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Our team will review the details provided in this service request and you will be contacted by one of our Admin Staff

Please Note: 

Due to spam messages, No appointments confirmed booked until you receive a call from us and we manage to speak to a real person to finalize the booking.

Rates and pricing will vary with location and the type of work involve. Our team will use the information we recieved to connect with real person and everything will be explained in detail and less worry because we are transparent and no hidden fees.

We may need to confirm some details again. Thank You.

  • Brand and Model of your appliance it is located within your appliance.
  • Full Description of the issue of your appliance.
  • Noise complaint – Record the noise if possible.
  • Leaking complaint – Turn off machine, take pictures if possible.
  • Error Codes – Take note of the code or take pictures if possible.
appliance repair
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