive and delayed, tech will try to replace main board and test.
WF431ABP/XAA 08NF ErrorInstalled new parts
WF448AAP/XACLeaking, water pump is gone.Hose came off, reattached hose.
WF44AAP/XAC 02Not workingChecked everything but unit is working fine.
WF45H6100AP/A2Water leakage from back of unitTech installed new hose pump
WF45H6300AP/A2Won't spin w/ clothes on, but spins on empty.Sensor loss connection, tech repaired connection issue but unit might need to repair/replace main ctrl board. Cust decided to replace unit.
WF45K6200AW/A2 11Does not complete wash cycleDrain motor faulty, installed new part
WF45K6200AZ/A2won’t advance to spinChecked washer verified sensor harnes wires ok, washer would only works on spin on diagnostic but would not advance on normal cycle, pump motor verified ok requires replacement of
Board BN96-09738A $680
Mainboard p# AaDC92-01803K $180
Customer will get back to us.
WF45K6500AV/A2Banging noise on spin cycleWeak front and rear tub. Installed new parts
WF45K6500AV/A2Can hear the motor starting but it doesn't spin and doesn't drain as well.clogged drain , tech used vacuum to remove water and clear drainage, tech reassembled unit tested ok, job done. performed tested unit tested ok.
WF45M5100AW/A5 11Not spinning enougheverything checked, ok, possible control board glitch only
WF45M5100AW/A5 11Turns on but won't operateFaulty drain pump motor, installed new part
WF45M5500AP/A5 11Not workingNeed to replace mainboard, but cust undecided
wfc7500vw2Leaking when full of wateradvise tenant to avoid overloading, requires door lock, control panel and Bellow
WFMC530CUC-15filter check needed / imbalanced drumChecked washer test on cycle works fine, machine acting up loud sound,vibration on spin machine requires bearing and tub suspensions replacement but repair is not worth fixing due to its age. Advised customer to use it until it totally craps out.
WFQ10ANW/XAC 01NF error codeFaulty hot side water inlet valve, installed new part
WFW560CHW0water leaking with error codefaulty control panel and leaking bellow. tech installed new parts.
WFW560CHW0f6 e6 error codesChecked washer found display board off, tech verified power draw to display 4vdc but often shut down the power on diagnostic. Determined control board shorted requires replacement of mainboard p# aaW11322879
WFW5620HW0F4 E1 errorRequires new control board but part has no ETA from manufacturer, cust will get back to us
WFW72HEDW0error code e1f3verified pressure switch hose intact, cleared error ran diagnostic test cycle completed, if error occurred again water level switch is subjected for replacement
WFW72HEDW0leaking washerno leak found upon testing, possible door seal expanding when in use. verified all hoses, fill valve no leak, requires bellow
WFW72HEDW0Leakingno leak found upon testing, possible door seal expanding when in use. Requires bellow, installed new part
WFW72HEDW0Won't operateControl board malfunctioning. Cust will get a new unit.
WFW83005W05LeakingCleaned drain pump and remove debris. Needs new drain and door deal. Cust still undecided.
WFW8300SW00Gasket or bellow came off twiceReinstalled clamp, drum needs replacement but expensive repair.
WFW8300SW01Water leakageInstalled new hose tub
WFW9050XW00Not draining. noisyOverloaded and debris clogging inside. tech cleared drain, no issues with the motor.
WFW9050XW03Not drainingReplaced drain motor
WFW92HEFC0overheatingreplaced control panel, performed diagnostic unit passed test, performed complete cycle, unit finished cycle with no issue. husband confirmed during test, job done. no leaks observe during testing
WFW9351YL00Not turning on with error 361Found faulty Control panel but part is discontinued.
WFW9400SW03Stopped workingChecked washer found faulty drain pump motor p# AA280187
WFW96HEAU0error EO2 (COMMUNICATION ERROR UI (User Interface Board) )F6E2

Replaced mcu, ordered part, installed new mcu, reassembled unit tested ok, no leaks observe during test duration
WFW97HEDUO Error "Can't drain" "Sensor pressure issue"Checked washer ran diagnostic test found faulty drain pump motor p# AAWPW10605427
Whirlpool - GSW9611KQ2The washer won't spin and has ticking noise. New lid switch was installed last 08/20/21Checked washer, found coupler was defective already. replace with new coupler, test washer, tested ok; used 1 285753A (coupler) from stock, Job Completed
Whirlpool - LSQ9030PQ0Washer stopped at mid cycle, wiggled the cord and it started for a bit but it won't start anymore.Checked washer, found a loose connection on outlet, transfer and reconnect to a tight outlet, test washer, tested ok. Job Completed.
Whirlpool - YLTE5243DQ4Needs assessmentChecked washer and found water is leaking on the floor, check the unit for any source of the leak found during the drain and spin cycle it leaks water. investigate the source of the leak found it is the drainage problem. Every time it is draining the water, the drain line is overflowing the water. it needs a cleaning for possible clog of the drain line in the apartment. Recommend to call a plumber for a clog issue of the building. Washer is working fine; Job Completed.
Whirlpool - YWET4027HW1The knob selector will turn but it will not change settings. It is stuck on spin.Stack unit laundry center, washer not working, no error code, notice loss wiring connection, repair loss wiring connection at the control board. Dryer catching clothes, tech remove object that was stuck and tightened secured the lint trap cover. Performed full diagnostic test and unit is working ok. Job Completed.
WM2010CWLE Error code, won't spinReplaced hall sensor, performed complete test.
WM2016CWError code LE "The load is too heavy"Tech replaced hall sensor.
WM2016CWmaking funny noise during cycle, not draining properly LE error and pump motor noisy Tech installed new pump motor p# aa4681EA2001T halls sensor p# aa6501kw2001b
WM2020CError code LETech replaced new sensor.
