What is the difference between R600a and R134a freon gas?

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Welcome to Advance Appliance Ltd, your trusted source for appliance repair services. We understand the importance of keeping your appliances running smoothly, which is why we are certified to perform repairs on appliances that use R600a and 134a Freon gas

You may be wondering, what is the difference between R600a and 134a freon gas? Well, R600a is a flammable gas that is commonly used in newly manufactured refrigerators. This gas is known for its energy efficiency and low environmental impact which is known not to cause damage to our environment. On the other hand, 134a is a non-flammable gas that is also used in refrigerators. While both gases have their benefits, it is important to note that R600a requires special equipment for repairs due to its flammability.

At Advance Appliance Ltd, we take safety very seriously. That’s why we have invested in special equipment specifically designed for R600a gas appliances. This ensures that our repairs are done safely and efficiently, giving you peace of mind.


On the other hand, 134a gas appliances can be repaired using a flammable torch to braze connect compressors and tubings. Our team of certified technicians is trained to handle this process with precision and care, ensuring that your appliance is repaired to the highest standard.

Don’t let a faulty appliance disrupt your daily routine. Trust Advance Appliance Ltd., to provide you with professional and reliable repair services for appliances that use R600a and 134a freon gas. Contact us today to schedule a repair and experience working with our knowledgeable and skilled team.

Common tools used in repairing the following refrigeration appliances

  • Chest freezer, 
  • fridge, 
  • upright freezer
  • fridge, 
  • refrigerator, 
  • wine cooler, 
  • ice makers
  1. Refrigerant recovery machine – This is used to remove and store the existing refrigerant from the system before repairs can be made.
  2. Vacuum pump – Once the refrigerant has been removed, a vacuum pump is used to remove any moisture or air from the system.
  3. Manifold gauge set – This is used to measure the pressure and temperature of the refrigerant in the system.
  4. Leak detector – This tool is used to detect any leaks in the system before repairs are made.
  5. Brazing torch – A flammable torch is used for brazing connections in 134a gas appliances.
  6. Lockring no flammable used in R600a – This is a specialized tool that is used to safely connect and disconnect the compressor from the refrigerant system in R600a gas appliances.
  7. Screwdriver set – A common tool used to remove screws and access components in the fridge.
  8. Multimeter – This is used to measure electrical current, voltage, and resistance in various fridge components.
  9. Nut driver – Used for tightening and loosening nuts on fittings or parts.
  10. Pliers – Useful for gripping small and delicate parts during repairs.
  11. Refrigerant charging scale – This is used to accurately measure and charge the correct amount of refrigerant into the system after repairs are made.
  12. Replacement parts – Specific replacement parts may be needed for a repair, such as a new compressor or fan motor. These are essential tools to have on hand in case they are needed during the repair process.

Remember, it is important to only use tools that are specifically designed for repairs on appliances that use R600a and 134a freon gas. This ensures the safety and proper functioning of your appliance after the repair has been completed. Trust in our experienced technicians at Advance Appliance Ltd to properly handle all necessary tools and equipment during your appliance repair service.

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