Why Is My Roper Dryer Not Drying And How To Fix?

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Roper dryers are usually bought because of the following brand’s good name. The problem with some roper dryers is that they just simply don’t work or stop working after a couple of uses.

Here are some reasons why you’re Roper Dryer maybe not dry your clothing and what to do about it.

1. Faulty Heating Element

If the dryer isn’t getting hot, the heating element could be defective. The electrical resistance in an electric dryer is what produces heat when electricity flows through it. To test the element, you must use a multimeter or Electrical Tester that can read Ohms. Resistance should be between 3-5 ohms.

To fix this, you can replace the heating element, or if it’s under warranty, call consumer support or your retailer.

2. Faulty Thermal Fuse

A thermal fuse is usually located on top of the heating element and will open up if it overheats to prevent further damage to the dryer.

If this has happened, the solution would be to replace the fuse. However, if it is under warranty, you can call consumer support or your retailer. If it is not, then it is best to call Advance Appliance Ltd as they can do appliance repair of any brand and type.

3. Faulty Circuit Board

If the circuit board is defective, then the dryer will not start at all, and there’s no power going through the unit. This problem is usually due to a broken wire from one of these three things: overloading the dryer, dropping the dryer, or hitting the dryer.

To fix it, you need to replace the circuit board, usually on some dryers, where you can easily access and replace this part by simply removing a couple of screws.

4. Faulty Door Seals

If your Roper Dryer is not drying, there could be a couple of problems with the door seal. If it’s not closing all the way, there could still be heat coming out from around the drum, burning your clothing.

To fix this problem, you must replace the door seal and make sure it is closed tightly and clean around where the seal closes for excess lint and dust.

5. Blower Wheel

If the blower wheel is bad, then there will be no airflow coming out of the duct on your dryer. To fix this problem, you must replace the blower wheel on your Roper Dryer to get it working again. However, if it’s under warranty, call your retailer or consumer support.

6. Not Enough Air Flow

If the duct is clogged with lint and dust, then there might not be enough airflow coming out of your dryer to properly dry your clothing. To fix this problem, you must clean the inside of the dryer, where all the lint builds up around the blower wheel and also around the heating element.


Roper Dryers are usually good and reliable when they work. However, if you do not properly maintain it and clean it out for excess lint and dust in the ducts, then your Roper Dryer will stop working.

If any of these problems happen to your Roper Dryer, make sure that you get them fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage. It is always good to call a professional if the issue is beyond your understanding. If you are living in Edmonton, then it is always the best option to get the services of appliance repair Edmonton.

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