WM2077CWwasher leaking water underneath
Leaking behind from the shaft, bearing seal worn , expensive repair, not recommended for its age.
WM2077CWdrum is shaking too muchLG Tub Assembly, Drum(Inner) #L-G-3045ER1006E
WM2150HUMaking a lot of a whistle kind of noise and it vibrate. It makes noise when cold water valve is used but not the water hot water valvepartial restriction inlet valve, tech replace 3 way valve tested unit ok, job done,
WM2233CUNot workingInstalled new part
WM2350HSCError on display tub. won't turn on.Replaced sensor.
WM2377CSNot workingFaulty bellow and drain pump motor
WM2377CSGetting Error Code LE and the washer just keep on stopping.before error was OE , new error TE code
temperature sensor problem , old sensor reading 44k ohms, tech tried cleaning connection, performed tested unit working,
WM2487HRMDrum bushing is worn out and needs replacement.Faulty front and rear tub but parts are BO, cust will get back to us.
WM2487HRMAIt won't spin and won't drain completelyChecked washer found faulty drain pump motor p# 4681EA2001N
Installed new part tested tested ok
Payment via etransfer
WM2487HwmNot draining, error code 0EInstalled new drain motor asm
WM2496HSMError code LEChecked washer found le error, tech replaced the hall sensor but still does the same also noticed rotor is wobbly possible shaft gear worn, rotor hall sensor bracket is also broken makes the sensor loose tech tried securing the sensor but won’t fix it. Requires replacement of stator p# AA4417EA1002Y $167 rotor p# AA4413ER1003A $145, hall sensor p# AA6501KW2002A $58 shipping $19.50
WM2901HVAOE code
not draining
drain pump
empeller damage, installed new pump, unit tested ok, no leaks observe during test period
WM3085CWNot draining on spin cycleCleared clogged drain pump.
WM3370HVA/01: Leaking issueChecked washer ran diagnostic test all components works fine, fill,drain,agitate and spin. Customer notice water still inside after cycle is done, tech verified pump motor clear and still working fine. Advised customer if same issue occurred again possible leaking inlet valve is the main issue, if problem occurred again inlet valve requires replacement
Inlet valve hot p# 5220FR2006H
Cold inlet valve p# 5220FR2075L
There’s also banging sound complain possible hall sensor issue unit is under observation.
WM3550HVCAThe washing machine squeals during a spin cycle and has a slight leak from underneathFound leaking hot water valve. Also, noise is coming from a loose rotor bolt. Tightened bolt, unit test ok.

Installed new hot valve. Run test and unit tested ok...
WM3570HVAIt doesn't complete the cycleFound faulty drain pump 4681ea2001t. Installed new drain pump. Run test and unit tested ok.
WM3570HVALE code error (motor issue)Found faulty sensor Aa6501KW2002A
WM3670HVANot draining properlyn/a
WM3885HCCAWater leakageInstalled new part
WM3997HWACracked drain hose, unit still working replaced drain hose assembly
WM4270HWAError code LELE issue, need new sensor, tech installed new part
WM4370HKAhave to drained it manually, done all tests, everything else is running good.damage pump empeller, installed new pump, send to customer for payment and approval
WT1201CVBanging noiseTub suspensions needs replacement,
WT1501CWLeaving marks to clothes and won't spin sometimesNo leaks found, adv cust to use affresh to clean drum, if issue persist, might need to replace gear case.
WT5170HVCan only use speed wash setting, other setting is causing leaking during spin and vibratesNeeds control board and shock but advcd expensive repair.
WTW4800XQ0Won't fill up enough water, lid light flashingReplaced faulty lid lock but error still present, ctrl board not reading the lid switch signal, we can replace ctrl board but cust decided to get a new unit.
WTW5000DW0Doesn't drain properly.Worn out agitator. cust will call back
WTW5560SQ0Vibrates really badInstalled new dog gits and wearing pads.
WTW8800YC1Not working. error F51Found stuck clothes in between the drum and spin drum. also requires outer tub asm. customer decided to get a new one instead
X046000water slowly coming in.
some water leaking is present underneath
Checked washer found restricted water inlet valve asm p# AA285805
Verified leaking coming from fill hose requires replacement of
2 pcs Fill hose p# AA3804FF
Installed new parts tested ok
YKESC307HW7Belt broke and drum won't turnInstalled new part
YLTE6234DQ2Not draining the waterRepair door latch.
ylte6234dq3wont go through the cycle after it fills waterChecked washer found broken lid switch, tech installed new switch tested ok.
YLTE6234DQ5Doesn't work when using dryer.Neutral wire loss connection. repaired connection.
YLTE6234DQ5Not workingReplaced faulty drain pump
YMET3800TW0leakingChecked washer found leaking inlet valve p# WP3979345. Installed new part tested tested ok .
YMET3800XW0Leakagecheck everything but no leak, possible spill only
YMET3800XW0It's filled water and doesn't drainFound faulty lid switch assy 285671 taken from truck stock. Installed new part. Run test and unit tested ok.
ymet3800xw0leakingInspected the machine for leak while operating no leak occured, possible overloading issue cause watee leak. Unit tested ok.
ymet3800xw0dirt ok clothes issueChecked washer/dryer test on cycle works fine, washer gearcase still intact. If tenant still having issue with the stains on their clothes after wash possible dryer drum felt seal slightly worn out that could cause small gap in between the drum felt seal and front bearing. Unit is for under observation.
YMET3800xw00LeakageFaulty water inlet valve, installed new part.
