How to Fix No Heat Oven

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You need proper tools for checking resistance with element, continuity with wiring and voltage to check load are being energize. if you are dong have knowledge in electrical or electronics. You must not perform repair because it is dangerous. Electricity can injure or kill.

Visual inspection is not enough to resolve oven or appliance problem

Example scenario to our client who purchase new control board because it was not heating. New board was installed by customer and damage immediately. Customer decided to call an expert and found out it was a shorted wiring that fried the appliance board. Now because the new board was damage, our technician needs to order a replacement and the customer has to pay for that part again plus fixing the wiring issue. Sometimes saving money not hiring an expert wont save your budget.

How to fix No Heat Oven

  • make sure you have voltage going to the unit ( confirm by using a volt meter)
  • visual inspect element and confirm resistance using Ohmmeter
  • test the thermal fuse sometimes the fuse fail after self cleaning
  • check continuity of wiring from main relay board to the element
  • Oven sensor  at list 1000 ohms at room temperature
  • energize the elements by turning on the oven
  • use a clamp meter to measure current draw of the appliance
  • Bake current draw is 12-16amps
  • Broil current draw is 12-16amps
  • If you don’t get current draw replace the main relay control board.

This information is basic educational  purpose only and is not accurate to all models.
you must not attemp to repair your appliance if you have no knowledge to its operation and safe handling.

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