How To Fix Microwave

This is intended for technicians or with enough knowledge in electrical and electronics only.

Microwave stores high voltage in capacitor and can injured or kill.

A. Issue not heating

  • check door switches (primary and secondary)
  • check primary winding getting 120v from control
  • check diode and capacitor
  • check thermal fuse
  • check magnetron ( should be less than 1 ohms both terminal and each terminal must not be grounded to the unit. ( replace or repair faulty parts.

B. Microwave No power

  • check power going to unit ( Make sure there is power going to the unit)
  • check fuse (replace if bad)
  • check door switch ( replaced shorted or damage switch)
  • check control board make sure power is going to the main pcb

C. Microwave Noisy

  • Start microwave and Observe noise
  • Unit may disassembly unit to find the source of noise and internal inspection
  • disconnect power to unit
  • repair or replace faulty parts causing the noise

D. Touchpad short error

  • unplug unit
  • disconnect touch pad
  • if error persisted with touchpad disconnected ( replace control board otherwise replace touchpad

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