YMHWE301YW00Customer noticing different error code showing up whenever they put bigger loads of clothing. Issue is intermittent atm but happening a lot. (Error codes: E2, F9, and E1)Checked washer found faulty drain pump motor p# WPW10730972
Installed new part tested ok
YWER4027EW0Water leakageAll tested ok, possible overloading issue.
YWET3300SQ1Won't operated after water is filled, won't drain.Tech replaced door switch.
YWET4024EW0Not workingInstalled new switch
YWET4024HW0Washer is leaking.Checked the unit and there's a leaking at the hot water valve. Replaced hot valve hose washer. Test unit no leak and unit is working fine.
YWET4027EW0Not filling enough waterCheck everything but unit is working as intended
YWFW9050XW00Won't go through cycle and keeps beeping when it stops.Verified water supply issue and faulty cold water inlet valve. Cust decided to get a new unit.
YWFW9050XW00Water leakageNeed to replace bellow, cust will let us know.
YWFW9050XW00Water leakingInstalled new part
YWFW9050XW00The man who came to look at it said there may be a broken valve. It was leaking when it was on and we did not notice because the floor slants downwards slightly, so we didn't notice any water pooling in the front or anything Checked washer found leaking bellow p# WPW10381562
Faulty drain pump motor p# WPW10730972 Bellow
YWFW9050XW01Won't complete cycle, F8 E1 error codeFaulty cold inlet valve, tech installed new part.
YWFW9050XW01Water leakageFaulty hose drain, installed new part
N/AStopped workingChecked dishwasher and found leaking underneath, inlet valve is ok and sensor is triggered due to leak problem. Installed new seal gasket at the sump and removed the water at the bottom and tested washer
WhirlpoolNob control of the range is not working.Checked cooktop infinite switch was defective(left front). Needs new infinite switch for dual element.
JER8885RCW1Range control panel some numbers are not workingChecked range found out that controls are not responding and other parts in the control is responding but most are not. It needs a control. Other supplier is NLA other is special order and very expensive, so the customer decided not to fix it anymore.
WERP3100PS2 BURNERS go high immediately even on low setting. Indicator lights are on while nothing.Checked cooktop and need the parts for infinite switch and a receptacle.
N/AWasher rating noise during cycle.Dispatched Technician
n/aOVEN DOOR WON'T OPEN.Dispatched Tech.
B22CS80SNS/03NEEDS INSPECTIONInstalled new parts tested ok.
LDE3037ST/00bottom oven cannot hold it's temperature.Checked stove found lower oven sensor resistance at 1200komhs, also relay board faulty, verified bake/broil Relay board.
DW80K7050US/AC 01SERIES TOUCH PAD UNRESPONSIVE BEFORE BUT NOW NOT WORKING.Checked dishwasher found faulty display board. Customer will got a new one.
WF45M5100AW/A5WASHER DOOR ISN’T LATCHING PROPERLY, CAUSING THE LOAD TO NOT COMPLETE A CYCLE.Checked washer found out door catch loose, tech fixed and secured it adjusted the level ran diagnostic test works, fine job done.
YWMH31017HZ3Microwave is functioning fine but not heating up anythingInstalled new part tested ok.
n/astopped workingChecked the unit and it's not working at all. Checked the power out and no 220V, reset the breaker, test unit and heating properly. Test for grounding or any type of electrical leak at the unit. Test air flow and it shows poor ventilation, informed the customer about it to clean the duct system for the dryer
WRB329RFBM01Just stopped working. Tried troubleshooting, and nothing is working. No power going to it at all.Replaced the faulty main control board and replaced with the new main control board. Tested unit using diagnostic test and everything are working well.
N/AOVEN/BAKING ELEMENT NOT WORKINGChecked the unit and found out faulty display.
n/afridge not cooling enoughFaulty timer and defrost thermostat, replaced parts , unit defrosted unit and tested ok. job done will take 24hrs to get stable temperature. tenant complains noise but its just normal operating noise
WDF540PADM3customer has the part just need to install it.Installed new sump assembly, tested dishwasher tested defectives sump motor just don't run but voltage is shown 108 volts in the terminal of the motor removed back the sump assay as requested by costumer and decided to return the parts and buy another dishwasher.
KDTM404EBS1Not Filling or No Water Entering - Dishwasher.Replaced the faulty wash motor assembly and installed a new wash motor assembly. Test the unit and washing properly. No leak after the test. Job Completed.
KRFF302ESS0325f degrees actual temperature of refrigerator is lower than the setting temperature of 33f degrees.Tried to adjust the factory setting of refrigerator by adding 1f degrees. Test the unit and informed the customer that setting will effect in another hour or more. Job Completed.
YWFW9050XW00It suddenly stops when washing and it takes longer to finish.Replaced the faulty hot and cold inlet valve and installed a new parts. Test unit and working properly and no leak after the test.
kgss907sss00F5 E1 ERROR CODE-Installed latch, still has issue with board, installed new acu , unit tested ok.
JVM1625STC01Microwave door is misalign as complained by the tenant.Removed door of microwave and align, test unit and heating up tested picture shows of door misalign; Job Completed.
KUDS02FRSS1CANNOT START THE UNIT, NO LIGHT INDICATOR,Checked dishwasher control is not responding, try to reset the board by power off on breaker, but control is not responding, control panel is not available anymore and the ribbon wire. Customer decided to buy a new dishwasher;
592-4900304WATER PRESSURE ISSUE.Checked the unit and found a faulty hot and cold water valve assembly. She will talk to her husband if she wants it to be repair or not. Charge only service call.
DW80J3020UWnot working properly.Water leaking underneath, needs to be replaced the sump assembly.
WFW560CHW2SD error, stops mid cycle making loud whirling soundReplaced faulty and installed a new set of drain assembly. Test the washer and it works properly. No leak after the test.
