When to Call an Appliance Repair Technician?

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When to call an appliance repair technician

 Google is an enormous cave of advice on how to do anything from fixing leaky pipes or do-it-yourself learning a new language or instrument. 

However, not all advice is good advice. 

Here is a compilation of appliance repair that needs experts. If you’re not sure, you can contact appliance repair in your Edmonton area. We’re here to help.

Washing Machines

  1. Loud Noises are caused by a number of things. First of, check if there are too many clothes inside the drum or if rearranging them does not solve the noise problem. If all else fails, call us. 
  1. Water coming out of the washer is no small joke. That could mean a serious crack on the pipings which may result in perfect conditions for an accidental electrocution. Whatever the cause, don’t attempt to fix it yourself. 
  1. The Drum is not draining properly. The pump may be faulty and needs a new one. 
  1. Drum does not turn during the spinning cycle . This may indicate broken belt, electronic damages, or the motor may have been overloaded. 

Microwave Ovens

  1. Food Not Heating Up may be a result of magnetron not working right or not enough electricity. 
  1. Broken Door Switch. Microwave ovens have more than two door switches and can only be serviced by an authorized technician.
  1. Touchpad Not Working may be a result of membrane switch damage. 
  1. Turning Table not Moving. Common microwave models have turning plates, but if yours suddenly stop spinning in the middle of an operation, the main control board needs servicing. 


  1. The whole appliance is actually moving even if the ground is level. 
  1. Burning Clothes or clothes smelling like burnt smoke usually mean that there is too much heat coming from the dryer. Be careful with this. This could result in an actual fire.
  1. Dryer not agitated. Just like the washing machine, a dryer needs to tumble to dry all of the clothes. If this isn’t happening, it could be due to worn out belts. 
  1. You can hear the hum but the dryer isn’t heating up. This could mean that the thermal fuse is damaged or broken. Have an expert replace it. 
  1. Dryer doesn’t turn on, no matter what you do. 
  1. Clothes not drying completely. Telltale signs include wet spots and clothes looking damp. The vent may be the root cause. 

Gas or Electric Ovens

  1. There is smoke coming out of the oven, even under your close monitoring of the food.
  1. Oven doesn’t turn on.
  1. There are sparks on top or inside your oven and you smell gas.
  1. The top portion of your oven looks cracked.


  1. The freezer isn’t freezing your food. This is assuming that you have done your part such as closing the door tight and the coils of the ref have no defect or dirt. 
  1. There’s water in front of your refrigerator and you don’t know why. Check your refrigerator door and their seals. If they’re wet, it may be the time to replace the thermostat or the compressor. 
  1. Strange noises again. That could mean either the compressor is damaged or the freezer fan. 
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