Why Is My Roper Microwave Not Working And How To Fix?

The Roper brand is known for being one of the most reputable companies in the United States. Today, I will be giving you all helpful, dependable, efficient, and accurate information on how to fix your broken microwave oven by yourself with items found around the house!

1. The Door Is Broken

The door of your microwave oven is the most common reason why microwaves break. This is because it has moving parts that are used often, and even if you don’t use it a lot, dust can still accumulate on the hinges or latches. This causes the hinges to become loose and eventually stop working altogether! Make sure to clean the hinges every month or so with a dry cloth to keep them in good condition!

Make sure your roper microwave is unplugged and not in use to fix this issue. Locate the hinge covers on both sides of the door. Open up the hinges and identify what has broken inside them. If you have spilled liquid or even food particles, clean them out with a dry cloth so they can function properly again! Then, find a way to tighten up the hinge to make it work like new again! If your hinges are too damaged, you will have to replace the door.

This seems very complicated, so the simplest solution is to call Advance Appliance Ltd and get their services of appliance repair at very reasonable rates.

2. No Power

Check for an outlet that may work by using another appliance that uses electricity. If you have done this and the oven still will not turn on, check out your circuit breaker box and flip the switch back on. If the breaker has been turned off and there is no other outlet to use, you might want to call a professional electrician and get it fixed.

To fix this issue, check your outlet by plugging in a different appliance. If it does not work, turn the circuit breaker on.

3. Microwave Will Not Heat Anything Up

Sometimes food particles can get lodged into the heating elements, and they have to be cleaned out thoroughly for them to heat properly again! Food can also accumulate on top of or in the vents around your microwave. Make sure to clean them out so they can function properly again!

To fix this issue, check if the food particles in the heating elements are cleaned out. If not, use a toothbrush to get rid of them. Also, make sure that there are no food particles on top of or in the vents.

4. The Fan Inside the Microwave is Not Turning On

When a microwave does not have fans, it cannot circulate air and heat up food. Make sure to clean behind or in front of your vents so that they can work again!

To fix this issue, check whether there are any obstructions in front of or behind the vents. If there are, remove them!

5. The Microwave is Not Heating Up

If your microwave isn’t heating up anything, it means that there is a problem with the circuit board. Make sure to check if everything else in your oven is working properly as well as checking for any circuits or wiring that may be damaged.

To fix this issue, check if the circuit board is okay and functional. If it’s not, you will have to replace the faulty circuit board.


There are many reasons why your microwave may not work. Each reason has a different solution that is easy to do, but make sure to always check the circuit board for any malfunctions. If you have tried everything and it still doesn’t work, you might need to get rid of the old one and buy a new one if yours is too old, or you can look for appliance repair Edmonton if you are living there or else you can look for online help.

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