SHE33M06UC/50DISHWASHER WILL NOT DRAIN. TRIED CLEANING OUT EASILY ACCESSIBLE COMPONENTS.Replaced the faulty drain pump motor and installed a new drain pump motor. Test the unit and washing properly and no leak after the test.
ME17R7011ESInstallation of microwaveInstalled new microwave and test the unit, tested ok.
IJ46000Top load washing machine is leaking.Checked washer for the leak complain, checked inlet valve, it was ok, no leak, checked drain hose, it was ok, checked the pump it was ok, checked inlet hose, it was ok, run 3x fill and drain with full of water, leak is not able to replicate as customer complained. Possible that during filling the washer it was moved and it causes to hit the water in the tub and splash and goes to the floor at the back as per customer point out where they found the leak.
WRS321SDHZ08Making a loud noise and handle came out.Checked fridge found out loud vibration noise from the back, door handle came off too. Tech added insulation underneath the compressor bracket to prevent it hitting the cover that cause loud vibrating noise, also fixed the door handle secured it job done.
MDWB950YW0LEAKING FROM THE BOTTOM.Checked unit for leak test. Used normal washing no leak found underneath the washer. Checked the drain hose no leak found. Just noticed a noisy bearing during spinning explained to the customer that in case they want to repair the bearing is quite expensive.
592-893040REASSESSMENT- MAKING A LOUD NOISE, LANDLORD WANTS TO KNOW IF THIS IS WORTH A REPAIR.Replaced the faulty drum roller and installed a new part. Test the dryer and heating properly.
YWED6620HC2Not Starting or Not Operating - Dryer smelled a burning odor now will not do anythingReplaced the faulty front panel assembly and installed a new front panel. Test the dryer and heating well.
110.458724WASHER TAKES LONG TO COMPLETE CYCLE.Socks got stuck in the drain line causing slow drain and extending duration of wash, removed object causing the issue , reinstalled part tested ok, job done. No leaks observed during the test, checked all pipes ok.
110.C66882502NOT HEATING ENOUGH.Installed the parts, test dryer tested okay.
NAInstallationDisassemble old dishwasher and installed new dishwasher, checked everything, there was no leak and test the unit, tested ok;
WRF560SEHZFrost build in the freezerVerified pop attached with pictures Checked fridge found fz dr railings were misaligned cause to restrict the door from closing. Tech fixed the railings reset dr seal tested ok.
SHE43P25UC/64Won't stop leaking.Replaced the faulty inlet valve and installed a new valve. Test the unit and washing properly. No leak after the test.
IJ46000CUST CLAIMING THAT TECHNICIAN BROKE THE MACHINE AND WOULD NOT WANT TO PAY PART OF THE LABOR.Re-positioned the body of the washer coz it was a little bit misalign due to being old and has a dent, test washer and it fills water, drain and spin. tested all working good;
YMET3800XW0WATER TEMPERATURE ISSUEInstalled new part tested ok
YMHWE251YL00F# E# or other F codes (not on this list) - Front Load WasherChecked washer found F3E2 error, verified water temperature sensor harness wire ok, resistance 15kohms verified ok base on temperature. Tech cleared error secured harness wire ran diagnostic test works fine advised customer to keep an eye let us know if there issue again
KRFF300ESS00THE ICE IS WORKING BUT IT'S NOT PUMPING WATER THROUGH THE WATER DISPENSER.Replaced the faulty inlet valve and filter base. Installed a new inlet valve and filter base. Test the unit and works fine. And no leak after the test.
MDB8959SFH4GRINDING AND WHINING NOISE.Replaced the faulty wash motor assembly and installed a new wash motor assembly. Test the unit and washes properly. No leak after the test.
YWFE505W0JZ0nob control on range not workingReplaced the faulty infinite switch and installed a new infinite switch. Test the unit and heats properly
596.735032FREEZER; FOOD STARTS TO MELT.Checked the unit freezer temperature is about-5f to -10f and the refrigerator temperature is about 34f to 36f. Freezer is working properly at the time of diagnosing the refrigerator.
FFHT2126PS2making odd sound.Customer already pulled the fridge out, unit needs new evap fan motor, picked up the part at the supplier, returned and installed the unit tested ok.
KDTM404KPS0There's a damage to the in and outside of the tub. It's also leaking.Checked the dishwasher about the dent in the tub and the leaking of the inlet in the tub. Checked and took a picture of the dent in the tub that was near the inlet and addressed the leaking issue in the inlet assembly and tighten the nut. Tub dent is in the corner. No more leak after the nut is tightened. Checked for any possible leak, found no more; Job Completed.
WM3431HW/01COMBO WASHER/DRYER-NOT HEATING CLOTHES AND MAKING A WEIRD NOISE. MAYBE A REASSESSMENTReplaced the pump and tests washer. Tested ok. Check for any possible leak, found nothing;
GLE0332CAS2NOT HEATING.Checked the dryer, found heating element that was defective. Replaced with new heating element and test dryer, tested ok thermostat is working good;
YWED5620HWWhen dryer drum is turning there is a consistent clicking/scraping noise.Checked dryer about clicking noise complaint. Found out it was just the idler pulley sound when the drum is turning and the sound was a normal sound during running operation and there was nothing wrong with the dryer.
mde25prazw0stopped working.Checked the dryer found out faulty Control boar. Rebuild the board tested the heater works fine job done.
GTS16GBSFRWWThe freezer is knocking and the fan is making noise and it’s frozen up.Installed new part tested ok ;
FEZ831CAS3wont spin dryer partChecked dryer found belt is defective. Replaced belt and test dryer, tested ok.
