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We’re are also known as St. Albert Appliance Repair service by ADVANCE Appliance Ltd. – we fix all major brands of kitchen and laundry home appliances in St. Albert Areas! Our trained professionals work fast to get your appliance repaired right (we’ll even do it same day or next), without sacrificing quality workmanship at an affordable price point for you as our valued clientele member A locally owned company with years’ experience in repairing these highly specialized devices means that when there’s a problem looking around town isn’t going find anyone better qualified than us.

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Monday -Friday 8am-7pm
Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm

For all your appliance needs, there is only one company to turn too! Advance Appliance Ltd., has been serving the St Albert area with excellence since it started. Our technicians are friendly and professional; they will come fix any problem you may have in no time at all–any day of weekdays between 8am – 7pm, weekend 8am-5pm .

With over 40 years of combined experience, our technicians are able to quickly and efficiently resolve any appliance issue you may have. Contact us today for a quote!

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Advance Appliance Ltd - Appliance Repair Service - St. Albert - AB

Appliance Repair – St. Albert & Surrounding Area
St. Albert Appliance Repair Experts
We offer same-day or next-day appliance repair service
Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded Technicians

We know that when your appliances break down it can create a hassle. Our team is here to help! Simply fill out this form with the information you have, and we will review accordingly so all done before sending someone out on their way too soon!. 

You get back an answer within the hours during business days – sometimes sooner if there are slots available right away; but never later than 3 weeks from submitting said request (unless specified). 

Our rates are mostly flat rates no shocking bills. Sometimes the cost depends upon what needs fixing: how complex things really need doing might also vary based off where somebody lives…contact us for more details, send us your request form.

Advance Appliance Ltd. is a St Albert based company that provides refrigerator repair for customers in and around the city! Our technician are veterans with years of experience repairing fridge appliances, no job too big or small at Advance we can take care off it for you . You’ll be confident knowing ____ will do our best to fix your fridge problem.

You know those days when you’re so busy with work or family obligations that your laundry just gets overlooked? Well, we’ve got the perfect solution for those times. Our washers are highly-efficient machines meaning they’ll get all of those dirty clothes clean in record time without breaking down like other models might do on their own! You don’t need to worry about waiting around forever while it finishes; nor will any problems arise from neglecting this chore daily because our staff here at Top Laundry Machine Repair takes care everything quickly and efficiently – before anything else happens too

We all know how frustrating it is when our most used machine goes wrong. That’s why we’re here! We will fix any problem quickly without delay so you can get back to living your best lifestyle.

Fix your appliance today and save money with our same-day or next day service. If you need a trained technician fast, call Advance Appliance Ltd for quick repairs on major appliances like stoves!

The oven is not working? There’s a few different things that could be going on, but before you start fixing things yourself with some quick fixes from an appliance repair expert in St.Albert (why don’t we call them!), make sure your troubleshooting guide has all the answers for your oven in St. Albert that is not working or giving you stressed 

We have seen it all when it comes to dishwashers in St. Albert area. From not washing or drying dishes properly, which are just some common issues we’ve faced recently; but no job is too big (or small) on our team! If your’s has gone wrong and isn’t working like usual–you don’t need worry anymore because We will come fix the problem as soon possible . Our technicians pride themselves in being here for you if anything happens with your appliance-like taking care of business quickly so there aren

Microwaves are a convenient and fast way to heat up food, but they can also cause problems if not used often enough or maintained well. If you’re having issues with your device please don’t hesitate as our technicians will come right away! We offer major appliance repairs that require little time spent on site while waiting for parts order- this means less stress when dealing directly within St Albert area since everyone deserves quality service.

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