How to clean your Range Hood?

The Range Hood Is An Underestimated Appliance

A range hood is an underestimated appliance, as it is seldomly taken care of. The oven hood extracts all the smoke from the kitchenette. It acts as an exhaust fan and improves your air quality.

If it stays uncleaned, this can cause smoke blockage because of the greasy stainless steel filters. This greasy range hood can also cause a smelly environment in your cooking area. You are in the need of appliance repair.

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How To Clean A Greasy Range Hood

Would you please take a glance at our list of ingredients to perform your range hood appliance repair?

Things You Need To Do The Job

First, keep all the needed tools and necessary elements near you, without which, of course, you can’t rub away the grease or dirt or marks for your appliance repair. For example:

  • Hot Or Boiling Water
  • Vinegar solution
  • Degreasing soap
  • Baking Soda
  • Dust brush cleaner
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Gloves
  • Kitchen towel or dishcloth


Here’s the procedure.

  1.     Remove The Dry Layers Of Dust

Begin cleaning your range hood appliance repair with dusting. For this, use a dust brush cleaner and remove all the dry and dusty particles from the surface. For efficient cleaning, the best cleaning brushes would reach the delicate and narrow places and outer edges and corners of the Range Hood.

  1.     Wipe The Outside Of Range Hood

If your cooking hood is really muddy and dirty from the outside, what can you do to satisfy yourself with only its functionality?

Hence, wiping out the outside of the oven hood is essential for your range hood appliance repair.


  1.     Scrub The Stains Away That Are Under The Hood

Washing the marks and stains from the inside while dealing with the kitchen hood is essential. The filters might be sharp, not to mention when you clean out the inside, you’re somewhat close to its electrical parts.


  1.     Separate The Filter From Range Hood And Clean It

Some people do not remove hood filters before cleaning. But, we would recommend detaching it before scrubbing the inner side of the range hood.

If your exhaust hood doesn’t need deep cleaning, it’s okay to remove the filter after cleaning the interior.

The filters need to be cleaned so the polluted air can vent outside your home efficiently.


  1.     Keep A Check On Your Vent/Duct

The duct is the long pipe installed right above the cooking range that connects to the oven hood. You might not remember to have checked its internal condition for many years, where the grease and grime might have made a living.


Get your hands on a flashlight, climb on a ladder, and remove your duct cap on your ductwork. Look for debris. On finding out the smut, call a local contractor or duct cleaning professionals to get your appliance repair edmonton so it can perform better in the future.


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