WEG745H0FSBurner ignitor keeps sparkling after burner is already lit. They did not look the manual to try .Checked cooktop all burners keep sparkling if one of them is turned on and set to ignition. it is a normal operation of the cooktop that keeps igniting if the knob is set to ignition, but when the knob is set to high or move in any other setting of the cooktop, igniting on all the cooktop burner will disappear. The gas cooktop is operating normally and has no problem.
NAKEYPAD DOES NOT WORK, NEEDS INSPECTION.Checked oven some control is not responding need new oven control panel.
WDF310PCAS0No power.Checked dishwasher with no power, check voltage at the terminal found a loose contact connection of the power. test dishwasher, tested ok;
NAERROR CODE E4Checked dishwasher found error4 display, check bottom plate, full of water, vacuum and remove water, dishwasher is full of water inside the unit, drain the water and tech observe pump is running but water don't drain check drain hose in the sink found a carburetor has no hole for the drain of the dishwasher (probably carburetor is newly installed) water is leaking to the floor due to overflowing that draining water has nowhere to go. Recommend to call the installer for the carburetor that tech observe in other sink water will flow to drain freely but in the sink where carburetor was installed water will not drain properly in the sink and in the drain hose of the dishwasher;
KDTM404KPS0There was a damage to the in and outside of the tub. Tub is also leakingChecked the complain and took a picture of the dishwasher. Dishwasher is operating normally and not leaking. a little dent in the corner of the tub probably during delivery. little dent doesn't affect the operation of the dishwasher and it is at the corner left at the back of the tub. no peak found underneath the dishwasher;
WDT730PAHZ0Top sprayer not workingReplaced new sump assembly, test dishwasher, tested ok. no leak after parts installed;
970C602021The heating element on the stove top still wont turn off.Installed new infinite switch, test cooktop, tested ok;
YWED9400SW1MAKING A LOT OF NOISE, BURNING SMELLChecked dryer with a loud noise complain - idler pulley - roller support; used (idler pulley).
YWED5620HW2DRYER LEAKING FROM BOTTOM WON'T STARTChecked dryer found water build up on the dryer ventilation at the back of the unit, verified heater cutting in/out unit still working fine. Note: tech explained to the customer that issue is not on the dryer they have to call the builder to fix the dryer out take ventilation. Tech took pictures of the water leaking from dryer flexible ventilation.
PGP953SET5SSBOTTOM LEFT BURNER WON'T TURN ONChecked gas cooktop found left rear burner cap is clogged with grease causing the ignition to fail. Tech washed the burner caps to clean it tested all burners works fine job done.;
NANOT WORKING.Checked microwave verified switches all good, power supply measured 120v ok, found faulty control panel
MVW6230HW2THE UNIT WON'T START. NO WATER GOES INChecked washer assessed all harness wires on the control board. Motor possible lose connections due to disabling the machine. Tech secured all the harness wires recalibrated the control board tested ok
TPX24BRYFBBGE fridge not cooling enough / NO MODEL NO.Checked the unit freezer temperature and its showing 10f to 15f and refrigerator temperature is about 38f to 50f. Tried to pull out the refrigerator to check the compressor ampere but its too heavy to move out because according to the customer it has a broken wheel at the left side that is why it is difficult to move it. Just try to adjust the temperature of the refrigerator to second to last bar on coldest setting. And inform the customer that it will effect at least 12 hours. Charge only service call $88. I problem persists need to do system reprocess and need a second tech to move out the unit.
C646-6568880QUIT WORKINGCheck the unit and compressor is working fine at the time of checking. Check the freezer temperature is about 9f to 15f. And refrigerator temperature is about 40f to 50f.
MFW2055FRZ00fridge leaking water underneath maytag.Check the unit and found the evaporator clogged of ice. Defrost all the ice in the evaporator and test the unit working properly. Just noticed that the ice maker is broken and right door of refrigerator is not closing properly..
596.6998201Water leaks underneathChecked the leak inside the fridge, removed build up ice due to clog drain, cleaned the drain tube and removed clog, melt all the ice that blocked the drain, made sure all water will drain properly, after cleaning the drain gasket, water drain properly going to the pan. Fridge works as it should be and no more water leak in the fridge
WRS312SNHM06NOT COOLINGChecked the fridge, verified heater was fine, ran diagnostic test heater works fine.
IFW7200TWWet Clothes at the End of the CycleTest the unit without the load and its washing and spinning well. Test again with laundry clothes and its washing and spinning well. Just noticed of the unbalanced leg so the washer is vibrating during spinning. Fixed the legs by lowering the front right leg and washer is now stable during spinning
YWET4027HW0Belt IssueChecked washer found splotch gear knot came off loose causing loud noise during cycle. Tech add thread locker on the knot secured it ran diagnostic test works fine job done.
FFBD2406NB2ADISHWASHER UNRESPONSIVEChecked dishwasher found control unresponsive, tech secured harness wire reset the control board unit works fine tested ok.
No Model #WASHER NOT DRAININGCleared drain pump motor removed debris unit tested ok.
DMR78AHS/XACERROR CODE 9ECheck dishwasher drain pump wiring loss connection, repair connection tested ok. Flood sensor check ok, no leaks observed during test , job done.
RF26J7500SR/AA04Fridge is leaking water.Defective fill hose, replace defective portion of the fill hose water dispenser, reassembled unit tested ok, no leaks observed after repairing the appliance.
YWED4915EW1DOES NOT HEAT UP AND BLOWING COLD AIRFaulty temperature regulator that cause the fuse to fail. Replace thermostat and thermal limit fuse. Reassembled unit , tested ok. Job Complete.
EW36GC55PSIntermittent issue. Centerpiece problem.Cleared clogged orifice, reassembled unit tested ok, job done, all burners working ok.
