Microwave Repair 101: 2 Common Microwave Problems!

Microwave Repair

We have heard the demands of the people and are back to talk about another set of common problems that homeowners will encounter with some of our beloved appliances and how to spot and identify them before calling in the professionals! This week, we’ll be focusing on microwaves and what are two of the most common problems that microwave repair experts deal with on a regular basis!

Problem No. 1: Your Microwave Does Not Heat!

If your microwave does not heat up, chances are that there is something wrong with its diode or its magnetron. Your microwave’s magnetron is important because it is the component that produces the frequency that the appliance uses to cook and heat up food. While it is hard to physically check whether the magnetron is broken as this is something best left to the microwave repair professionals, you can go ahead and check other probable causes such as your unit having a faulty door switch!

You can do this by examining the latch or prong that comes into direct contact with the door switch! Perhaps this latch which can commonly be found on the inside of your microwave door is slightly crooked, missing, or damaged, making it unable to activate the door switch thus making your unit unable to properly engage and heat up! You can also look out for the “clicking” noise that your door makes every time you close and open the unit door. Is it still there or does it sound funnier than usual?

microwave repair


Problem No. 2: Your Microwave Plate Doesn’t Spin! 

For your microwave to be able to heat up your foodstuff evenly and efficiently, your unit’s microwave glass plate needs to be able to spin. But many homeowners are suddenly faced with a microwave plate that doesn’t do that, leaving them to deal with half-hot and half-cold meals! 

According to experts, there are two probable causes for this issue: a broken motor or a faulty microwave control board. While fixing the control board is something that is best handled by appliance repair experts seeing as it is a very delicate component, you can always watch out and observe for any funny things with your plate motor! Try running your unit at low power and see if you can hear it making any funny sounds or funny movements. If it does then it’s very likely that it is the culprit! 

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