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Every self-respecting technician has his own bag of tools. It’s one of the secrets of the trade. No matter how skilled they are, it’s only going to be half the appliance repair if they can’t bring their tools with them. 

Should you want to help out (or be a Secret Santa!) or aspiring to be a technician yourself, here are some of the essential tools used in the job. 

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1.Safety first. Insulated rubber gloves, goggles, and zip suits are heaven-sent for those who are working with electric appliances. While most technicians ditch them because of the inconvenience, it’s still better safe than sorry. More than 30% of all occupational hazards of a technician’s job come from complacent home repairs. 

2.Magnets and long strings. Magnets are not only limited to toys, drawer catches, and such. A simple one can be used in a number of ways, such as hooking tools or screws on easy to reach surfaces or ingenious tactics such as reaching screws that are out of the way. The strings are used to attach the magnet. Consider having a small and medium-sized magnet.   

 3.Chain with Hook is old school devices for keeping appliance lids open or getting them open at a particular angle. You can also do this to pry out electrical wires from the walls. 

4.Screwdriver toolset is fine with a manual screwdriver. But plus points for electrical screwdrivers with slots to change from Philipps, Torx, to slot screw bits to save on space. Remember to purchase ones that fit snugly into the slot so you’ll never have to deal with fumbling on the floor.

5.In addition to a screwdriver set, get one of those nut drivers. Some appliances sport a metric size but it won’t hurt to get ones in English sizes, too. 

6.Combination wrench set and adjustable ones will serve as perfect tools to adjust or open nuts and bolts. For a quick fix, you can bring a silicon jar opener to loosen some tight bolts and handle some electrically compromised appliances, particularly in a leaky area. 

7.Multimeters will determine electrical readings and have often been used to rule out power outages in outlets or appliances. You won’t have to purchase expensive ones.

 8.Pliers in every shape and size will be useful in cutting wires or even holding small nuts and bolts. Or taking off hose fittings.

9.Cleaning handheld tools such as a small portable vacuum can get rid of dirt in a jiffy. We’re sure you’re busy but having a work area clean will be bonus points for your customers. A putty knife will do wonders on scraping off hardened dirt, too. 

10.Smart apps can help you as you calculate estimates of the job, particularly if a home visit reveals a lot of repairs to be covered. They can also help your customers keep communication lines open, keep track of queued jobs, and customer appliance history of repair and evaluation. 

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