KBFS22EWMS9ICE MAKER NOT WORKING. WORK IN JUST A PERIOD OF TIME/LOOSE WIRECheck the unit inlet valve and its working fine. Test the ice maker connector and its working fine. Need to replace the ice maker assembly part #W10884390. Installed new ice maker, 3-5 hrs. waiting before it dispense the first harvest.
WTW5000DW3The washer will not go past the Wash stage. The bin keeps moving back and forth.Customer user error, f8e1 , error long fill hot water was shot off and the wash temp was set to hot, and presoak was on. This makes unit intermittently work or at the moment its the working due to customer error, tech fixed the issue and unit is working ok job done. Warranty doesn't cover this complaint because of reason behind the cause of the issue was incorrect setting and water was turned off.
FGRU19F6QFBIT DOESNT COOL DOWN.Checked fridge found leaked system requires replacement of evaporator p# AA297414901, Heat exchanger p# AA4095, Compressor p# AA297411155. Replace faulty compressor, evaporator, heat exchanger and filter drier. Reprocess system re-vacuum and recharge new refrigerant. Test the unit and cooling properly. Inform the customer that it takes another 12hrs to cool down the refrigerator area.
DW80K5050UWNO POWER AT ALLCheck the unit and found no power at all. Customer bought their own control board and install it for them. Test the unit working well. No leak after the test.
WF42H500AW/A2WHEN TURNING ON IT SPINS BUT IT SHUTS OFFCheck the unit and found on and off power. Need to replace the the main control board and main power control board.
CFEF366GCAOVEN NOT HEATING UPCheck the unit and found a faulty bake element part#316075103. Replace the faulty bake element and install a new bake element. Test the unit and heating well.
WEG745H0LZ1MIDDLE BURNER DOESN'T IGNITE PROPERLYCheck the unit and found the middle burner is only half of the burner lit up. Open the burner cap and remove all debris the clogged the burner hole. Test the burner and lit up completely.
KDTE204EWH3WHEELS ON BOTTOM RACK CAME OFFCheck the unit and and found a broken lower dish-rack roller assembly part# WPW10195417. Replace the faulty lower rack roller assembly and install a new parts. Test the roller and working fine.
970-600955COMPRESSOR STOPS WORKINGReassessed fridge found compressor shot, requires replacement of compressor asm p# AA5304478809. Replace the faulty compressor and install a new compressor, reprocess the system, re vacuum and recharge new refrigerant. Test the unit and cooling well. Just noticed that refrigerator door has gap and not closing properly and a potential heat leakage that over work the compressor in the long run and inform the customer about it.
ETW4400XQ0NOT SPINNINGCheck lid switch is good , coupler is good but transmissions is bad. When loading clothes it is not spinning when its empty its spinning. Transmission needs to replace.
GCET1031FS2NOT TURNING ONDrum rear bearing P# 5303281153 broken needs replacement. Unit tested works great and heating properly.
GLD2250RDC6LIGHT ON THE BOARD HAS STILL COME ON AND ITS NOT RUNNING.Checked unit and needs control board replacement.
YNED4655EW1DRYER IS NOT DRYINGLoose connection on high limit sensor.
EFLS527UIW1DOES NOT DRAINCheck the unit and found a dislodge heating element part#137488301 and need to replace bellow part # 5304505004. Installed new parts tested ok
FFFW5000QW0REPLACE THE DOOR GASKETInstalled door gasket part # 137566001. Unit works fine.
KSSC48QVS02Faulty auger motor part # W10271509.Installed part # W10271509 and unit works as it should.
MFB2055FRZ02FRIDGE MAKING LOUD NOISESChecked fridge found ice build up around the fan motor, requires replacement of mainboard p# W10892333 and defrost thermistor p# WPW10383615. Installed new parts and tested okay.
DFF1144WFRIDGE IS NOT COOLING. FREEZER IS COLD.Checked fridge found faulty defrost timer p# and need to replace gasket door seal part # Installed new parts and unit tested okay.
LXC5622WF-013 BURNERS ARE NOT WORKINGCheck cooktop and make some test on the control board (p#6871W1N009C) . Reset the electronic control and test the unit tested ok, explain to costumer that if it will keep happening it need a new control. Also, the rear right element show hot surface if it will not turn off when cool down it is the thermal switch on the element that is already shorted, and it need to replace the rear right element or just ignore the HS indication.
GSHS5KGXGCSSFRIDGE IS WARM AND THE UPPER LIGHT IS OUTChecked unit and found system is working ok at the time of inspection, ice maker has not working for a while, suggested control board replacement.
TPX21BRXA WWLEAKING AT THE BOTTOMDrain line is clogged of ice. Just remove the small ice and drain line is draining well.
FDB700BFC0LEAKING ISSUECheck the unit and found a leaking water inlet valve part#154637401. Turn off the shut off valve for the dishwasher but there's still water dripping. Need to call a plumber to replace the shut off valve. Replace the faulty inlet valve and fill hose. Installed a new parts, test the unit and washing and draining well. No leak after the test.
DW80M2020US/AC 00LEAKING ISSUEReplace the leaking inlet valve and install a new inlet valve. Test the unit and washing and draining properly.
MFF2258FEZ03DRAWER AND HUMIDITY CONTROL SWITCHES AREN'T WORKINGReplace the damaged humidity control part # WP67005864and install a new parts. Test the unit and working well.
WDT730PAHZ0DISHES STILL WET AND NOT CLEANED PROPERLYCheck the unit and found a loose wire at the heating element. Install back and test the heater and working well.
MSF22D4XAM01LIGHTS ARE FLICKERING WHEN EITHER SIDE DOOR IS OPENED.Check the unit and found a flickering LED light refrigerator lower light part#WPW10515057, refrigerator upper light part#WPW10515058 and damage filter base part #W10862460.
