Whirlpool Dryer Not Starting: How to Fix

whirlpool dryer

The Whirlpool dryer, among other brands, is known for its durability and efficiency. However, the appliance can experience some problems that keep it from working properly. The most common issue occurs when the dryer will not start after pressing the power button. This article offers a simple solution to fixing the problems that you can face, and your dryer may not start. So let’s get started

Problem 1: Dryer Not Getting Power

When you turn the dryer on, there should be an indicator light that illuminates. If this does not happen, your dryer will not start because it is not receiving power. This problem may occur if the plug has no power or if the switch in the laundry room is turned off.

Solution: Switch ON Power

Check to see if the dryer is getting power by checking its plug. If there is no light on the switch panel, check if it has a fuse and replaces it if necessary.

If the dryer does receive power at its plug but still will not work, then you need to check your circuit breaker. Reset the circuit breaker after turning it off for five minutes. If this does not work, try plugging the dryer into another power outlet.


Problem 2: Faulty Power Button

Another problem with not receiving power is a faulty power button on the front of the dryer. If you press the power button and it does not activate, or there is no sound when pressed, then your dryer will not start.

Solution: Replace Button

The button is an inexpensive part and easy to replace by taking out the screws on the front panel of your dryer. You simply try it open with a flat bar and remove the old button, then put in the new one. Make sure you press it down to ensure that it works properly. Once you have it buttoned back up, you should be able to use the dryer.

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Problem 3: Issue in Whirlpool Dryer Setting

Another issue with your dryer not starting is an issue with the settings of the Whirlpool dryer. If you press start and the buttons on the console do not light up, then this could be a problem with its board.

Solution: Reset Board

The button board may need to be reset if it has malfunctioned. This can be done by taking out all of the buttons and cleaning them with alcohol. This removes any debris that may be preventing them from working properly. You can also use a hairdryer to melt off any residue, so you are left with clean, shiny buttons. Once everything is clean, try pressing each button one at a time while holding down the start on your dryer. This should reset the board if it was not working before you cleaned the buttons. If this still does not work, then you will need to replace your button panel because it is malfunctioning.

Problem 4: Defective Motor

Another problem you may encounter is a defective motor for your Whirlpool dryer. When the load is set to start, it makes a noise but does not turn on.

Solution: Check Motor

If your Whirlpool’s motor is bad, then you will need to replace it. You can do this by taking off the top of the dryer and removing the belt. You can inspect if this is your issue by putting the belt back on, plugging it in, pressing start, and listening for any unusual sounds coming from inside.


If your Whirlpool dryer is not starting, then you can try the above fixes; however, if it is not what you can do, then it is the time to call those who can do appliance repair, and if you are living in Edmonton, then look for appliance repair Edmonton and get your whirlpool dryer repaired. However, the best service providers are the ones that I have talked about above in the article.


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