Dryer No Heat Not Working


Now that your dryer isn’t working, you start thinking. Have I done something wrong?

Depending on your knowledge about how your dryer works. Different users may thinks solutions differently.

But if a dryer starts not drying or takes longer to dry even after completing its full drying cycle with the lint trap cleaned and venting is cleared and you know that this is your regular settings used , then it means that your dryer has a problem.

Some problems with a dryer appliance can be resolve by checking your manufacturers manual for troubleshooting guide and if you end up not solving the issue. It is important that you contact our expert to have your dryer service or inspected professional. Repairing a dryer is complex if your knowledge about this appliance are limited and don’t have proper tools and equipment. For your own safety you need to contact a License Professional Technicians which are trained and had the experience with proper tools for testing and making sure your dryer will work as its best performance.

Dryer has no heat – This could indicate a problem with any of the following: Not recommended for DIY Repairs

  • Missing Power ( most dryer requires 240v )
  • Thermal Fuse ( Common )
  • Thermostat ( Not Common)
  • Heating Element ( Common )
  • Sensors ( Not Common )
  • Gas Coil Valve
  • Timer ( Not Common )
  • Control Board ( Common)
  • Switch ( Not Common )
  • Igniter  ( Not Common )
  • Blower Wheel  ( Not Common )

Reading this post doesn’t make you an expert in fixing your dryer problem. This just gives you ideas of what could be the cause of the problem. It is important to contact us for proper repairs of you appliance. Advance Appliance Ltd provides services at your convenience and availability. It is also not recommend to use your dryer if it has an issue to avoid further damage to the unit.

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