Cooktop Repair or Cooktop Replacement: Which One is Better?

Has your cooktop broken down but you’re quite unsure whether it is better to have a cooktop replacement or to call in a cooktop repair service? If you are someone who is currently at this crossroads and what to gain another perspective on this matter, then sit down and take a quick break as we share with you some factors that we think can help you evaluate whether to go for cooktop repair or cooktop replacement

Factor No. 1: Your Unit’s Age

By age, we are referring to the number of years that you have had and have used your unit. Modern machines might seem like they are built to last forever but once they reach a certain age, more and more problems begin to pop up! For cooktops, the average age threshold for them is 10 to 15 years; units older than that are an immediate candidate for a full-on replacement. But, if your cooktop unit is younger or has been in use for less than 10 to 15 years, then cooktop repair is your best choice!

Factor No. 2: Your Budget

Though some might feel awkward speaking about finances when talking about appliance repairs, it is very necessary! Prices may vary but cooktop repair services can range from CA$50 to CA$120 while new cooktop units can go for CA$600 to CA$1500. If your budget is sizeable enough to afford a full-on cooktop replacement without you suffering significant financial loss, then go ahead and purchase that shiny new cooktop! But, if your current budget is not that much and buying a new cooktop can literally break your bank, opting for cooktop repair might be a better choice for you!

Factor No.3: Your Schedule

No matter what others say, the homeowner’s schedule must also be considered!  On one hand, if you need to have your cooktop fixed quickly as soon as possible (sometimes within hours), calling in a fast and reliable cooktop repair service might just be the best solution! On the other hand, if you want to have a cooktop that is completely damage-free and have a schedule that can accommodate for delivery and shipping delays and hour-long unit installations, then you can go ahead and have that cooktop replaced with a new one!

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