New UL Approve Electric Stove Top Elements.

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Older Electric ranges

Older electric ranges will glow fully red and stay red when set to high. Until it’s turned down or off. As of June 2018, UL (Underwriters Laboratories), made a regulatory change that requires all manufacturers to change how coil elements work.

  • The new coils have two parts to the elements, an inner and outer element. When turned on high, the outer coil will stay on continuously, however it will not glow as bright red like older models.
  • The inner element now has a thermal limiter that forces the inner part of the element to cycle on and off. It will glow red and then turn off.

The biggest difference that you will see when using these new elements is that it may take longer to boil large volumes of water, this is normal.

Here are few tips to help allow faster boil times:

  1. When boiling water, use a cover or lid for your pot, this can significantly reduce boil time.
  2. Use a correct burner for the pot you are using, the pot should not hang over the burner by more than ½ inch on any side.
  3. Use flat bottom pots and pans so the pan and the burner can have the largest area of coverage.
Credit To: Whirlpool Service Support
Source: Youtube                                                                                            Advance Appliance Ltd
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