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Model # : NE58H9970wsac

Customer Complaint:
Intermittent issue Right Front Induction Burner.

Samsung Induction Right front burner not working properly.
only half is working verified remaining induction burner plates still works.

This issue is not limited to the right front plate; it can happen on all plate due to our
findings and cause of issue was a malfunctioning filter board.

Diagnosis and Repair Solution:

Technician tested all high current component transistor and rectifier diodes.
it was found out that 1 of the relay located at the filter board was malfunctioning.
The Technician replaced the component onsite and completed the repair in about estimate 1 hr.

Please Note: The induction appliance are complex design.

This information cant be used as a reference
to resolve issues with any induction appliance. To be able to service this kind of unit. You must have the knowledge and
expertise, most important you are certified to perform appliance repairs.

When it comes to induction repair. Our Technician has the skills to resolve a particular issue
of any induction cooktop.

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