DV45H6300EG/ACSQUEAKING NOISEReplaceD idler pulley. Heats up 100%.
JFC2290REM00ICE MACHINE NOT WORKINGInstalled new ice maker part # W10886931 and unit tested ok. No leaks observed, ice maker filled with water , working as intended, 3-5 hours for first harvest.
NE58K9850WS/ACRANGE OVERHEATSNeeds control board replacement.
YWED5620HWMAKING A LOUD BUZZING NOISEChecked unit. Secured lid cover for the fan blower that's makes the rattling sounds . Unit tested for 4 times running rattling noise did not comes back.
WRF757SDHZ02TICKING SOUNDInstalled new mainboard part # W11224256. Unit tested compressor working good and starting to cold.
YWED5620HW0WARNING ERROR CODE E3 AND F3Checked dryer and tested sensor ok, faulty control board.
YLTE6234DQ3QUIT WORKING MIDCYCLEInstalled door switch p# WP3355458 and capacitor p# 35-189A125 and unit tested ok.
FDB130RGB3LEAKS EVERYWHERE WHEN TURNED ONFaulty inlet valve water keeps flowing even the dishwasher is turned off . Need replacement and sump pump producing a loud noise.
DMR57LFS/XACNO POWERChecked dishwasher with no power display, check control board found control is burned already some electronic component that it stop working.
KUDC10FXSS6The top rack isn't spraying and the soap doesn't seem to be dispensing.Check dishwasher not cleaning the dishes properly, check sump and filters found a lot of grease and solid food clog in the filter system and in the chipper blade that restrict the water flow of circulation, clean the sump filters and chopper blade filter, test dishwasher tested ok. Customer don't rinse and remove the dishes when washing as picture shows a lot of solid food debris clog in the filter system.
CFEF3007LBDNOT WORKINGChecked stove found faulty clock assembly p# 5304518660. Installed new part tested ok.
FPRU19F8RFFFRIDGE IS NOT COOLINGInstalled new parts sealed system done tested ok.
WOS51EC0HS02NOT HEATING AND ERROR F8Installed new part (p# W11248652 cooling fan) and unit tested ok.
MVW6230HW0Lid lock broke now sensor wont trip saying the lid is closed.Checked washer found broken lid lock strike p# W11457841. Installed new part tested ok.
WFW560CHW3ERROR CODES AND NOT DRAINING COMPLETELYChecked washer found error f9e1 long drain, found clogged drain pump motor with debris. Tech cleared it test machine on diagnostic test cleared error unit tested ok.
MFW2055FRZ00NOISE COMING FROM THE FAN.Checked fridge found broken evaporator fan blade, loose freezer door handle, missing icemaker bale arm. Tech fixed the freezer door handle, ran diagnostic test verified heater ok, icemaker ok, requires replacement of evaporator fan blade p# WP2163777 & icemaker leveling arm p# WPW10474785. Icemaker is temporarily disconnected customer will find the icemaker leveling arm first. Installed new part tested ok.
KRFF300EBS00ICEMAKER FELL OFF INTO ICE TRAY AND IS CAUSING WIRES TO SHOW.Checked fridge found icemaker came off, tech secured and fixed it unit tested ok.
WRF532SNHZ06Fridge seal is broken.Checked fridge found worn out rh door seal p# W10830162. Installed new part tested ok.
WRF736SDAM14Freezer is acting up, not keeping cold enough. Checked fridge found faulty mainboard p# W10854027 and defrost thermistor p# WPW1038361. Installed new parts tested ok
596.7924202ICEMAKER IS NOT WORKINGCheck the unit and ice maker is not working. Need to replace the ice maker assembly part# W10882923. Replace the faulty ice maker assembly and install a new one. Test the unit and working properly.
WRT148FZDB00Top freezer seems doesn't get cold enough to keep food frozen when turned to high.Reprocess the system replaced the filter drier and install a new one., re vacuum and recharge new refrigerant. Test the unit and cooling well. Just noticed that the old filter are full of oil means that compressor is pumping oil. If problem persists need to replace compressor.
KDPE334GPS0LEAKING WATERReplace the faulty sump pump assembly p# W10909945 and install a new parts. Test the unit and washing well no leak after the test.
MAH5500BWWSLOWLY FILLED WATER UP THE DRUMWater is filling up even the washer is off. Replaced water inlet valve And also the dishwasher needs a washer motor.
WM2487HWMMAKING A LOUD NOISENoise tub worn out tub bearing, need replacement.
DVE50M7450P/ACSounds like a motor bearing or something is gone. Unit is loud when operating.Swing door for filter fell to the blower which create noise when using the unit. Disassembled the unit and cleared the blower area. Tested runs smooth no more noise.
GSD3300R15WWWON'T COMPLETE THE CYCLENotice that draining is not that strong but drain though. Installed new inlet valve run for 15 minutes no signs of leak, told to cx that if persist needs to replace sensor. And observe at-least week when using.
WDT720PADMODISHWASHER IS LEAKING.14:51, Run unit and found leaks coming from diverter motor. Replaced seal gasket unit tested for 30 minutes no leaks was observed.
MSC3506J01WWLEAKING ISSUECheck dishwasher leaking on the front door, explain to costumer that the cause of leaking is too much suds on it that build up overtime. Neutralize the suds by the cooking oil, and it solve the leak problem. Tech inspect motor and seal under the dishwasher and it is still good and no leaks on the seal underneath.
KDTM604KPS0NOT DRYING THE DISHES Install new heating element and test dishwasher, tested ok. No leak after test has done.
