Mr. Appliance Repair Man, Which Appliances Keep Breaking?

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Buying home and house appliances can be a huge investment, one that no one wants to see start to break down and malfunction after just a few years of use! So, we, here at Advance Appliance Ltd., one of the best appliance repair services in Edmonton, are here to give you a heads up on what the two most common house or home appliances that keep breaking down are and what you can do about it!

Washing Machines and Dryers


Unfortunately, it is estimated that around 30% of all washing machines will have problems after their first five years in service. Said problems can range from there being mold growth on front-loader units, there being a drum not spinning properly, and there being an issue with the machine’s draining capacity. Some might end up with a washing machine and a dryer that won’t turn on at all! This sudden breakdown of washing machines and dryers is related to the nature of their function since they are designed to spin heavy loads of clothing and/or other cloth materials at high speeds but their parts are always almost in contact with water.

But, to help you make your unit last longer, here are a few things you can keep in mind!

  • Install your washing machine and dryer in a secure spot;
  • Avoid overloading your washing machine!
  • Never place items that can potentially damage the unit inside it.
  • Do maintenance cleaning sessions for your unit.



If you ask appliance repair experts or any other appliance repair company that does any sort of appliance repairs in  Edmonton, the most common issue with refrigerators is that at some point their owners will report that their unit is not cooling properly, their unit is leaking, or that their unit’s built-in ice maker is not functioning properly. This not only spells bad news for those who like a cold treat on hot days but it also bodes bad things for your consumables that need to be kept frozen to preserve them! Some of these issues become more noticeable during the hotter months of the year and are to be expected given how hard the unit has to work to maintain cooler inner temperatures.

Still, here are some measures you can take to stave off its demise!

  • If your unit still has condenser coils. always keep them clean!
  • Avoid keeping an empty fridge! Always have items in it!
  • Avoid placing too much pressure on your fridge’s compressor!


So, if you need help from a reliable and affordable appliance repair service in the Edmonton area, give Advance Appliance ltd. a call! We are an appliance repair service in Edmonton that always strives to provide only top-notch appliance repair services for a wide variety of home appliances. You are guaranteed to have access to affordable appliance repair services on top of an easy and smooth appliance repair experience!  Our appliance repair experts are always one call, text, or email away, so click on this link to visit our website and click here to jump over to our online booking page!

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