DV448AEP/XACNot heating up.Check dryer found wire in the thermal cut off is open due to burn contact, replace connector and test dryer, tested ok.
KGSS907SSS03SELF CLEANING CYCLE INTERRUPTED HALFWAY WITH ERROR CODE ERR F5E0.Installed new part (Door latch p# WPW10195934) and unit tested ok.
MDB5969SDM0DRAINING ISSUEChecked dishwasher ran diagnostic test all components works fines, tech recalibrated the control verified all components works fine upon assessment tested ok.
A512WON'T AGITATE AFTER THE BELT WAS INSTALLEDChecked washer found leaking transmission oil and worn out belt pulley Advised customer to use it until it completely craps out not worth replacing these parts due to age of machine and repair cost.
YWFW9151YW00STOPS WORKINGChecked washer found error Lf requires replacement of cold inlet valve p# WPW10212596 and Hot inlet valve p# WPW10212598. Installed new parts tested ok.
KBFS22EWMS9ICE ARE SCATTERING ON THE FLOOR WHEN TRAY IS PULLED OUT.Bale arm came off, tech reinstalled secured it tested icemaker ok.
YWED9371YL1SENSOR WON'T TURN ONCheck dryer and found control board faulty, tech explained to customer the quote and , customer approve repair. Warranty is 90 days parts and labor. Tech performed repair , reassembled unit, tested ok, unit working as intended.
GLD4468R00SSDRAINAGE ISSUEReplace the damaged drain hose WG04F00333 and install a new drain hose. Test the unit and draining properly and no leak after the test.
NE59J78630SS/ACTHERE'S POWER BUT NO HEATCheck the unit and found a faulty convection element part # dg47-00017a. But she doesn't want it to be replace. Oven and broil are all working fine, test the unit under 350oF and 400oF and both temperature reached during testing. It has an intermittent error on and off. Inform the customer that a possible main control board.
LDE9304ADENOT SPINNING AND HEATINGReplace the faulty dryer belt WPY312959 and install a new belt. Test test and drying and spinning well.
KRFF507HBS02NOT COOLINGReplace the faulty control panel and main control board and install a new parts. Test the unit and working fine.
RF32FMQDBSRKEEPING COOL BUT NOT CIRCULATINGCheck the unit and found low of refrigerant or loose compression of the compressor.
DLEX8377RMMAKING A CLUNKING SOUNDNoisy drum broken and worn our rollers.
KUDS02FRSS2LEAKING ON THE TOP SIDE OF THE WATERVALVEThe leak is coming from the inlet valve that make water damage on the floor within the dishwasher area. Replaced water inlet valve and L brass adaptor and unit tested ok.
FTF2140ES0STOPS WORKINGDid a diagnose each cycle and let the diagnose finished to reset and finish the cycle that possible stuck up. Washer works normal , looks like the control board issue. For now, the washer works fine and informed cx that's control board is failing. Advise to use the washer till its usable.
GTW330BMM0WWLEAKING FROM THE BOTTOMInstalled drain hose p# WW01F02060 and secured. Tested unit and run no leaks.
WDT730PAHZ 0NOT FILLING UP ANY WATERChecked unit and secured wiring connection. Unit works fine.
WF42H55200AP/A2DOES NOT RINSE AND SPINUnit run and stuck on the cycle. Found that drain filter is clogged. Cleared the clogged and clean . Run and test its working normal.
MDE5500AZQWON'T HEATCheck dryer not heating problem as describe by the tenant, check heating element found terminal on heating element is off and terminal contact is loose, replace connector and test dryer, tested ok.
DV42H5000EW/ACHUMMING SOUNDCheck dryer and clean motor that is humming as complained, re-assemble and test dryer tested ok. No parts replaced.
ADB1400AGW1NOT DRYING THE DISHESInstall new heating element p# W10518394, test dishwasher and tested ok. No leak after the test done.
LDF7551STWATER NOT DRAININGInstall new pump p# ABQ73503004 (drain pump) and test dishwasher, tested ok. No leak after test is done.
110.C61292011NOT GETTING ANY HEAT ON THE DRUMChecked dryer measured 240v good, heater, tco, high limit ok requires replacement of timer assembly p# WPW10186032.
WEG745H0LZ1FRONT LEFT BURNER DOES NOT IGNITE12:55, Checked gas stove found right front igniter wire loose, tech secured and tested all burners works fine.
GEW9250PL1DRYER IS MAKING NOISECheck the unit and found damage drum roller. Replace and install a new one. Test the unit and working and heating well.
YACR4303MFS6SWITCH COIL AND ELEMENT NOT WORKINGReplace the faulty heating element and install new heating heating. Test the unit and heating well.
MVWC465HWWON'T SPIN AFTER THE CYCLEDoor lid switch issue. Replace lid switch and the parts is from the client. 100% works. No leaks underneath from the side and front panel.
592-49356ERROR CODE (EE)Found a lose wire from thermistor. Put extension wire and secured. Unit tested and works fine.
DW80F800UWSLEAKING FROM THE BOTTOMCheck and run the unit for 5 times 40 minutes , inlet valve is good no leaks, when wash cycle no leaks, when drain cycle no leaks. Told to cx keep using it and make a video when leaks occur. Told them not to blocked the water comings out that's possible create a leak in the sides of the floor. And keep observing while using it and if still leaks, need tub seal replacement.
KUDE60FXSS3NOT WORKING/ ALL LIGHTS ARE OFFMain power has reading 120v. Secured power line in junction box. Dishwasher starts working normal.
WDT970SAKZ0LEAKING ISSUEUnit is leaking when used. Secured hose from main water line , unit tested no more leaks.
ZMC1095SF03NOT PRODUCING ANY HEATInstalled microwave, run for test its heats.

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